Type 18K CZK Italian Gold is receiving much attention from users. Because this type of Gold is often used to make jewelry.

If you are learning what is 18K Italian Gold? How much is 1 coin and should I buy Italian Gold or not? Let’s find out with Giabachomnay24h.com below.

What is Italian Gold?

Italian gold 18k

Italian gold 18k

Italian Gold is mined and produced in Italy (Italya). Italian Gold is crafted from Silver and other metals to create hardness and shine. Because of its high durability, Italian Gold is often used to make fine jewelry.

Currently in Vietnam Italian gold is very popular and widely used. The reason is that Italian Gold is durable, so it can be easily crafted into many works with beautiful patterns. Furthermore, Italian Gold has a pure bright white color that accentuates jewelry when worn. Therefore, many people choose to buy jewelry with Italian Gold.

How many types of Italian Gold are there?

Overseas Italian Gold will be calculated according to K but in Vietnam Italian Gold is divided into 2 types.

  • Italian Gold 750: It is 75% pure silver and the remaining 25% is other metals.
  • 925 Italian Gold: Pure Silver content accounts for 92.5% and the remaining 7.25% is other precious metals. 925 Italian Gold will have a durable shiny color, so it will be chosen by many people.

What is 18k Italian Gold?

18k Italian Gold is a kind of white gold, the origin of this gold comes from Italya. Made up of silver metal and some other rare metals.

In Vietnam, there are currently 18k, 22k, 24k… But the most commonly used type is 18K Italian Gold, also known as 750 Italian Gold.

To distinguish 18K Italian Gold from 24K Italian Gold is quite simple. 18k Italian gold has 75% pure gold (can be called 7 and a half years old gold). And on each product there will be a symbol Au 750that is, this is a type of gold with 75% gold and 25% other metals, in which Silver and Nikken account for the highest percentage.

The Karat of 75% gold can be calculated using the formula: K = KVL x 24/100 (K = 75 x 24/100 = 18 (K).

Advantages and disadvantages of 18K Italian Gold with 10K Gold, 14K

18k Italian gold is much purer than 10k, 14k gold. So when worn on the body will not cause allergy problems.

The color and strength of the color will be close to that of pure gold. This point Gold 10K, 14K cannot be equal. Because 10k or 14k gold has a pure gold content of less than 50% and has many other metal components. So the color will not be as beautiful as compared to 18K . gold

As you know, gold metal is quite soft, so it will often have to be mixed with other metals to create hardness. Only then can it be crafted.

And 18k gold has a higher pure gold content than 10k, 14k so the hardness will not be equal. So during use may be distorted, bent.

Compare Italian Gold and White Gold

Italian Gold is often confused with White Gold because of its color. But actually these are two different types of gold. You can distinguish with the following characteristics.

  • Italian Gold: Originating from Italya, this gold has the main ingredients of Silver and Nikken. so the color will be bright white, no cloudiness
  • White gold: Combined from 24K gold with silver and platinum metals, the color will have a more opaque metallic luster than Italian gold.

Comparing Italian Gold and Platinum

What is Silver Kim? Platinum is a rare metal and has a much higher value than Italian Gold.

  • Platinum will be harder and the color has a different natural metallic luster than Italian Gold or White Gold.
  • Platinum is quite malleable and can be easily molded.
  • Silver Kim is much more expensive than gold.

How to identify real 18K Italian Gold

To be able to identify jewelry made from 18K Italian Gold. You can identify with some of the following characteristics.

  • Italian gold is shiny white and not cloudy.
  • Usually jewelry made from Italian gold will have the symbols 750, 0.75. This is the signature of 18K Italian gold.
  • In addition, you can also see the symbols 18k, 18kt, 18ct, etc. on the stamp on the product.

How much is the price of 18K Italian Gold today?

Italian gold 18k

Italian gold 18k

To talk about the exact price of 18k Italian Gold or any other rare metal, there will be no absolute exact number. Because the price will be able to change from hour to hour, day to day. In addition, the listed price with the selling price at the store will also be different. Since they will be able to charge an additional cost of crafting.

