Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) is one of the largest banks in Vietnam, always providing individual, institutional and corporate customers with the best financial services.

BIDV iBank was introduced to replace all utilities of BIDV Business Online aimed at serving institutional customers, businesses and financial institutions. On a multi-channel trading platform with many features on a single trading portal to help customers experience the service in the most comprehensive and fastest way.

So what is BIDV iBank? What are the advantages and functions? How to register and use? Let’s find out with through this article.

What is BIDV iBank?

BIDV iBank is an electronic banking application created by BIDV to provide multi-channel financial transaction services (Web and mobile devices) to institutional and corporate customers. This application was created with the desire to perfect the banking service ecosystem to bring superior utilities with many modern features and absolute security to customers.

What is BIDV iBank?
What is BIDV iBank?

Through this application, customers can easily perform various financial transactions such as: querying information about deposits, loans, guarantees; money transfer at home and abroad; cash flow management and reporting; salary payment,… anytime, anywhere in the fastest way.

Therefore, BIDV iBank is trusted by many customers and highly appreciated by experts, bringing this application the award “Vietnam’s most innovative electronic bank in 2021”.

The following are the advantages that make this application attract the attention of a large number of users.

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Advantages of using BIDV iBank service

Application BIDV iBank Attract customers with the following advantages:

  • Multi-functional design with smart interface suitable for many customers on a single transaction portal.
  • Diverse authentication methods according to customer needs.
  • Allows customers to transact by different mechanisms.
  • The application combines with many of the world’s leading advanced technology solutions such as Oracle 12c Cloud, IBM Filenet, plugin-based digital signature..
  • Able to connect directly with the accounting/ERP system, thereby supporting the establishment and management of transaction records right in the enterprise’s management software.
  • The modern, convenient and highly secure service experience makes it possible for customers to make transactions anywhere, saving time and catching up on business opportunities.
  • Attractive preferential policies, supporting and creating conditions to promote economic development.

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Outstanding functions of BIDV iBank

BIDV iBank aggregates many different financial functions on a single application platform including account services, payment, collection and payment management, commerce, foreign exchange and liquidity management.

Outstanding functions of BIDV iBank
Outstanding functions of BIDV iBank

In any function, BIDV also offers the most comprehensive and convenient service experience, let’s find out more details about the outstanding functions of this great application with

Check BIDV account balance

The application allows customers to control the account balance as well as the transaction history made. The application interface visually displays the balance in the current account, savings account, loan or installment account, making it easy for customers to check at any time.

In addition, for international money transfers and time deposits, customers can also inquire easily through the application.

Transfer money in and out of BIDV banks

BIDV iBank provides customers with money transfer service inside and outside BIDV on an online platform 24/7, customers do not need to waste time going to transaction points and are limited in time.

The application allows users to transfer money with a simple operation and the money is transferred extremely quickly after completing the transaction. In addition, customers can also schedule money transfer when needed.

Pay the bill

Electronic bill payment is considered as one of the useful functions to meet transaction trends in the digital age.

BIDV iBank provides online payment for bills such as electricity, water, internet, transportation costs, shopping bills, installment payments or loans, payment of public services (social insurance, State budget), salary payment… with just a few mouse clicks.

Other function

In addition to the above features, BIDV iBank also provides many other preeminent features such as:

  • Trade finance and foreign exchange services include foreign currency trading, L/C request submission service, collection authorization and transaction tracking.
  • Corporate customers can perform automatic capital transfers, control cash flow and can query or extract reports into the business management system.

Conditions and procedures to register for BIDV iBank service

With the above features, the application has brought convenience to users in work and life. The following is the simplest and most accurate information on the conditions and procedures for registering to use the application.


To own an app account BIDV iBank Organizational or business customers need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Own a BIDV bank account.
  • Own a current account, deposit or loan opened at BIDV.
  • Have a device that can connect to the Internet.


Customers have valid ID card/CCCD/passport and complete the BIDV iBank account registration form to complete the registration procedure.

The simplest guide to register for BIDV IBank

BIDV offers 2 simple forms of account registration as follows:

Register for BIDV iBank online

Customers can find BIDV iBank application on two popular application platforms, iOS and Android. Once downloaded, customers simply need to follow the instructions from the application to register a user account in a simple way.

