What is gold inlaid? But why are there so many gilded food, objects, and houses? If you do not understand what the concept of gold inlaid means? And want to find out information about the uses, what is gold inlaid?

Let’s learn the knowledge about gold inlaid form through the content of the article below.

What does gold inlaid mean?

You often see gold-plated foods such as beef or gold-plated objects such as gold-plated phones, gold-plated doors, etc. Gold-plated is a technology that creates a thin layer of gold on objects and products that people use. desired fabrication. When gilding requires workers to be highly skilled and meticulously done by hand.

What is gold inlaid?

Gold plated will use pure gold or Western gold. This does not require a specific type of gold, but depends on each person’s personal finances to use.

The purpose of gilding is to make objects more aesthetic and luxurious. And this form of gilding is often used on jewelry, houses, ceilings, and furniture.

When inlaid with gold, it will make the inlaid object more splendid. It also helps protect against damage and ensures a long-lasting shine.

Is gilding the same as gilding?

Gold plating and gold plating are two completely different concepts. Many people still think that gilding is similar to gilding, but in fact, it’s just that they all use gold materials.

Inlaid gold means pressing gold into extremely thin pieces and then gluing on objects. As for gold plating, people will cover the products with a smooth layer of gold and are often sprayed and sprayed on the surface, not manually like inlaid with gold.

When gilding, it will be sprayed on the surface of the product, so it will be much easier to do. At the same time, gold plating also costs less gold than gold plating.

How to inlaid gold?

To be able to plated gold on objects, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Workers must be highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in gold plating.
  • Choose gold inlaid items and calculate the amount of gold to use accurately.

What does gold plating need?

Some necessary tools when performing gold plating:

  • Brush Pen: A pen with a soft and thin tip.
  • Gold glue.
  • Gold foil stamping pen.
  • Primary brush.
  • Yellow leaves.
  • Spray machine.
  • Lip gloss.

Details of the steps of gilding on objects?

The steps to inlaid gold will be as follows:

Step 1: Clean the objects or things that want to be gilded with specialized tools.

Step 2: Spray and apply waterproof paint on the surface to limit water absorption and mold.

Step 3: Apply gold glue, pay attention to apply only a sufficient amount, do not apply too much.

Step 4: Put the thin gold foil and stick it on the object, must be placed in the right position to avoid mistakes.

Step 5: Stamp the gold foil just pasted up so that the gold leaf is firmly adhered.

Step 6: Use the sprayer to clean the surfaces of the gold-plated objects.

Step 7: Apply a layer of paint to the surface of the gold to create shine and help protect the gold plating.

Should gold plated or gold plated better?

Gold-plated or gold-plated, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether to plated with gold or plated with gold will depend on the needs and financial capabilities of each person.

When gilding, the implementation time will be faster and easier, but gold plating will fade faster than gold plating and the aesthetic is not as good.

If the ceiling or the furniture is made of wood, you should choose gold plated. If it is metal, you should choose gold plating. Besides, for objects that have a large area, you should not gold-plated because it will be very expensive.

Should gold inlaid items be used? Is it good?

Is gilded food edible?

Gold-plated dishes were luxuries of the upper class. We often see gilded food on TV and radio.

With this type of food, you need to go to luxury restaurants and have a big wallet. Because in addition to the expensive materials, the gold layer inlaid on top is also quite expensive.

What is gilded food?

However, the gilded food tasted like it should. According to research experts, gold does not create any taste for the taste buds. The gilding of food only contributes to making the food more beautiful and luxurious.

In addition, eating gold into the body is not good for health. If the gold is pure, it will have little effect, but if the gold has many impurities such as lead, heavy metals. When ingested, it will cause respiratory hazards and poisoning.

Is gilded wine really good?

In addition to gold-plated food, gold-plated wine is also an expensive drink. Inside the wine will be small pieces of gold.

When drinking gold inlaid wine, it will not affect the stomach, so it does not affect the health of the drinker.

But on the market today, there are many types of gold-plated wine of unknown origin and quality assurance. If gold wine has not been filtered to remove impurities, it will certainly affect health when used.

Which type of gold should I choose?

Gold has many types such as 18k gold, 24k gold, 14k gold, etc. Each type will have different prices. Depending on the financial capacity of each person to choose the type of gold inlaid.

You can choose the type of gold plating based on the following factors:

  • How much money do you have in your finances and what is the current gold rate.
  • How many square meters is the area you want to be gilded with?
  • Western gold types will tarnish when the protective gloss coating on the outside is discolored. Because in the Western world will contain metal, it is easy to oxidize when left in an inappropriate environment. So when choosing gold inlaid, you should choose appropriate objects.

Do you understand what gold inlaid is? Hopefully, this article has helped you understand clearly about the process of using and how to inlaid gold on objects and food.

This is a form of luxury, so before using it, you should learn carefully to avoid losing money.

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