SHB is a familiar name in the financial market for customers. According to the assessment, SHB is ranked in the top prestigious commercial banks in Vietnam. So What bank is SHB? State or private? Detailed information about SHB bank is summarized in this article.

Summary Table of Bank Information SHB

Full nameSaigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB)
English nameSaigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Trading name (Acronym)SHB
Headquarters77 Tran Hung Dao, Tran Hung Dao Ward, Hoan Kiem District, City. Hanoi
TypeStock Commercial
License numberNo. 0041/NH/GP dated 13/11/1993
Tax code1800278630
Stock codeSHB
Phone(84.24) 39423388
Fax(84.24) 3941844
Call Center (Hotline)1800588856
Email[email protected]
Chairman of the Board of DirectorsMr. Do Quang Hien
general managerMr. Nguyen Van Le
Authorized capital17,510 billion VND
total assets412,679 billion VND
Number of workers 8,435 people
Branch number263 CN/Transaction Office

What is SHB Bank?

What is SHB Bank?
What is SHB Bank?

SHB is a Saigon – Hanoi joint-stock commercial bank, officially put into operation in 1993. As of September 30, 2020, the total assets of SHB bank are VND 401,926 billion with charter capital of more than VND 401,926 billion. 17,500 billion VND.

After nearly 30 years of building and developing the system, SHB now has a total of 530 domestic and foreign branches and transaction offices, serving 5 million individual / corporate customers, connecting more than 400 banks. agents all over the world. SHB’s staff is up to 8371 people.

Is SHB a public or private bank?

Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank is a private bank, licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam to operate No. 14/QD-NH5 on November 13, 1993.

List of subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates with SHB

Company name% own
SHB . Finance Company Limited100.00
Debt Management And Asset Exploitation One Member Company Limited (SHBAMC)100.00
SHB Cambodia One Member Bank Limited100.00
SHB Laos One Member Bank Limited100.00

SHB Bank’s organizational structure

First and last namepositionShares held
Mr. Do Quang HienCTHĐQT250,311,836
Mr. Vo Duc TienVice President of the Board of Directors71,380
Mr. Thai Quoc MinhBoard of Directors
Mr. Pham Cong DoanBoard of Directors
Ms. Nguyen Thi HoatBoard of Directors
Mr. Trinh Thanh HaiBoard of Directors
Mr. Nguyen Van LeCEO/TVHĐQT3,972,914
Ms. Pham Bich LienIn charge of AdministrationN/A
Ms. Ngo Thu HaDeputy General Director1,274,440
Mr. Le Dang KhoaDeputy General Director
Mr. Nguyen Huy TaiDeputy General Director
Mrs. Ninh Thi Lan PhuongDeputy General Director63,624
Ms. Ngo Thi VanKTT3,256
Mr. Pham Hoa BinhTBKS96.603
Ms. Pham Thi Bich HongMember of BKS
Ms. Le Thanh CamMember of BKS

Banking Products and Services SHB

Banking Products and Services SHB
Banking Products and Services SHB

Saved money

  • Saving Mind
  • Saving and earning quarterly profit
  • An Phuc Savings
  • Great Savings
  • Saving Gia Loc
  • Flexible online savings
  • Smart Saver
  • Deposit contract
  • For businesses: term deposit, SHB – iSaving deposit, daily term deposit


  • International credit card
  • International Debit Card
  • SHB Link – Offer for SHB cardholders
  • Domestic debit card
  • Card payment service
  • Installment 0% interest rate

Refer to the opening steps SHB credit card detail.

Electronic banking

  • SHB Online
  • SHB Mobile

Money deposit

  • Domestic money transfers
  • International money transfer


  • Life insurance
  • Non-life insurance


  • Borrow to buy a house, buy a car
  • Consumer loans
  • Borrowing for production and business
  • Location-specific loans
  • Study abroad loan
  • Mortgage of valuable papers
  • Installment business loan for corporate customers
  • Granting credit to guarantee 100% of valuable papers
  • Sponsoring construction businesses
  • Loan guaranteed with proof of export
  • Sponsoring construction businesses
  • Sponsoring petrol and oil businesses
  • Loan to buy a car for business
  • Flexible overdraft
  • Domestic factoring

