VPBank is one of the earliest established banks with a large customer base. Therefore, VPBank’s working hours are relatively flexible. In order to meet the needs of customers, VPBank working hours from 8:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday every week.

In addition, the bank also extended the working schedule to Saturday morning to quickly solve customer problems. Let’s find out VPBank’s working time through the content of this article.

About VPBank Bank

Bank VPBank – Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank was established in 1993. Up to now, the bank has been operating for 27 years and has won many prestigious awards. As Top 5 prestigious commercial banks in Vietnam; Top 300 global banking brands… VPBank’s achievements are based on the unremitting efforts of all staff.

VPBank - Prestigious bank in Vietnam
VPBank – Prestigious bank in Vietnam

In order to best meet the needs of customers, VPBank has now expanded 230 transaction points stretching from North to South. Including: 1 head office (VPBank Tower, No. 89 Lang Ha, Hanoi), 61 branches, 166 transaction offices and 2 subsidiaries.

VPBank working hours at transaction offices, branches, and transaction offices Monday – Friday

Currently, all branches and transaction offices of VPBank are working from Monday to Friday with the following specific time frames:

  • Morning from 8:00am – 12:00pm
  • Afternoon: from 13h00 to 17h00

To serve the transaction needs of customers, for VPBank in Da Nang, the morning working time will be 30 minutes earlier than the general time frame of the whole system. VPBank Da Nang will start working from 7:30 am every week from Monday to Friday.

Especially to meet the needs of customers, a number of large branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City of VPbank have deployed to work from 8:00 to 17:00 without lunch break. Specifically:

At Hanoi:

  • VPBank headquarters at 89 Lang Ha
  • VPBank Cau Giay Branch
  • VPBank Ha Thanh Branch
  • VPBank Cat Linh branch
  • VPBank Giang Vo branch
  • VPBank Ha Tay branch
  • VPBank Hoang Quoc Viet Branch
  • VPBank Dong Do branch.

In Ho Chi Minh City:

  • VPBank Ho Chi Minh Branch
  • VPBank Cong Hoa branch
  • VPBank Saigon Branch
  • VPBank Gia Dinh Branch
  • VPBank Cho Lon branch
  • VPBank Phu My Hung Branch
  • VPBank Branch District 10
  • VPBank Branch District 3

Does VPBank bank work on Saturdays?

Currently, all branches and transaction offices of VPBank work on Saturday mornings. VPBank working hours on Saturdays start at 8:30 am and end at 11:30 am.

VPBank working hours on Saturday
VPBank working hours on Saturday

In order to be able to perform transactions quickly, ensure information processing within working time, customers need to arrive early 15-20 minutes before closing time. At the same time, customers also need to bring some identification documents such as ID card / identity card / passport and some other necessary documents to make the transaction go smoothly and quickly.

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Does VPBank bank work on Sundays?

On Sunday, VPBank’s banking system does not work. Therefore, if customers want to make transactions at the bank, customers need to postpone the schedule to the first Monday of next week to do so. For transactions like look up VPBank contractcustomers can look up online.

24/7 call center to support and answer VPBank’s working time

In order to ensure the processing of transactions according to VPBank’s working hours as well as for further instructions on necessary paperwork, customers can contact VPBank’s 24/7 call center for support. .

  • VPBank Call Center Call Center 247: (04) 39 288 880 or 1900 545 415
  • VPBank official website: vpbank.com.vn
  • Email: [email protected]

VPBank’s 24/7 staff will quickly respond to the bank’s working time. It will also help customers handle secure and convenient query services.

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Notes when transacting at VPBank

Every day, the number of customers coming to transact at branches and transaction offices of VPBank is quite large, so you need to pay attention to some issues when going to the bank’s transaction points as follows:

  • Consult and find out the working hours of VPBank’s transaction offices, branches and transaction offices that you plan to visit.
  • Should arrive earlier than closing time 15 – 20 minute.
  • Prepare and bring the necessary documents to make the transaction, the most common is ID card or passport.
  • Get your order number and wait for your order number to proceed with the transaction at the counter.


Thus, we have provided full information about VPBank’s working hours for customers to grasp. Hopefully this information will help customers to actively arrange transaction time at the nearest branch when necessary.

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