How to get fast loan support, same day disbursement? You can refer to the current online loan support apps such as app vDong. To learn more about how to register for this online loan application, what are the advantages and disadvantages, please see the article compiled by Banktop below.

What is Dong?

The vDong online loan application supports all types of customers when they need a quick loan in a short time. With a simple, fast loan application procedure, quick disbursement. This is what many customers are interested in and want when taking out a loan.

Online loan application vDong
Online loan application vDong

At vDong, customers can choose from a variety of loans with flexible installment terms. Support customers to apply online in just a few minutes and can receive a loan right after if the application is approved.

Review vDong fast loan application

The vDong loan application is considered to have many advantages, helping customers quickly get the loan they want. Some information on the pros and cons of this form is updated as follows:


Some advantages of borrowing money at vDong you can refer to:

  • Simple loan application documents and procedures.
  • Quick disbursement.
  • Without collateral property.
  • Support customers with bad debt.
  • Flexible loan limit.


Besides, there are also some limitations when borrowing capital at vDong such as:

  • Interest rates are higher than loans at banks.
  • The limit is limited to the first loan.
  • Short payment term.

vIs there a scam? Should I borrow money in VND?

Loan App vDong is an online loan application that is currently being chosen by many customers to borrow money. Rumors about vDong scam are unconfirmed and there is no clear evidence so it is impossible to confirm this to be true.

Moreover, when borrowing money at vDong, your loan information will also be displayed accurately and transparently for you to check before agreeing to sign the loan. So it can be seen that vDong is quite reputable with customers and if you have a need to borrow money quickly, you can also refer to loan packages at vdong.

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Refer to the loan limit, term and interest rate in VND

Information about vDong loan application
Information about vDong loan application

vCo supports customers to borrow capital with a limit of VND 1 – 8 million, a term to pay the loan within 30 to 90 days and an interest rate of 19.71%/year.

This interest rate is assessed to be similar to other online loan support units and higher than the interest rate at banks. However, in return, you can get a loan faster if you need money urgently.

Conditions for borrowing money in VND

To qualify for a loan at vDong, you need to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and be a citizen of Vietnam.
  • Have all valid ID/CCCD or Passport documents.
  • Have a personal bank account.

Once you have prepared all the above documents, you can quickly register for a loan at vDong via the online form.

Quickest disbursal of vdong loan

Update the latest vDong loan process in the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Download the vDong app, apply for a loan

Visit the CHPlay app or the App Store to download the vDong app to your phone and apply for a loan.

Step 2: Fill in personal information

You proceed to fill in the information according to the registration form such as full name, bank account number, ID number, work in progress if required, etc. Then check the information once again, carefully read the regulations about a loan at vDong before confirming to send the application.

In case you have questions about interest rates, penalty fees, service fees arising later, you mistakenly believe that v Dong is a fraud, trying to appropriate customer property.

Step 3: Take a photo of your ID/CCCD

Take a photo of your ID/CCCD front and back and add a portrait of your face if required to submit for confirmation. This helps verify that you are using the correct information from the owner to apply for the loan

Step 4: Browse the loan

vDong department will receive the application and start checking and appraising your loan. The application process is quite fast, if your loan application is approved, the money will be immediately disbursed to your account.

Instructions to pay vDong loans

Instructions to pay vDong loans
Instructions to pay vDong loans

In addition to the way to pay the loan at the transaction place, the bank also saves time and makes the transaction faster. You can completely pay the loan at vDong through the online form.

Here are some ways to make quick payments on a credit card loan. You can refer to it if it’s convenient for you.

Momo e-wallet

The first way is that we can pay the monthly credit loan through the Momo e-wallet, the process to do it is as follows:

  • Step 1: You log in to the Momo wallet application and search for “vDong” in the search bar.
  • Step 2: Enter the transaction code on your loan application at vDong or enter your ID number to look up the loan.
  • Step 3: Your loan information will be displayed, please check that the information is correct before confirming the payment.

Viettel Post

To pay a loan via Viettel Post, you do the following:

  • Step 1: Go to Viettel Post’s transaction location to ask the staff to assist in paying the vdong loan.
  • Step 2: Give ID/CCCD or contract code for staff to check.
  • Step 3: Once the officer checks and displays the correct loan information, you proceed to pay the loan and receive a payment receipt.

Wooribank bank transfer

The last way is that you can transfer via Wooribank to pay the vdong loan.

To do this, you access the vDong application and go to the loan lookup to find a form of payment. In the Woori Bank transfer section, you copy the Account Number to make a regular money transfer.

Before confirming the transfer, please check that your account number and bank name are correct, and when transferring money via Internet Banking, you should choose 24/7 transfer so that the money can reach your account immediately. account of the unit vDong immediately.

Some frequently asked questions when borrowing money from Vdong

vDoes Dong scam customers?

As we mentioned, vDong is a reputable online lender and has not shown any signs of cheating any customers. If so, the information is just fake or there is an impersonator of V Dong to scam customers.

Therefore, when you want to borrow money at any unit, you should find out carefully before all smarts to avoid confusion or choose the wrong unit that is not reputable to affect yourself.

Is Dong reputable?

vDong is a reputable financial support unit, if you want to borrow money quickly in a short time, simple documents, quick disbursement within the day, you can refer to the service here.

Who can apply for a vDong loan?

Subjects of vCo-support for loans are 18 years of age or older, with valid ID/CCCD. If the above conditions are met, anyone can apply for an online loan at vdong.

v Which provinces are the co-borrowers?

vCo supports all types of customers to borrow money through the online form, so no matter where you are within Vietnam and have all your personal documents, you can borrow money at v Dong.

Can bad debt get a loan in VND?

vCo-supports borrowers with bad debt groups from group 1 to group 3. For customers in group 3 and above, when borrowing money in vdong, it will need further approval.


The article on Banktop has compiled the most detailed information about online loans at vDong for your reference. If you need to borrow money online, please refer to current reputable financial services and companies such as vDong. Good luck!

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