What is black gold? Also known as petroleum. This is a fuel that contributes significantly to the economic, social and human development in the current era.

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What is black gold?

Black gold is another name for petroleum, a dark brown liquid with the main composition of liquid, gaseous and solid hydrocarbons. When performing distillation, crude oil will produce finished products including:

What is black gold?

  • Gasoline Ether (Solvent): 40 – 70℃.
  • Light gasoline (fuel for aircraft): 60 – 100℃.
  • Heavy gasoline (fuel for cars): 100 – 150℃.
  • Light kerosene (used as fuel and solvent in life): 120 – 150℃.
  • Kerosene (common fuel): 150 – 300℃.
  • Diesel oil: 250 – 350℃.
  • Engine lubricating oil: > 300℃.
  • Other finished products: Asphalt, Black and other fuels.

These finished products will be classified according to the above distillation temperatures. But there will be a small amount of tho oil used to create a special product and it is black gold.

Why is it called black gold?

When it comes to oil, everyone knows that this is a source of fuel for the life and economic development of the world.

We can see the presence of petroleum through everyday objects today. For example, the daily motorbike we still use to move will require gasoline. And gasoline is extracted from petroleum. There are many other things that need oil to operate. Without oil, it certainly would not be able to operate. Therefore, oil plays a very important role in life and is considered as gold.

What is black gold?

Another reason is that oil is not as easy to extract as we think. This is a natural resource but will also have a limit and it lies behind the sedimentary rock layers and cannot be regenerated for a short period of time.

Oil reserves have decreased significantly due to extensive exploitation in the last five decades. Therefore, the difficult extraction plus limited reserves will make oil called black gold.

How is black gold mined?

Black gold is the mineral that lies deep underground. To be able to mine, people need to carry out exploration and search steps in underground locations.

Once a location with a lot of oil has been found, experts will conduct oil well drilling with modern machines. When accessing the oil source, these liquids will automatically spray up.

Then, experts will use specialized suction machines to suck up crude oil for screening and distillation steps. And it has to go through many stages before crude oil can be used.

What is black gold?

Oil wells can be located on land but can also be located under the sea. When other falls, people will have to set up rigs for exploration. Once the oil wells have been found, they can be exploited. Exploiting oil on the ocean floor is much more difficult than on land. However, oil reserves in wells in the ocean are much larger than on land.

What kind of energy can replace oil?

Nowadays, human technology has made great progress. Therefore, scientists have also researched many different types of energy to replace oil. And now, many energy sources have been found and are being used.

Energy sources that can replace petroleum:

  • Thermal energy converted from the ocean (OTEC).
  • Wind power energy from wind power.
  • Hydrogen fuel for cars.
  • Water wave energy.
  • Geothermal.
  • Solar energy, nuclear energy.

Above is the article to learn What is black gold?? Hopefully with this information you have clearly understood what black gold means. If you have any other questions, please leave them below.

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