Are you looking to start a business? Or are you a business enthusiast and hobbyist? But there are many businesses in the market. So it is not easy for you to invest in the right industry. Which consumers are interested in and can profit from that investment. If you are not known with What is the capital of 1 billion?? The following article will mention to you the hottest ideas of 2022.

What business capital 1 billion? Restaurant and snack business

 Restaurant and snack business

As society develops day by day, everyone’s food needs are increased. It can be said that the snack food market is a business market that many people are interested in. Because it is the uniqueness, richness and diversity. In addition, in the snack business market, it is easy to identify potential customers. You can target customers who are students, students or office workers, …

If you are the type of person who is passionate about food. And you don’t know what business has 1 billion? So the restaurant business will be the best direction for you. Besides, you can combine the online snacking business to attract more customers.

But to be able to sustainably develop their own restaurant. You must note the following to avoid business failure.

  • In terms of premises – it doesn’t matter: What makes a customer choose your restaurant is the destination. It will be a place where the restaurant space is clean, tidy and beautiful.
  • About product quality: Your products bring to customers must be hygienic, delicious and strange. Products can suit different tastes of different customer groups. From those things have attracted customers to your shop.
  • About the price : In addition, customers care about the quality of delicious products. And reasonable and cheap prices are also what make customers decide to come to your shop.

Open franchise coffee shops from famous brands

Open a franchise coffee shop

When life is gradually drawing people into work. And no time for relatives or friends. Surely coffee shops are places to chat for everyone. After work or weekends.

Therefore, if you are interested in using 1 billion capital to do business. But you do not have an orientation or strategy about opening a coffee shop. Then consider opening a coffee shop franchise from famous brands. Could be brands like Highlands Coffee, Trung Nguyen Coffee, Effoc, Ong Bau, etc.

When you open a franchise coffee shop. Then you don’t need to worry about strategizing or finding potential customers. Because when you franchise already have the product, the brand name. You just need to search and rent a good space.

What business should 1 billion capital do?

Pet service business with a capital of 1 billion VND

Life is increasingly stressful. After a long day at work and coming home there is a friend who always greets you. It’s none other than pets. Therefore, young people or many families have a hobby of raising animals. And they see animals as part of the family.

Capturing everyone’s pet needs. The pet service business has attracted a lot of attention. If you do not know how to use 1 billion capital to do business. Then the pet service business will be the best opportunity for you.

However, to be able to run a pet service business with high efficiency. You must equip yourself fully with knowledge of pet care. Or foods suitable for each category. In addition, you need to know what diseases the animal will get. When you understand and know them well, it will be very easy for you to advise customers.

Pet service business with a capital of 1 billion VND

What to invest when you have 1 billion? Invest in real estate

Maybe everyone is hesitant to invest when they have 1 billion. And whether to invest in real estate or invest in stocks. In terms of safe investment and high return, you should invest in real estate. Because with the stock market, there are always high risks. Besides, fluctuations always happen. But your investment in real estate is not overnight.

Anyone with a capital of 1 billion for business or investment. They must have adequate knowledge in that field. This will make your capital profitable without losing it. With real estate, when you have full knowledge along with market analysis. You will easily find beautiful locations for profitable investment. Currently, on the real estate market, there are many types of models such as land plots, apartments, etc. Each investment model has different advantages/disadvantages. Therefore, you should consider the amount of capital you have to invest appropriately.

What business capital 1 billion? Mini supermarket business

Essential goods are items that are necessary to serve human life. Therefore, there are many supermarkets and convenience stores springing up. It is easy for people to find essential items in these places. If you are wondering about what business to have 1 billion. Then opening a mini supermarket is also an idea worth your attention and consideration.

If you run a mini supermarket, you should choose areas with a large population. Or near schools, apartments. Maybe places where many companies work. You need to pay attention to the product’s expiry date when importing goods. And your product must be of quality so that customers can put their trust in your store.


Above are the hottest ideas suggested for you. Help you answer the question of how to use 1 billion capital to do business? In any field, you should always be alert and equipped with knowledge to fulfill your passion. Depending on your own capacity and interests to choose the right business field. In order to achieve good results and high profits. good luck !

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