When buying and selling Italian gold, the unit of measurement is grams. When converting you can use the following formula to calculate.

1 amount = 1 plant = 10 only = 100 stools – 37.5 grams.

1kg = 1,000 grams = 266 only = 26 trees 6 only 6 silver stools.

  • To calculate today’s 18K Italian Gold price by index, take the formula: 3.75 x silver price today in grams.
  • To calculate the price of 18K Italian Gold by tree: 37.5 x silver price today in grams.

Refer to the table silver price today

Selling unitPrice
Price of Italian Gold 750 (18K)
  • Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City: Buy 40,960,000 VND/tael, sell 41,460,000 VND/tael.
  • PNJ 18K gold ring, bought at 29,770,000 VND/tael, sold at 31,170,000 VND/tael.
SJCSJC gold bought 41,240,000 VND/tael, sold 41,460,000 VND/tael.

SJC rings 1 only, 2 only, 5 only bought 41,170.00 VND/tael, sold 41,620,000 VND/tael.

  • Retail price: Buy 41,230,000 VND/tael, sell 41,430,000 VND/tael.
  • Wholesale price: Buy 41,240,000 VND/tael, sell price 41,410,000 VND/tael.
Italian Gold Price 925
  • 9999 gold bought 41,020,000 VND/tael and sold 41,520,000 VND/tael
  • 24k gold jewelry bought 40,650,000 VND/tael, sold 41,450,000 VND/tael.
  • 18k gold jewelry buying price is 28,940,000 VND/tael and selling is 31,240,000 VND/tael.
  • Gold jewelry 14k buying price 23,000,000 VND/tael, selling price 24,400,000 VND/tael.
  • 18K Italian gold ring priced from 5 million to 7 million.
SJC999 gold buying price 41,240,000 VND/tael, selling 41,520,000 VND/tael.

Gold jewelry 99% buying price 40,089,000 VND/tael, selling 41,089,000 VND/tael.

Gold jewelry 68% bought gold 26,970,000 VND/tael and sold 28,373,000 VND/tael.

Italian Gold Price 14k
PNJGold 9999 buying price is 5,340,000 VND / thread, selling 5,390,000 VND / thread.

18K gold price to buy gold 3,895,000 VND / piece, sell 4,035,000 VND / piece.

14K gold buying price is 3,011,000 VND / thread, selling price is 3,151,000 VND / thread /

10k gold price to buy 2,105,000 VND / thread, sell 2,245,000 VND / thread.

Should I buy 18K Italian Gold?

Whether to buy 18k Italian Gold or not depends on your usage needs.

If you have a need for jewelry to wear, you should choose 18k Italian gold. Because the jewelry made of 18k yellow gold is very beautiful and high quality, it can be used for a long time. Moreover, jewelry made from 18K Italian gold will not cause irritation, rashes on the skin for those who are allergic to Nikken. Therefore, jewelry made from this type of gold is often chosen by many of you.

But if you want to buy gold for investment, you should not choose 18k gold and should refer to 24k gold. Because these golds are highly pure in composition and do not depreciate over time.

Is Italian Gold Black?

Do not think that Italian Gold is not black. Any metal will be affected by the environment and react. And Italian gold is no exception, Italian gold can be black if not preserved well.

There is also a factor about the wearer, if the wearer has a lot of salt sweat glands, it will definitely become dull when worn.

Instructions on how to preserve 18K Italian Gold as beautiful as new

Here are some ways to preserve Italian gold jewelry that you can refer to.

  • 18k gold should not be worn during vigorous activity, producing a lot of sweat. Because in sweat, there will be a lot of desire to cause gold to change color.
  • Do not let gold come into contact with cleaning agents such as dishwashing liquid, cosmetics, and corrosive chemicals.
  • When not in use, it should be stored in a box for preservation and storage. Avoid contact with high temperature.

Here is the information about the price Italian Gold 18k today. Hopefully with this article you have chosen for yourself the most suitable product.

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