The birth of Internet banking marked a new development milestone in the banking and finance sector. If before, to be able to send money you had to use postal services or bank money transfer services, now, with just a bank account registered for Internet Banking, you can easily make transfer orders inside and outside the bank.

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How to register for Internet Banking?

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What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is also known as E-Banking or Online Banking, simply understood as an electronic banking service that allows customers to perform money transfer transactions, pay bills, send online savings, pay taxes… most simply through Internet-connected devices such as phones, computers, etc.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is very popular nowadays. To use Internet Banking service, you need internet-connected devices such as phones, laptops, desktop computers, etc. and the phone number used to register for Internet Banking, this is the phone number used to receive the OTP code. , help complete the transaction process on Internet Banking.

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What is the function of Internet Banking?

Internet Banking can perform diverse and popular transactions, helping customers save a lot of time, such as:

  • Money transfer within the same banking system, interbank, domestic or international money transfer. Money transfer function on Internet Banking can schedule and transfer money to account number or card number
  • Query, lookup balance, transaction history of bank accounts
  • Paying service bills: internet, cable TV, buying airline tickets, movie tickets, bills installment loan
  • Deposit and withdraw online savings
  • Payment of financial services such as tax payment, insurance payment, penalty fee, etc.

Benefits of using Internet Banking service

Internet Banking service is a step forward in the banking industry when it brings great utilities to help customers experience the service in the most optimal way:

  • Inquiry account balance, savings deposit amount, statement of arising transactions quickly
  • Make money transfer orders with the banking system, interbank, transfer money via card or card account number, place money transfer orders in the future without going to the counter.
  • Pay bills online: top up your phone or pay postpaid phone charges, internet charges, etc.
  • Pay taxes online: taxes, fees, charges and state budget revenues…
  • Payment of loan interest, insurance premiums, securities investments…
  • Deposit online and withdraw money easily anytime, anywhere, without cumbersome procedures
  • Internet Banking also provides features such as querying information about fee schedules, exchange rates, interest rates, etc.
  • Easily link with smart electronics, enjoy many preferential services and shopping.

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Applications of Internet Banking


I-Banking is an Internet Banking service that is used directly on the Bank’s website. To use I-Banking, customers need to access the banking website on a web browser. Then select Internet Banking feature, log in to your account and use it.

Vietcombank's i-banking service
Vietcombank’s i-banking service

SMS Banking

SMS Banking has more limited functions, but customers can still text to look up some basic information such as:

  • Look up account balance
  • Look up transaction history
  • Look up exchange rates, interest rates
  • Recharge your phone

Mobile Banking

This is an e-banking service on Mobile and is used by most customers because of its convenience and simplicity. Mobile Banking still includes full functions like I-Banking, but to use, customers need to download the bank’s Mobile Banking app and use the provided account to log in.

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Instructions to register for Internet Banking service in detail

Register for Internet Banking at transaction counters

Normally, when a customer opens a transaction account at a bank, the teller will advise the customer to register for Internet Banking and SMS Banking services at that time.

For those who have not yet registered for this service when opening an account, customers can go directly to any transaction dial of the card opening bank to register for Internet Banking service. Customers only need to provide their ID card and fill out the Internet Banking service registration form to complete the procedure.

To summarize, the Internet Banking registration process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the nearest bank counter, bring your ID card
  • Step 2: Request to open a bank account with Internet Banking service. For customers who already have an account, just request to activate Internet Banking function.
  • Step 3: Fill in the request for service opening
  • Step 4: Support staff perform Internet Banking registration for customers.

A small note is that the phone number to activate the internet banking service must be the same as the phone number for which the account is registered. If there is a change in the phone number, you can ask the transaction staff to update it on the system.

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Register for Internet Banking online

Currently, only a few banks provide Internet Banking Online registration form, but in the future most banks will deploy this registration method to provide a better customer service experience.

For example, how to register for Internet Banking Techombank online is as follows.

Step 1: Log in to Techcombank’s website here.

Step 2: Go to the “Register online” and select “Electronic banking

Register for Internet Banking Techcombank

Step 3: Fill in the registration form information including:

  • ID number/Passport/CCCD
  • card number (embossed number on ATM card)
  • PIN (ATM card pin code)

Register for Internet Banking Techcombank

Step 4: Press “Perform” to complete the step of entering information, within 30 seconds you will receive an OTP code that the bank sends via text message, now you just need to get this code to activate the account confirmation.

Register for Internet Banking Techcombank

Step 5: Enter your username and password to create an Internet Banking account.

