Everyone thinks diamond is an expensive high-end product and is difficult to own because the natural source of diamonds does not meet the needs of the market. Therefore, people have researched and created Artificial diamonds contribute to reducing the heat for the scarcity of natural diamonds.

So what are synthetic diamonds? How much? What is the difference?… these questions will be updated in the article below.

What are synthetic diamonds?

Synthetic diamond (synthetic diamond) is a form of material that is researched and manufactured, cultured from a laboratory environment through standards of suitable pressure and temperature.

What are synthetic diamonds?
What are synthetic diamonds?

Accordingly, artificial diamonds possess their own chemical composition (artificial diamond crystal structure is also arranged from carbon atoms) and physical properties and characteristics similar to natural diamonds. .

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Features of synthetic diamonds

Artificial diamonds are researched and created by humans using machines and equipment in a laboratory environment after meeting strict pressure and temperature standards to ensure that they retain the same characteristics as compared to other diamonds. with natural diamonds that have high efficiency and produce larger quantities.

Features of synthetic diamonds
Features of synthetic diamonds

Accordingly, artificial diamond – this gemstone possesses the following characteristics:

  • The main ingredients are carbon atoms (C).
  • Specific density is 3.52g/cm3
  • Hardness 8.5 and up to 10
  • The refractive index is: 2.417
  • Color: multicolor (pink, blue, red, yellow, brown, purple, orange, …)
  • The structure is an amorphous substance, shaped like a natural diamond

Artificial diamonds are grown in a laboratory, which requires strict standards, but the finished product plays an important role in life because it is widely used in industry (industry related to engineering). optics, raw materials used in high-end electronic chips).

Thus, with the above characteristics, artificial diamond has a worthy position with what it possesses.

What are the benefits of using synthetic diamonds?

Surely initially when realizing the scarcity of natural diamonds for jewelry production, scientists have researched and created artificial diamonds. Artificial diamonds bring many benefits to industry and manufacturing technology in addition to serving women as jewelry.

Benefits of using synthetic diamonds
Benefits of using synthetic diamonds

The following are some of the benefits of using synthetic diamonds:

  • Good price
  • Few defects due to well cut
  • Relatively good quality
  • High clarity, no impurities
  • Many choices due to many colors

The introduction of artificial diamonds brings many benefits to life because it helps reduce pressure on natural diamonds, adorns more luxurious and noble beauty for owners and fashionistas. promoting the development of science and technology and high-tech industries.

How to make Artificial Diamond?

In recent times, many people tend to use artificial diamonds, but surely not many people know about the methods of making artificial diamonds. Read on to see more about 2 methods of synthesizing artificial diamonds!

  • High pressure high temperature method (English name is called high pressure high temperature): This method has the advantage of creating an environment similar to the natural diamond regeneration environment in the ground through the use of high pressure and temperature.
  • Chemical vapor deposition method (English name is called chemical vapor deposition): This method will use a plasma heat beam to split gas molecules and obtain carbon atom deposition, whereby artificial diamonds form on the existing nuclei.

In addition, researchers at the University of North Carolina in the US have developed a method to produce a form of carbon (the team named this material Q-carbon) that closely resembles diamond at room temperature. no need for high temperature, high pressure).

Difference between synthetic and natural diamonds

Natural diamonds and man-made diamonds have similar characteristics. Therefore, many people do not know how to distinguish these two materials. Follow the quick test below!

Difference between synthetic and natural diamonds
Difference between synthetic and natural diamonds

Check diamond clarity with a magnifying glass

For synthetic diamonds, when it is necessary to check the clarity through a magnifying glass, the viewer will see the outside smoothness along with the beautiful sharp cut and especially the inside without impurities.

As for natural diamonds, they are formed in a harsh natural environment, undergo high temperature and pressure, so they will definitely leave some impurities. In addition, when examining with a magnifying glass, viewers can easily see the true beauty of diamonds in nature through the rough surface that is true to natural origin.

How to look under the light to check the refraction

In addition to the magnifying glass test, people also use the way of looking under the light to check the refraction because when compared through the refraction of light, it will determine the beauty of precious diamonds.

Natural diamonds possess outstanding sparkling beauty with a refraction of 2,417 diopers.
As for synthetic diamonds, the refractive index is only 1,217 diopers (1.98 times less than natural diamonds), this ratio is considered to be less likely to reflect back, this is a big difference compared to diamond. natural diamond.

Rub sandpaper on the surface to check the hardness

Diamond is known for its high hardness. Therefore, natural diamonds possess a hardness of up to 10 on the Mohs scale, especially natural diamonds do not appear scratched when sanding the surface with sandpaper. This demonstrates the incredible perfection of natural diamonds.

Besides, synthetic diamond leaves scratches when sanded because it only has a hardness of 8.5, so the hardness is relatively unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve as well as know how to preserve natural diamonds to avoid scratches.

Price comparison between synthetic and natural diamonds

There is a big difference between the value of man-made diamonds and natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are said to be worth over 100 million/1 carat, which is quite a high price compared to many people’s income.

However, if the economy is not much, artificial diamonds are also an option for many people who want to own this sparkling and luxurious gift.

