What business should you start up?? What business is high profit? Are you too bored with creative business ideas in Vietnam? Those ideas make you not really interested in starting a business. But you have no or no idea to start a business at all. Then this article is for you, Market Breaking News will give you “new wind”. Let’s find out, maybe somewhere is the business idea you are looking for!

Starting a business with a charging station business model

Starting a business with a charging station business model
Starting a business with a charging station business model

Electric cars are now gradually gaining the trust of many users around the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Catching up with the development trend with electric cars has been and is essential. Especially the new business model of investing in charging stations for electric cars.

With the increasing price of gasoline, along with the use of gasoline will cause environmental pollution. That is why in Vietnam in recent years many major car manufacturers have provided the market with electric cars.

What business should start up? Currently, in addition to charging batteries at home, electric vehicle charging stations in our country only cover large commercial centers. Therefore, car battery charging is still limited. So why not be a pioneer for this unique business model today?

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Babysitting by the hour – What business is highly profitable?

What business is high profit?
What business is high profit?

What business should I do in Vietnam? It can be said that hourly babysitting in Vietnam has not really been exploited to its full potential. Although this demand in our country is quite high.

If you are a lover of children and have experience in babysitting, try starting this job right in your area. Or you can hire more people who are also young and experienced to expand the business model. Or the hourly babysitting applied by preschools will make young parents feel more secure.

Book or story rental service

New business ideas when starting a business
New business ideas when starting a business

If you don’t know what to start a business, this is a fresh idea for you. If you love books, you might immediately think of opening your own bookstore. In addition to selling books, you can also rent books.

A model of “old bottle of new wine” – because this form has been around since the 2000s, it is no longer a strange thing. But with the development of the economy as well as the development of technology, many people also have the habit of reading books less and less. But you should try to refresh this model and target customers who are students. Owning an expensive textbook makes many students unable to afford it. But renting is possible, if you think that students can rent books at the school library, it is too limited. Because the amount of books will not be enough for thousands and hundreds of students to rent. So the book rental model is a unique business idea that you can try.

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Drone business and upgrade – What business should be done in Vietnam?

What business should I do in Vietnam?
What business should I do in Vietnam?

Controlled flying devices such as Flycam or Drone are gradually becoming widely popular in Vietnam. However, the supply of these products in our country is very limited. Most high-end Drone products must be ordered from abroad, but there is no genuine distribution brand in Vietnam.

This is also one of the reasons why doing business and upgrading drones becomes a potential industry that can develop business in our country in the near future.

Invitation card printing service – What business should you start?

What business should start up?
What business should start up?

Printing is one of the indispensable services in advertising. You have a good and new idea that is not enough, printing and promotion is the stage to express that idea on each product. A good idea, a beautiful drawing before a good quality printing makes the new product perfect and attractive.

Services that you can provide in this business idea include:

  • Calendar design and printing: Calendar is both an indispensable item in every family, it can also be a gift on New Year’s occasions. For many businesses, this is also a “tool” to advertise the brand in each calendar page.
  • Design & print business cards: A small business card with your name, usually accompanied by information such as occupation, position, etc. It is both convenient in keeping in touch with customer partners, it also shows your professionalism. So this is also a very necessary thing in the work and life of many people.
  • Menu design: The restaurant menu is one of the tools to introduce the culinary culture style as well as the class of the restaurant directly to customers.
  • In addition, you can design and print other products such as leaflets, flyers, brochures, CDs, etc.

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Garment repair service

What business idea should start a business?
What business idea should start a business?

What business should start up? – You will probably find this to be a new idea, right? What’s new and unique here is how you fix the clothes. If an old dress, shirt or pants, customers don’t like its design anymore, but they don’t want to throw it away because of the value of the item.

From here, your service model is really new. Please help those old items have a newer version. At the same time, let’s develop this service to be served on-site. As long as you have the ability to sew and new ideas for changing clothes, you can fully utilize the space at home to open a costume repair shop. Try this startup idea now!

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Above are 06 business ideas that you can apply in Vietnam market. If you have some capital for business but do not know how to choose, the above 6 ideas will be suggestions for you. We hope that the information we share above will help you choose your own startup idea!

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