You have abundant capital but do not know where to allocate your cash to protect assets. What investment 3 billion? to increase profits, while minimizing risks? Should all money be poured into one channel or “divided eggs into many baskets”? Let’s analyze the above issues in this article!

What should 3 billion do? Should you hoard or risk your investment?

What should 3 billion do? Should you hoard or risk your investment?

Too many people have been caught between hoarding and investing; when they have an amount of 3 billion dong, neither big nor small. But we must understand that keeping money in our pocket forever will make it affected by inflation and no interest. Besides, hoarding money is not favorable for those who are passionate about investing. The margin of safety is always inversely proportional to the profit you can achieve. Even if you choose to save as savings; it still has the disadvantage of not being able to withdraw capital flexibly.

Therefore, we should let 3 billion dong idle in our hands to grow and generate high profits. There are 3 billion investments for each year you receive a stable amount; help cover living costs during the current pandemic.

Ready 3 billion idle, what is a good plan?

Business and investment are considered excellent options; help us increase income, get rid of the deadlock of cash flow. There have been many people who became rich quickly when boldly participating in investments. And vice versa are those who suddenly have limited capital just because they are always afraid of thinking. Although business and investment will be very risky, it always helps us to create a rich source of income. Specifically, you can get involved in the following areas:

Invest in motels

Currently, the motel business is a safe haven channel chosen by many people. What 3 billion investment? You can invest in motels for quick profit. The form of a chain of rooms for rent is considered a low-risk form of investment, avoiding the devaluation of the currency. It can be used to fight inflation, has good resistance even when the real estate market is struggling.

What business should you do with 3 billion: Homestay business?

Investing in homestay will bring you a relatively high income. Especially more advantageous when you already have a house, land located in tourist destinations, densely populated areas. With income from accommodation services for tourists, of course, it will be higher and more regular; than if you choose to invest in other unstable areas.

Delivery service business

In recent years, delivery or freight services are being developed rapidly. The advantage of this investment is that it is growing very explosively due to the strong development of the times. Meanwhile, the e-commerce market is stormy, the exchange of goods is increasing. This promotes the problem of online shopping demand. Therefore, investing here means you will enjoy great profits.

With 3 billion, what business - what to invest?

There are 3 billion safe investments, high interest rates?

Works of art, valuable antiquities

Most people who are willing to spend money to buy a piece of art or antiques will only care about their value. So they won’t haggle for every penny and it doesn’t matter how the world financial economy is going up or down.

In our country, although this investment channel is still quite new and not attractive to many investors. But the value of art works and antiques during Vietnam’s more than thousand-year development history is gradually creating a big attraction in the world’s auction market. The fact that paintings by Vietnamese artists are worth billions of dong; but not many Vietnamese know. This field promises to create a safe and potential investment channel for investors in Vietnam in the near future.

What investment has 3 billion: Real estate?

The safety theory of real estate comes from a basic knowledge we’ve all learned: 71% of the earth’s surface is water. While the world’s population is steadily increasing; The land area is constantly decreasing due to global climate change.

You should be careful with properties with high liquidity. Because of the great risk from valuation, maintenance costs and especially these real estate are always affected by the “health” of the economy. There are million-dollar projects that once caused fever in the golden lands that are currently “covering mats” in our country; due to the great impact of the crisis.

Choose a long-term but safe investment, maybe it’s properties far from the center, old or few people pass by. Although these properties have low liquidity; But the important thing is that you don’t have to spend too much money to maintain. At the same time, you can rent to bring stable profit; it is especially rare that the value of these properties will decrease in the future.

There are 3 billion to invest: Gold

For a long time, this precious metal has become a popular investment channel because it always maintains its value well. Gold investment channel still brings quite good profit rate for investors; despite global crises or recessions at various stages. Investing in gold is risky in and of itself; not compared to other investment channels.

In addition, just like stocks, you do not need to have a large amount of money to still invest in gold. This helps you to practice a good habit of investing in yourself every day. The only thing that should be cautious with this investment channel is the government’s policy. In the US, the Government can confiscate gold from your safe; if the country is in the midst of a major economic crisis.

The truth about the rule “Don’t put your eggs in the same basket”

The truth about the rule "Don't put your eggs in the same basket"

“Don’t put your eggs in one basket” means to spread the investment. If it is to disperse into assets without understanding what the risk of wanting to disperse is; In fact, it’s just distracting your own focus and time. In the investment world, no one is ignorant of this classic rule. As a reminder that you shouldn’t invest all of your money in a certain type of investment; to limit risk and help diversify investment portfolio. Do not assume this advice is easy to understand and easy to implement. Because in some specific fields such as financial investment; then applying mechanically, stamping is extremely difficult.

Putting eggs in one basket or many baskets is not as important as who is holding that basket and how it is. If the basket holder is not careful enough to fall or the basket is of poor quality; all the eggs in the basket will also break.

Investors need to understand investment channels, through the first action is to invest in themselves; to improve professional knowledge and psychology. Thereby, investors will easily understand correctly and enough about the baskets they have chosen. The reasonable allocation depends on your capacity, time as well as your finances.

Conclusion – What is the investment of 3 billion?

With the above sharing, hopefully you will find yourself the answer: “What investment has 3 billion?”. However, these are just suggestions, and whether a business or investment achieves the desired results depends on your experience and capacity. Let’s strategize now!


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