Register for BIDV iBank online
Register for BIDV iBank online

In addition, BIDV also offers another option for online registration, which is done on the official website, just through a few simple steps such as: filling in and verifying personal information, completing the registration form, and completing the registration form. can own BIDV’s e-banking account.

Register for BIDV iBank at transaction counters

New customers when opening an account at BIDV will be consulted, assisted with registration and guided on how to use it at the transaction counter.

For customers who have had a BIDV account before and wish to register for an account, customers can fill in the BIDV iBank registration form and ID card/CCCD/passport, bring it to the nearest transaction point to complete. registration.

Customers before coming to the transaction point should pay attention to the working time to avoid losing time.

BIDV’s working hours are from Monday to Saturday morning, excluding holidays and Tet.

  • Bright: 8:00 to 11:30.
  • Pm: 13:00 to 16:30.

How to use BIDV iBank service details from A – Z

To create a perfect experience when using e-banking applications, BIDV has optimized and visualized the interface to help customers use it easily and quickly.

Let’s find out how to use BIDV iBank application in the most detail.

How to use BIDV iBank service details from A - Z
How to use BIDV iBank service details from A – Z

Login to BIDV iBank

After registering for an application account, customers can log in to the website or open the application on mobile devices to log in with the registered ID and password.

For the first login, you should change your password and add security features (fingerprint, Face ID, ..) to protect your account in the safest way.

Setting up BIDV iBank display information

The “settings” feature helps users to choose the language, interface, mark frequently used priority functions and set up a number of security methods such as questions, images, etc.

Customers can also customize the form of receiving notifications of incentives, necessary policy changes or payment due notices, etc., if required.

Query BIDV account information

When there is a need to query an account, the user can select the item “payment account”, after selecting the account number to query all information about this account will appear including the account holder’s information; surplus; amount of deposits and loans; history of domestic and foreign transactions, payments due…

Customers can choose account statement if needed, just click on the corresponding item your request will be completed quickly.

Send savings online

Customers can create a savings account through the BIDV iBank application simply without going to any transaction locations.

Just click on the item “current account” then select the item “term deposit online” and follow the instructions to complete the savings deposit process.

What’s more, customers can open various savings accounts and manage them easily through the app. The details of interest, settlement time are displayed visually allowing customers to easily manage.

How to transfer money to BIDV online

In fact, transferring money online through BIDV iBank is extremely simple because the interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Customers only need to click on the “money transfer” item, then choose a money transfer service inside or outside of BIDV and enter the amount to be transferred and enter the OTP confirmation code to complete the transaction.

After completing the transaction, the money will be transferred to the recipient immediately.
The application also provides you with the function of keeping recipient information and setting up automatic money transfers at a certain time in the future.

How to pay bills

Similar to how to use the above features, customers just need to click on the item “pay bills”, information about bills that are due for recurring payment will appear, or customers can enter the code printed on the invoice. application to conduct search and payment.

Customers can save invoice information to pay for easy payment for the next period or view payment history easily.

Fee schedule for using BIDV iBank

The service fee schedule for institutional and corporate customers using BIDV iBank application is clearly specified in the following table:

Fee schedule for using BIDV iBank
Fee schedule for using BIDV iBank

Notes when using BIDV iBank service

When using the service BIDV iBank Customers should note the following to have the best service experience.

  • Make sure to clearly understand the fees when using the service, the service fee schedule is publicized by BIDV on the homepage, so customers can refer to it before registering.
  • Customers should take full advantage of current offers to improve trading efficiency. BIDV with the desire to promote economic development and improve user experience by offering preferential strategies. Specifically, at the beginning of 2022, BIDV will reduce 50% of commercial transaction fees and international money transfers via the application BIDV iBank.
  • System security is very important to avoid unfortunate damage, multi-layer security is an effective way to increase security efficiency that you should consider.


Above is useful information about digital banking applications BIDV iBank but want to share with you. Hope you can access this wonderful application easily and create economic benefits for your business or organization.


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