TPbank is a large and reputable bank. Borrowing money at TPbank is quite simple. However, many people do not know how TPbank loan lookup mine. From there, do not know the amount to be paid monthly. So please see the instructions below of to know how to look up your own loan.

About TPbank

TPbank’s full name is Tien Phong Joint Stock Bank. The international transaction name is: Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank. The bank operates in the form of commercial joint stock with Swiftcode TPBVVNVX.

TPbank was established in 2008. Over decades of development, TPbank has affirmed its prestige in the services it provides. Currently, TPbank’s head office is located in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. Besides, TPbank has many branches and transaction counters across the country to serve customers in all regions of the country.

Ways to look up TPbank loans quickly

There are many ways to TPbank loan lookup. In which 3 popular ways are known as follows:

Method 1: Look up using TPbank eBank

eBanking is TPbank’s online banking service. Currently, TPbank eBanking has 2 types: Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. In which Internet Banking is the website form and Mobile Banking is the application form. The common point of these two services is that they both need an internet-connected device to transact.

Through eBanking TPbank, customers can easily look up their loans without any cost. The detailed steps are as follows.

Look up tpbank loan

Look up by Internet Banking

  • Step 1: You access TPbank Internet Banking service here.
  • Step 2: Enter your account and password to log in to the service.
  • Step 3: At the main screen interface, select Loan information.

Immediately information about all your loans will appear.

Look up by Mobile Banking

  • Step 1: Open TPbank Mobile Banking app on mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Enter your account and password to log in to Mobile Banking application.
  • Step 3: Select the Loan item. The system will display the customer’s loan at TPbank. Including detailed information about the remaining balance, the next payment date, the amount to be paid next period. Based on that, you can know the repayment date and the amount to be paid soon.

Method 2: Call TPBank switchboard

Look up tpbank loan

TPbank has a 24/7 customer care call center: 1900 585885.

The call center is responsible for:

  • Look up information about loans and savings.
  • Look up debt repayment schedule.
  • Cancel TPbank credit card.
  • Look up TPbank branches nationwide.
  • Guide customers to use TPBank’s services.
  • Answer customers’ questions related to TPbank’s services.

So you can completely look up TPbank loan through this switchboard. Please call the hotline: 1900 585885. Then dial the number according to the instructions to meet the operator. Follow the instructions of the staff to look up the desired information.

Method 3: Look up directly at TPbank

In case you do not use eBanking TPbank or call the switchboard but the staff are busy, don’t worry. Because there is still a very simple way to look up a loan. That is to go directly to TPbank transaction counters/branches for support. When you go, remember to bring your ID card for verification, so the staff can support you.

Look up TPbank loan either way, there is no fee.


There are many way TPbank loan lookup. And here are the 3 fastest and easiest ways to do it. Always pay attention to your loan and pay it off in full to avoid falling into bad debt, directly affecting your financial future.




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