If you are looking to apply for a MBBank Visa card but do not know the process and how to apply for a card. This paragraph Banktop will guide you in detail about What is MBBank Visa card?how to open the card and answer the question of whether the MBBank Visa card can withdraw money or not through this article.

What is MBBank Visa Card?

What is MBBank Visa Card?
What is MBBank Visa Card?

MBBank Visa Card is a credit card used for domestic and international payments issued by MBBank. When using, customers can easily pay all bills, make quick online transactions at home and abroad without having to use cash.

Each type of MBBank Visa card will have certain limits and customers are allowed to pay and transact within that limit. At the end of the period, the customer is responsible for completing the payment of the principal and interest spent when using the card.

Advantages of Visa MBBank card

Advantages when customers use Visa MBBank card can be mentioned as:

  • Documents and procedures for opening a MBBank Visa card are simple and fast.
  • Card usage limit is up to 1 billion VND.
  • Customers are exempt from interest for 45 days from the maturity date.
  • Enjoy discounts for shopping, travel, and dining activities as a partner or customer of MBBank.
  • Control your Visa card account securely through MBBank’s online banking application.

The most popular types of MBBank Visa cards

The most popular types of MBBank Visa cards
The most popular types of MBBank Visa cards

MBBank is currently providing and issuing 3 main types of Visa cards, with each card type having different functions and characteristics. Below are detailed information about the types of cards you can refer to.

MB Commerce Visa Card

Visa MB Commerce card is often used by businesses and organizations. The purpose is to pay expenses related to the purchase of goods, materials, products, etc. related to the production activities of the company or enterprise. Or pay for transactions related to partners and jobs.

The MB Commerce Visa card fully meets the features of an international credit card and when used, customers are also interest-free for the first 45 days, are allowed to pay and withdraw money online. With Visa MB Commerce card, there will be 3 main card classes:

  • Classic: Customers can trade with a daily limit of 500 million VND.
  • Gold class: Customers can trade with a daily limit of 500 million – 1 billion VND.
  • Platinum: Customers can spend up to 5 billion VND per day, with a maximum transaction of 1 billion VND.

Visa MB Credit card

To open a Visa MB Credit card (credit card) is quite simple, as long as customers prove they have a stable job and monthly income. Upon successful registration and bank approval, customers will be provided with 1 spending limit.

Customers can use the money in the credit card to pay bills, shop online, etc. The time to use Visa MB Credit card is 3 years, after 3 years, if customers want to continue using it, they can renew re-term.

With Visa MB Credit card, there will be 3 main card classes:

  • Standard Class: Support limit from 10 to 68 million VND.
  • Gold: Support limit from 69-200 million VND.
  • Platinum grade: Support limit from 80 to 1 billion VND.

MB Debit Visa Card

When using MB Visa Debit card, it is mandatory for customers to deposit money into their account to use it. To make this card, customers only need to meet the age of 18 and have ID/CCCD documents to be able to register to use it. There will be 2 main types of cards for customers to refer to, including:

  • MB Debit Classic Visa Card: Customers can transfer or withdraw money with a limit of VND 50 million/day.
  • Platinum Card: Customers can use it flexibly with a limit of up to 100 million VND/day.

Conditions and procedures for opening a MBBank Visa card

Conditions for opening Visa MBBank card

To open a MBBank Visa card at a bank, you need to fully meet the following conditions:

  • Being 18 years old or older, being a Vietnamese citizen.
  • Have full ID card/CCCD or passport.
  • Some other documents attached if required by the bank such as: Payroll, labor contract, driver’s license, household registration book, etc.
  • Have a bank account MBBank.

Procedure to open Visa MBBank card

Prepare all documents and procedures after registering to open a MBBank Visa card at the bank:

  • Application form for opening a MBBank Visa card (will be provided by the bank when you come to register).
  • Copy of documents: ID card/CCCD or Passport, household registration book.
  • Salary statement, proof of income or collateral.

Instructions to open the most detailed MBBank Visa card in 2022

Instructions to open the most detailed MBBank Visa card in 2022
Instructions to open the most detailed MBBank Visa card in 2022

How to open MBBank Visa card at transaction office

Detailed instructions on how to open MBBank Visa card at the transaction office so that you can monitor and prepare fully before going directly to the bank:

  • Step 1: Visit branches/transaction offices near the bank to apply for MBBank Visa card
  • Step 2: You will be provided with a paper form by the bank staff to register the card. Please fill out the registration form completely. Check and confirm the information and then send it back to the consignee.
  • Step 3: Your application will be checked by your bank. If valid, you will be notified and sent an appointment to wait for the date to pick up the card.
  • Step 4: After receiving the card, you just need to activate the card and use it according to the instructions of the bank staff.

The process to open a Visa card at the bank is quite fast, if you don’t have much time, you should come in the morning to get the ticket to queue early to avoid a long wait.

MBBank Online Visa card opening process

The opening of MBBank Visa card via online form is currently not supported and applied by MBBank. For many reasons of safety and security of customer information, if you want to open a Visa card, you should go directly to the bank’s branch or transaction office to have the staff assist in making the card as quickly as possible.

Is there a fee to open MBBank Visa card?

According to the regulations at MBBank, customers opening MBBank Visa card for the first time will be completely free. In case of card re-issuance, there will be a fee of 60,000 VND/card making.

Some frequently asked questions when opening a MBBank Visa card

Can MBBank Visa Card withdraw money?

When using MBBank Visa card, you can completely withdraw money with limits depending on each card type. However, when withdrawing, you will lose 1 withdrawal fee with interest rate as prescribed at MBBank.

How long does it take to open a MBBank Visa card?

When completing the registration for MBBank Visa card at the bank, the time you can receive the card can take from 7-15 days. And the fixed time for you to come and pick it up will be noted in the notice provided by MBBank.

How to lock/cancel Visa MBBank card?

When there is no need to use Visa card at MBBank, you can block or cancel the card. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to bring your personal documents to MBBank’s bank and ask for an application to cancel the service using MBBank Visa card.

After filling in the required information and returning it to the bank, the staff will check the information and assist you to deactivate your Visa card right on the system.


Through the article, you also know What is MBBank Visa card?How many types of cards are there and how to register for a Visa card according to the content? Banktop Have synthesized. If you are in need of opening a Visa card at MBBank, please refer to our detailed article above, which is all information for you.

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