Lala Credit is an App that helps customers borrow money through a quick and convenient online form. Current financial unit Lala Credit are operating in Vietnam and there are many rumors that this is a place to scam customers, etc. So what is this information, please see the article introduced by Banktop.

What is Lala Credit?

Lala Credit is one of the units and apps that support online loans today that are interested by many customers. Here, customers can easily borrow money with very simple requirements and procedures, just need an ID card and will be disbursed within the same day.

Information about Lala Credit . loan application
Information about Lala Credit . loan application

Financial unit Lala Credit also has links with many other financial institutions in the market to improve service quality to customers. As well as operating under the management of the State and having a legal business license.

Review online loan application Lala Credit

Lala Credit online loan application is one of the fast loan support solutions trusted and chosen by many customers. Please refer to this loan application review to better understand and decide whether to borrow or not.


Some outstanding advantages when customers borrow money at Lala Credit can be mentioned as:

  • Simple loan application and procedures.
  • No mortgage of property.
  • Quick approval time, same day disbursement.
  • Support customers with bad debt at financial companies, bad debt CIC.
  • Customer information is absolutely secure.


In addition, when borrowing money at Lala Credit, there will also be some limitations such as:

  • Interest rates are higher than loans at banks.
  • The limit is limited to the first loan.
  • The short payment term makes some customers financially constrained.

Loan limit, interest rate and term at Lala Credit

Financial unit Lala Credit supports customers with loan limits from 1 million to 10 million VND. With a minimum loan term of 3 months and a maximum of less than 6 months.

For first-time borrowers at Lala Credit, they will enjoy a preferential interest rate of 0%. With loans from the 2nd time or more will have an interest rate of 18%/year. There will be a service fee of 15%/year.

Specifically, when customers choose a loan package of 6 million with a loan term of 91 days, there will be a service fee of 750,000 VND. With 0% interest, the total payment to Lala Credit unit is 6,750,000 VND.

Lala Credit loan conditions

To qualify for a loan at Lala Credit, you need to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and be a citizen of Vietnam.
  • Have all valid ID/CCCD or Passport documents.
  • Have a personal bank account.
  • Once you have met the above requirements, you can proceed to apply for a loan at Lala Credit.

The fastest way to borrow money from Lala Credit on your phone

The fastest way to borrow money from Lala Credit on your phone
The fastest way to borrow money from Lala Credit on your phone

To borrow money at Lala Credit, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download the app and apply for a loan

Access the CHPlay app or the App Store to download Loan App Lala Credit to your phone and apply for a loan.

You proceed to enter the phone number you use and select I want to borrow money to register. OTP code will be sent to your phone, please enter this code to confirm.

Step 2: Provide personal information

Please provide complete information at this step such as ID number, full name, bank account number, etc. accurately. Attach information about your income, work you are doing to complete the profile.

Step 3: Take a photo of your ID/CCCD and a portrait

Use your ID card and take a photo of the front and back, add a face portrait you send to confirm. Next, follow the instructions as suggested on the screen to keep the camera still for the system to recognize your face.

Step 4: Confirm and wait for disbursement

Once you have completed all the steps and submitted the loan application. Now Lala Credit system will review and verify your application.

When your application is reasonable and approved, the loan amount you applied for will be disbursed and sent to your bank account within 30 minutes.

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How to pay Lala Credit loan

Note when about a loan at Lala Credit, you should monitor the specific time to pay the loan monthly to avoid late payment that will incur additional unwanted fees.

To pay Lala Credit loan quickly and simply, you can pay money online through forms such as Internet Banking service at the bank, Momo e-wallet, Zalopay, etc. Fast and secure credit.

Check what is the account number at Lala Credit to transfer, you can access my loan on the app to track it. Or you can also call Lala Credit support to get the most accurate information.

Some frequently asked questions

Does App H5 Lala Credit scam customers?

Currently, on the issue of Lala Credit fraud, customers can confirm that there is no. Or customers are scammed without going through a fake Lala Credit unit, for example, etc.

As we mentioned above, Lala Credit operates under the management of the State and has a transparent operating license. So, if a customer is scammed or has a problem, they can sue the unit to Court to ask for settlement and protection of personal property.

But there is also a note for you, no matter where you borrow money, before you confirm your loan approval, you should carefully read the rules on loan form to avoid wondering why there are fees or problems. arise, etc…

Can bad debt borrow money at Lala Credit?

Loan support unit Lala Credit still supports customers to borrow loans when they have bad debts at other financial companies. However, you need to make sure you have enough personal documents of ID/CCCD to be able to complete the registration application.

Borrow money Lala Credit does not pay, what to do?

You cannot steal money or do not want to pay when borrowing at financial institutions and banks. Because here, they all have clear debt collection methods and processes that make you pay the exact amount borrowed.

There will be many methods for the borrower to apply when customers pay late such as calling, texting continuously for a long time, urging the borrower’s relatives, coming to the home to request payment, etc. And ask the customer to give a specific time to pay the contract as soon as possible to avoid affecting the borrower and the lender.

What number is Lala Credit switchboard?

You can contact Lala Credit’s switchboard via Hotline 1900234563 when you have needs or problems with loan support.


The article on Banktop has compiled the most detailed information about financial lenders Lala Credit for your reference. The registration process, payment instructions are also fully explained. If you are interested in getting a loan at Lala Credit, you can refer to it.

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