International Payments, Trade Finance

  • Deferred letters of credit are allowed for immediate payment
  • Discount on export documents
  • Export finance before shipment
  • Thanks to import CAD
  • Import letter of credit
  • Thanks to import income
  • Illegal payment
  • Many thanks international money transfer
  • Preferential 500 billion credit for import-export customers
  • Packages for international money transfer
  • Discount on export documents

Forex Trading

  • Spot Exchange Trade (SPOT)
  • Forex Futures Trading (FORWARD)
  • Swap Exchange Trading (SWAP)

Payment account

  • Package S.Basic
  • Package S.More
  • Package S.Super
  • Regular payment account
  • Nice digital account
  • Securities investment account
  • Sporting Account

Products and Services VIP

  • SHB High Class
  • Outstanding Premium Package
  • Family VIP Connection Package
  • Flexible premium account package
  • Premier account package
  • VIP Credit Package

Preferential Services For Corporate Customers

  • Resilience program for businesses in Da Nang and Quang Nam provinces affected by the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Super preferential combo for new corporate customers
  • Super preferential international money transfer fee package
  • Preferential loan interest rates for SMEs
  • Preferential loan interest rates and service fees for existing SHB corporate customers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic
  • 500 billion preferential package of credit for import-export business customers
  • Loan products for businesses to buy Truong Hai cars
  • Super flexible sponsorship package for micro business customers

Other Services

  • Investment and hedging (centralized commodity derivatives brokerage, over-the-counter OTC commodity derivatives brokerage)
  • Electricity and water bill payment service
  • Receive remittances from Korea to Vietnam via domestic payment/debit card at SHB

Is SHB Bank Good?

Is SHB Bank Good?
Is SHB Bank Good?

According to the general assessment of customers, SHB is one of the top joint stock commercial banks with good service quality and leading reputation in Vietnam. During the years of construction and development, SHB has achieved many remarkable achievements, which are:

  • Top 10 prestigious commercial banks 2017
  • Best Bank in Vietnam 2018
  • Excellent Enterprise in 2018
  • Top 10 prestigious commercial banks 2018
  • Best commercial bank in 2019
  • Top 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam
  • Typical bank for the community
  • Bank with excellent international payment service

SHB Bank Working Schedule

SHB Bank has office hours from monday to friday Specifically:

  • Administrative working time morning are from 8:00 a.m arrive 11:30am.
  • Administrative working time afternoon are from 13h00 arrive 16h30.

Some SHB bank branches also support working Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m12h00.

See details of SHB’s working schedule at this.

You can contact SHB through the following information:

Step 1: Access the website to look up ATM, SHB transaction points at this

Step 2: In the contact section, select the active network.

Look up SHB bank branch

Step 3: Enter the city and county you need to look up.

Look up SHB bank branch

Step 4: The system will display addresses matching your search along with phone numbers, fax numbers and opening hours.

Look up SHB bank branch

Which Banks Does SHB Link With?

The following is a list of banks that SHB is associated with:

  • Ocean Bank (OJB).
  • Bao Viet Bank (BVB).
  • Military Bank (MB).
  • Vietnam Thinh Vuong Bank (VPB – learn What bank is VPBank?).
  • Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade (CTG).
  • Export-Import Bank of Vietnam (EIB).
  • Saigon Bank (SCB).
  • HDBank
  • Oriental Bank (OCB).
  • An Binh Bank (ABB).
  • Vietnam Maritime Bank (MSB).
  • Viet A Bank (VAB).
  • Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV).
  • Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB).
  • DongA Bank (DongABank).
  • International Bank (VIB).
  • Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (SHBVN).
  • Vietnam Thuong Tin Bank (VIETBANK).
  • Kien Long Bank (KLB).
  • Petrolimex Petroleum Bank (PGB).
  • Saigon Industrial and Commercial Bank (SGB).
  • Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (AGRIBANK).
  • Saigon Thuong Tin Bank (STB).
  • South Asia Bank (NAMABANK).
  • Indovina Bank Limited (IVB).
  • Lien Viet Post Bank (LPB).
  • Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VCB).
  • Asia Bank (ACB).
  • North Asia Bank (BAB).


What bank is SHB? According to the information in the article, SHB is a Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank, a private commercial bank that has been operating since 1993. SHB has been and is becoming one of the prestigious joint stock commercial banks. leading in Vietnam.

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