When it comes to ACS Vietnam, customers will immediately think of ACS cash loans, quick disbursement, low interest ACS loans… So what is ACS Vietnam? Is ACS installment loan possible? The following article will specifically answer these questions for you.

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Basic Information About ACS Vietnam

Full nameACS Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd
English nameACS Trading Vietnam
Trading name (Acronym)ACSTV
Headquarters246 Cong Quynh, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh
License to operate0305732706 issued by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment on August 16, 2019
Tax code0305732706
Stock codeACSVN
Phone(028) 5445 3800
Call Center (Hotline)(028) 5445 3800
Email[email protected]
general managerMr. MITSURU SUZUKI

What is ACS Vietnam?

ACS Vietnam Trading Company Limited is the full name of ACS Vietnam. This is a member of Aeon Group / Aeon Group. This group is a leading retail group in Japan with more than 168 subsidiaries operating throughout Asia.

asc is the company
What is ASC Company?

In 2008, ACS Finance Company officially operated in Vietnam. The company is one of the first financial companies in Vietnam.

The company provides loan products such as:

  • Installment, deferred payment when buying Phones, Phones.
  • Installment payment when buying ACS motorbike.
  • Installment payments when buying agricultural equipment.

What Types of Loans Does ACS Have?

Currently, ACS Vietnam is providing loans such as: installment loan phones, computers, industrial equipment installment loans, other household appliances, motorbike installment loans. Please follow the table below to know the main features:

Form of loanMain information
Installment loans for phones and computersACS is the best choice if you want to buy a phone or computer but don’t have enough money to buy it, ACS will support installment loans. Just through simple processes and procedures, you can get a loan.
Installment loans for industrial equipment and other household appliancesThe policy of installment loans to buy industrial equipment and home appliances of ACS finance company is quite popular with remote areas and industrial provinces. However, in the big cities and provinces, it is probably less common.
Motorbike installment loanACS supports motorbike installment loans with good interest rates and flexible installment terms from 6 to 18 months, so many customers are interested.

Types of loans at ACS Vietnam.

Does ACS Offer Installment Cash Loans?

Currently, ACS Vietnam does not provide installment cash loans in Vietnam market. The company only supports installment purchase of electrical products, motorcycles, and agricultural equipment.

If there is information that ACS Vietnam offers cash installment loans, it is all fake information, customers should find out carefully by calling the Hotline for specific advice.

Why Is There Information ACS Has Cash Loan Support?

If you type ACS keyword into Google, you will definitely get a series of suggested keywords such as:

  • Borrow money in the form of ACS installment payment with good interest rate, high limit
  • Borrowing cash at ACS simple profile, receive money immediately.
  • Nationwide support quick loan ACS.
  • Borrow money at ACS finance company to receive money immediately
  • Mortgage loan at ACS…

look up gop asc
ASC installment loans with preferential and attractive interest rates.

And when you click directly on the link, you will be introduced to ACS cash loan services with attractive content such as:

  • ACS quick loan up to 60 million VND.
  • Just need ID card and household registration to be able to borrow.
  • No need to prove financial or income.
  • Flexible installment loan period from 6 to 36 months.

However, as mentioned above, ACS Vietnam does not provide cash lending services. These are all services for borrow money online, borrow hot money in disguise. Therefore, customers should be careful.

Customers should be careful with these offers. If you really need to borrow money from a bank, please contact Lamchutaichinh.vn for the most accurate advice.

Where can I get a monthly installment loan if I can’t get a loan at ACS?

In addition to ACS, customers can borrow installment loans at many companies such as MCredit, FE Credit, Home Credit …. These are all companies that support the best cash loan services.

Therefore, if you are in need of a business or consumer loan, choose a reputable loan place. Don’t fall for hot loan services because of urgent financial needs.

List of ACS Vietnam Branches


  • Address: 5th Floor, 246 Cong Quynh, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Email: acs. [email protected]
  • Phone: (028) 5445 3800


  • Address: 122 September 2 Street, Binh Thuan Ward, Hai Chau District, City. Danang
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (0236) 355 1574


  • Address: 10th Floor, Machinco Building, No. 444 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (024) 3 974 3274


  • Address: 10th Floor, Can Tho Lottery Building, No. 29, Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (0292) 376 1410

ACS Vietnam Loan Contract Payment Instructions

Payment Through Collection Channel

  • Store system TGDD, DMX, BACH HOA GREEN
  • PAYOO system: Payoo wallet, FPT, DMCL, convenience stores Circle K, Vinmart, Aeon-Cititmart and stores and pharmacies with PAYOO logo
  • VIETEL’s stores
  • E-wallet MOMO and other wallets TOPPAY, TRUEMONEY (1PAY)
  • Branches and transaction offices of Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRIBANK) nationwide

Transfer payments

Name of Beneficiary: ACS VIETNAM TRADING CO., LTD

Bank nameBranchAccount number
Mitsubishi Tokyo (MUFG Bank)Ho Chi Minh City7191[số hợp đồng]Example: 71913010xxxxxxxx
Citi bankHanoi or Ho Chi Minh City302497[số hợp đồng]For example: 3024973010xxxxxxxx
VietcombankHo Chi Minh City0071004514994
Asia (ACB)Ho Chi Minh City44851049
East AsiaDistrict 1-HCM003176610001
Money Transfer Contents Contract No. – ID/CCCD NUMBER of contract owner – Name of contract owner

For example: 3010xxxxxxxx-111xxxxxx-Nguyen Van A


So here you have answered the question ACS Vietnam What company is it and is it possible to get an installment loan at the company? If you have any doubt about anything, you can leave a comment and we will answer in the most specific and detailed way.

Information edited by: lamchutaichinh.vn


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