Note: need to save username and password to use. Passwords should be easy to remember but still secure, for example with uppercase letters, numbers…

Register for Internet Banking Techcombank

Step 6: When you receive a notification that you have successfully registered for Techcombank Internet Banking, you can use Internet Banking services through the application/website.

Register for Internet Banking Techcombank

How to set up Internet Banking on your phone

How to install Internet Banking on the phone is quite simple and fast. With just a few simple steps as follows, you can install and use Internet Banking service on your smartphone:

  • Step 1: Access the app store on Google Play (for Android operating system) or App store (for iOS operating system) to download and install the Internet Banking app of the bank where you open an account.
  • Step 2: Log in to your Internet Banking account registered at the bank, including your phone number and login password. The application will ask you to confirm the OTP code has been sent by text message to the phone number you used to register.

After that, you just need to log in and can use the bank’s online payment, transfer, etc. services quickly and conveniently.

The most detailed way to use Internet Banking

Login and use Internet Banking
Login and use Internet Banking

After successfully registering for Internet Banking, customers need to log in to use the following steps.

  • Step 1: Access the website/application of the bank where you registered for Internet Banking service.
  • Step 2: During the first login, the system will ask you to change your password to ensure the security of the service.
  • Step 3: You log in to your Internet Banking registered account and register to receive an OTP code through one of three methods (Smart OTP, SMS, using EMV card).
  • Step 4: Select the bank’s services you want to use.

Instructions for accessing Internet Banking of banks

Each bank will have different access links to Internet Banking, and below are the access links of some popular banks:

  • Vietcombank: VCB Digibank
  • Agribank: Internet Banking Agribank
  • Sacombank Bank: Internet Banking Sacombank
  • Techcombank: EBanking Techcombank
  • SCB Bank: Internet Banking SCB
  • South Asia Bank: EBanking South Asia
  • HDBank: Internet Banking HDBank
  • SeABank: SeANet
  • Bac A Bank: EBanking Bac A
  • MSB Bank: M-Banking

Is there a fee to use Internet Banking?

Normally, the fee for using internet banking services is usually regulated separately by each bank. The average level applied a lot usually ranges from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND.

Transactions on Internet Vanking also have different fees depending on the case. For example, most banks will waive fees for service payments and transfers between accounts in the same system. For other transactions, the system will collect service fees.

However, in order to attract more customers, some banks also completely free services inside and outside the system. Techcombank, VPBank, etc. are the leading banks in providing free services for transactions on Internet Banking.

Below is the latest updated fee schedule for using Internet Banking service at banks:

Registration fee
Transfer fee
In the systemInterbank
Viet CapitalFreeFreeMinimum 10,000 VND
Bac A BankFreeFreeMinimum 10,000 VND
TimoFreeFreeFree (via Timo App)
HSBCFree0.0275% minimum 33,000 VND
PVcombankFreeFreeMinimum 10,000 VND
OCBFreeFreeMinimum 10,000 VND or 20,000 VND depending on account type
SacombankFree8000 VND15,000 VND
SCBFreeFreeMinimum 10,000 VND
Standard CharteredFreeFreeMinimum 15,000 VND
VietcombankFree3,300 VND11,000 VND
VIBFree10,000 VND/dish, regardless of the same/different province/cityMinimum 10,000 VND
BIDVFreeMinimum 1,000 VND (when transferring under 30 million VND)Minimum 7,000 VND

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What is the difference between Internet Banking and Mobile Banking?

Although both are electronic banking services, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking still have differences, specifically as follows:

Internet BankingMobile Banking
Equipment usedComputer, laptop, phoneTelephone
How to installNo need to installDownload applications from CHPlay, Google Play to your device
UsingAccess the bank’s Internet Banking websiteClick on the Mobile Banking application on your phone to use it
Security codePassword and OTPPassword, OTP or Smart OTP
  • Transfer.
  • Open/Finish an online savings account.
  • Query account information.
  • Pay the bill.
  • Use other facilities provided by the bank.
  • Transfer.
  • Open/Finish an online savings account.
  • Query account information.
  • Pay the bill.

What should I pay attention to when using Internet Banking?

  • Secure information by limiting the use of public devices to access and conduct transactions. If necessary, delete all transaction history immediately after use.
  • All transactions will be sent OTP code to the customer’s phone number registered with the bank.
  • Be careful when installing strange applications, do not use strange machines to access Internet Banking to ensure absolute safety.
  • You should register for more SMS Banking service to ensure control of your account status if something goes wrong.
  • Do not provide any personal information such as account number, OTP code, PIN code to anyone.


Above is information about internet banking, its benefits, how to register and use it. Hopefully the article has brought you complete and useful information and answered the question what is internet banking?. If you need to open a credit card, contact us for a free consultation.

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