There are many different types of rings on the market today. But when it comes to the type of ring that brings good feng shui meaning, the gold ring is the first name on the list. So What is a diamond ring? What does it mean? Which finger should be worn according to feng shui?

What is a diamond ring?

Money ring is a type of feng shui ring designed with coins connected together. In addition to the elaborate and meticulous design that brings high aesthetic value, the gold ring also has a very good feng shui meaning. According to old folk beliefs, gold rings bring a lot of luck, fortune and convenience all year round.

What is a diamond ring?
What is a diamond ring?

The meaning of gold rings

The diamond ring is designed as a chain of coins connected together without a beginning and an end, expressing the wish for wealth to last forever, helping the owner to have luck and fortune all year round.

According to feng shui, coins from coins will bring a lot of luck, fame, career advancement, help dispel calamities and bad luck… In addition, money rings are also a precious and luxurious jewelry. important and never out of fashion.

The meaning of gold rings
The meaning of gold rings

According to folk beliefs, the meaning of a gold ring depends on the amount of gold in the ring. Ring 1 will only bring luck to the wearer, ring 2 only brings fortune, ring 3 will only bring well-being and peace, ring 5 only helps for a lifetime of prosperity. The larger the volume of gold, the more luck and fortune will be.

Is it possible to buy gold with a credit card?

When should I buy a diamond ring?

Usually, money rings are often bought on the day of the god of wealth (January 10 of the lunar calendar) with the belief that it will bring good luck in business, convenience in work as well as in life.

Usually on the day of the god of wealth, the gold ring will have a slightly higher price than usual. However, there are some places that sell poor quality rings at a cheaper price. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, you should choose a reputable address to avoid buying poor quality products.

Who should wear diamond rings?

Everyone can buy money rings, but the most suitable money rings are still traders and business people. Because the image of coins on the money ring represents money and luck.

On which finger should a diamond ring be worn?

Wearing a diamond ring on any finger has different meanings. Before going into details on which finger to wear the ring, it is also very important to determine which hand to wear.

For unmarried people, the wearing of rings is applied according to the “male left female right” rule, meaning that the male wears the left hand, the female the right hand. If you are already married, you will follow the opposite principle that is “men on the right, women on the left” meaning that men wear the right hand, and the female left hand.

On which finger should a diamond ring be worn?
On which finger should a diamond ring be worn?

However, usually money rings will often be worn on the left hand because the left hand is less active than the right hand. Therefore, the ring form will be kept more beautiful, avoiding distortion or deformation. According to the concept of feng shui, the left hand is also the hand to lead fortune.

  • Wear a thumb ring: The thumb will bring health, luck and symbolize well-being, wealth and longevity. People over 35 years old wearing a thumb ring will mean a happy, healthy and long life.
  • Wearing a ring on the index finger: Brings the meaning of self-expression to the owner and to help improve luck. Wearing a ring on the index finger will help the wearer be more convenient in life, diplomatic work, and quickly promote promotion.
  • Wearing a ring on the middle finger: Helps the owner attract good energy, thereby bringing more success in work as well as in life. Women often choose to wear the middle finger because it also brings high aesthetic value.
  • Wearing a ring on the little finger: It will help the owner to have a lot of luck and avoid bad luck in business.

How much does a diamond ring cost?

Diamond rings are expensive or cheap depending on the volume and type of material that makes the ring. The following are some of the commonly used materials to create gold rings.

18k gold coin ring

The price of 18k gold coin rings is quite diverse with many different designs. Usually, the price will be about 2 million / only and there is no fixed price.

24k gold coin ring

Similar to 18k gold coin rings, 24k rings also have many designs with different prices. However, the price of 24k gold coin rings is higher and falls at about 4 million / thread.

10k gold coin ring

The 10k gold coin ring has a price of only about 500,000 – 1,200,000 VND/ring.

Silver diamond ring

In addition to gold rings made from gold, you can also refer to silver metal rings. With a price of only about 100,000 – 300,000 VND / ring, you can already own a silver metal ring.

Some popular gold jewelry

Gold Rings

Diamond rings are a type of gold jewelry that is loved by many people. With the design of successive coins to create a perfect circle and the combination of precious materials, it has created a simple ring but has a very good feng shui meaning.

Gold Rings
Gold Rings

Money bracelet

With the good meanings of the coin, in addition to the gold rings, people also love the gold bracelets. The money bracelets are meticulously designed, paying attention to every detail to create a perfect bracelet. It is both suitable for new fashion trends and has a feng shui meaning.

Money bracelet
Money bracelet

The experience of choosing to buy gold rings helps the wearer have a lot of luck

Young couples often choose money rings to help their love bond more and it is also a symbol to testify to the couple’s love. As for girls, gold rings will help themselves become stronger and more brave. In the field of feng shui, gold rings are indispensable objects.

Notes when choosing a diamond ring

Notes when choosing a diamond ring
Notes when choosing a diamond ring

To bring out the best feng shui meaning, when choosing a diamond ring, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not choose rings with strange, distorted patterns because it will not bring luck to the owner. Should choose rings with clear pictures, sure, gentle patterns will help bring luck and many fulfilled things in life.
  • You should choose a diamond ring made from gold or silver because these materials will limit the dispersion of money and help you keep your money better.


Above are some important information about money rings that Banktop has shared with you. Everyone wishes for a peaceful life, fortune and good luck in work as well as in life. So what are you waiting for, invest in a diamond ring today.

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