Those who use Sacombank atm card, if they pay attention, will see the CVV/CVC number printed on the card. This code is very important. It is directly related to online payment transactions. So What is CVV/CVC number on Sacombank atm card?? What does it really mean? For the most accurate answer, please read the information in the article below.

What is CVV/CVC number on Sacombank ATM card?

CVV number on Sacombank atm card is the code used to authenticate some online payment transactions. CVV appears on credit card or atm Sacombank card.

CVV (Card Verification Value) is very important. CVV is the code used for Visa international credit/debit cards. CVV can change the pin code to confirm online payment transactions, so it needs to be very secure. That is why the CVV number is printed in the card envelope. Only the cardholder can know and use the CVV code.

Distinguish between CVV number and CVC . number

Many people do not know how to distinguish CVV and CVC numbers. Because they all have the function to authenticate online payment transactions. For example, paying shopping bills on e-commerce sites. However, these two types of codes are slightly different. And how to distinguish them as follows:

  • CVV number: CVV number used for atm Visa cards (international credit and debit cards).
  • CVC number: CVC number used for atm MasterCard.

Currently, banks, including Sacombank, have issued these two cards, so you can see both types of codes on Sacombank’s atm cards.

What is the function of CVV/CVC code on Sacombank ATM card?

Maybe you don’t know the CVV/CVC number on Sacombank atm card which has many uses. Specifically:

  • Cardholder can check the validity (card expiry) of their Sacombank ATM is still or not.
  • Considered as a security code that replaces the pin code to confirm online bill payment transactions. That is, you do not need to enter the card pin code, but only need to enter the CVV / CVC number to be able to pay.
  • Contribute to increased security. Limiting illegal encroachment and appropriation of cardholders’ money through online transactions.

Where can I see CVV/CVC number of Sacombank ATM card?

Surely when you know the importance of CVV/CVC number, you really want to know where this code is located, right?

The CVV/CVC code consists of only 3 numeric characters. It is printed on the back of Sacombank atm card. This code is usually printed below the magnetic stripe or next to the white line where the cardholder signs.

However, not all atm cards print CVV/CVC numbers on the card. Because this code needs to be kept as confidential as possible, some banks print the CVV/CVC number in the card envelope so as not to reveal this code to anyone other than the cardholder. Some banks also have stickers with the purpose of hiding the CVV/CVC code.

Instructions for online payment with code CVV/CVC

To make an online payment with CVV/CVC code, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: First, go to the e-commerce platform you want to buy (lazada, tiki, shopee, sendo…).
  • Step 2: Then you choose to buy the goods you need.
  • Step 3: Next comes the payment section. You choose the form of payment by Visa card.
  • Step 4: Enter all the required information. Including: cardholder name, card number, card validity date, CVV code. Then click Done.
  • Step 5: The system will process the transaction and deduct money from your atm card.

Some things to note about CVV/CVC code security

To use the card safely, avoid bad guys taking advantage of money in the account in many different ways. You should note a few things related to CVV/CVC codes as follows:

  • Do not lend your atm card to others. Do not ask others to perform transactions related to atm cards, bank accounts.
  • After receiving the atm card, you should memorize and memorize the CVV/CVC code. Then delete this code on the atm card to avoid revealing it to others.
  • Should sign on the back of the atm card. So when making payments that need a signature, no one will be able to forge your signature.
  • Only shop and pay online on reputable e-commerce sites such as lazada, shopee, tiki, sendo… Never click on strange links sent by others in any way.
  • You should register to use SMS Banking to receive notifications of account fluctuations immediately. So that when there is a case, you can notify the bank to block the card immediately and solve it as quickly as possible.

Maybe after reading this article, your opinion about CVV/CVC codes will change. You need to be careful and secure this authentication code well to avoid maximum possible risk cases.


So the question? What is CVV/CVC number on Sacombank atm card?? Has been answered in detail by Hope the above knowledge will be useful to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for support.



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