What is the difference between synthetic diamonds and simulated diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds and simulated diamonds are two types of lab-made diamonds, but there is a difference between them. That is:

Simulated diamond is what it sounds like because it looks like a diamond (same hardness, same dispersion) but is judged not to be a real diamond. Imitation diamonds have a perfect surface finish, so they are used in jewelry making, usually Rhinestone and cubic zirconia.

As for artificial diamonds, many experts believe that there is no real artificial diamond trading, the current advertising offers are actually just for the purpose of blowing up prices and misleading consumers.

Distinguishing artificial diamond from synthetic diamond imitation stone

Currently, many types of jewelry are advertised as artificial diamonds, but on the market today, they are actually often fitted with synthetic diamond imitation stones, which are CZ (Cubic Zirconia) and Moissanite stones.

Distinguishing artificial diamond from synthetic diamond imitation stone
Distinguishing artificial diamond from synthetic diamond imitation stone

  • Chemical structure: Artificial diamond is made of Carbon and CZ stone has a chemical structure of ZrO2 + Y302 and Moissanite is SiC.
  • Color: Artificial diamond has colorless, yellow, brown, blue, red, orange, black, green. And CZ stone has many other colors, while Moissanite is colorless.
  • Stiffness: Artificial diamond has a hardness of up to 10, while CZ stone has a hardness of 8.5 and Moissanite is 9.5.
  • refractive index: Artificial diamond is 2.417 and CZ stone is 2.18, Moissanite stone is 2,670.
    Density: Artificial diamond is 3.52, but CZ stone is from 5.50 to 6.0, Moissanite is 3.218 – 3.22.
  • Fracture degree: Synthetic diamonds and CZ will have no cracks, while Moissanit will have few cracks.
  • Thermal conductivity: Artificial diamond and Moissanite will conduct heat well while CZ stone will not conduct heat.
  • Dispersion coefficient: Artificial diamond is 0.044 and CZ stone is 0.060, Moissanite is 0.313.

How to distinguish artificial diamond from CZ . stone

CZ stone (also known as Cubic Zirconia): A popular stone as an imitation diamond, used since 1977.

In addition, there are many ways to distinguish artificial diamonds and CZ stones, readers can refer to a few of the following ways:

Method 1: In terms of proportions

Apply the formula: Weight = Diameter (mm) x diameter (mm) x height (mm) x 0.0061.

If the output is close to 3.52, we determine it is a diamond. And if the result is from 5.50 – 6.0, it is CZ stone.

Method 2: Use sandpaper to sand

If it is an artificial diamond, there will be no scratches and CZ stones will appear scratches, the surface of the stone will be blurred.

Method 3: In terms of thermal conductivity

CZ stones do not conduct heat, while synthetic diamonds are good conductors of heat. Therefore, we can use a specialized test pen called Presidium Multi Tester.

How to distinguish artificial diamond from Moissanite stone?

A simple way to distinguish man-made diamonds from Moissanite is through the refraction of light. Applying this method shows that: Artificial diamond has a short, colorless light beam, while Moissanite has a long and colorful light beam.

How much does a synthetic diamond cost?

To be able to create an environment close to nature to cultivate artificial diamonds will require high investment costs. Many people believe that such expensive investment makes the cost of artificial diamonds will be high and even higher than natural diamonds.

The selling price of an artificial diamond can range from several tens of millions to several billion dong depending on the quality as well as other characteristics (transparency, color, quality through the cut, shape, weight,…)

How much does a synthetic diamond cost?
How much does a synthetic diamond cost?

Currently, the market of China and India has a high demand for artificial diamonds, about 10-15% per year. Besides, the US still maintains its leading position in diamond production and export.

Where is the best place to buy artificial diamonds in Vietnam?

Although the attraction of artificial diamonds makes many people intend to buy, but on the market today, it is very rare to have real artificial diamonds. Usually, the jewelry market will use CZ, Moissanite, and Zirconia stones instead because they also have the same clarity, hardness and beauty as diamonds.

Where is the best place to buy artificial diamonds in Vietnam?
Where is the best place to buy artificial diamonds in Vietnam?

Therefore, consumers can find and buy at reputable places specializing in trading in gems similar to diamonds such as PNJ, Doji, jewelry unit of Saigon Thuong Tin bank, etc.

Some frequently asked questions about artificial diamonds

Diamond is known as the queen of gems that nature bestows on humans, so it becomes a high-class item that is difficult to own.

However, synthetic diamonds can be a relatively affordable option if you are a diamond fanatic. Let’s take a look at some more frequently asked questions related to artificial diamonds!

Do synthetic diamonds have a certificate?

Have. Synthetic diamonds are also GIA certified.

Are synthetic diamonds insured?

Have. Synthetic diamonds are covered. Therefore, customers who go to buy artificial diamonds can be assured of product quality.

Should you invest in artificial diamonds?

Currently, synthetic diamonds have not been invested by many people and the price has not been listed specifically. Therefore, before investing in artificial diamonds, customers need to consider more.

Do synthetic diamonds have impurities?

No. Synthetic diamonds are researched in a laboratory, so they are guaranteed to be free of impurities.

Are synthetic diamonds durable?

Synthetic diamonds are highly durable. In addition, they will not become opaque over time.


Hopefully the information from the above article has provided readers with useful information to understand about artificial diamonds, if you have more questions, please leave them in the comment section.

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