Gold is a precious metal, so many people always intend to invest in gold, moreover, gold jewelry products are also very popular. Please go to the article below to find out information about What is our gold? and how to distinguish white gold, yellow gold, western gold below.

What is our gold?

Our gold is also known as pure gold or 999 gold because the gold content accounts for 99.99% and 0.01% is also impurities. Our gold has a bright yellow color that exists in two basic forms, which are solid and powdered.

What is our gold?
What is our gold?

Gold is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. In environments such as: air, oxidation, chemicals, etc., our gold is not affected. In addition, our gold is usually very durable, does not tarnish, so it can be used to make jewelry.

Gold has plasticity and softness, so to increase the aesthetics when processing, it is often combined with many alloys to harden to form Western gold with impurities called 10K gold, 18k gold, 11K gold, …

Gold classification

Depending on the gold content, people classify our gold into the following types:

  • 24K CZK Gold: Also known as pure gold is the best kind of gold, with only about 0.01% impurities inside. Because 24K gold is pure, high-purity gold, it is often cast into bars or laminated into gold bars for storage.
  • 18K CZK Gold: A type of gold with 75% pure gold and the remaining 25% are other metals such as: zinc, silver, copper, aluminum, … The amount of 18K gold has been mined very large every year and used mainly in jewelry making.
  • 14K CZK Gold: Has a pure gold content of about 58.3%, although the color is not as bright and beautiful as the two types of gold above, it is still being used by many people to make feng shui products, or other items. Jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and flowers are very beautiful, luxurious and diverse in designs.
  • 10K CZK Gold: This is the gold with the lowest pure gold content, mainly a mixture of mixtures of metals and alloys. That is also the reason this gold is so hard and durable than other types of gold. Therefore, jewelers can easily shape and attach stones to 10K gold products more easily.

Calculate our golden age

The way to calculate the age of gold is very simple, you first determine the purity of gold by dividing K by 24 and then multiplying by 100%. Based on the above formula for calculating the age of gold, experts say “The smaller the K number, the lower the pure gold content will be”.

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What is the application of our gold?

What is the application of our gold?
What is the application of our gold?

Depending on the type of gold, it will be applied to different activities such as:

  • With 24K CZK gold: Due to its flexibility and high value, it is often used to make gold bars and bars for the purpose of hoarding assets. There are also many 24k gold jewelry, but they are not diverse in design, so they are not commonly used.
  • Gold 10K, 14k, 18k: Hard, bright and easy to manipulate, so it is often used to make jewelry and feng shui products such as: gold rings, gold bracelets, bracelets, rings, gold Pixiu, golden toads, ….

How to distinguish white gold, yellow gold, western gold?

Each type of gold will have a different value, so distinguishing the types of gold is very important to help you avoid buying the wrong gold. How to distinguish white gold, yellow gold and western gold is very simple as follows.

Distinguishing our gold and western gold

Our gold:

  • Is 99.99% pure gold and is not mixed with impurities.
  • Characteristically soft, very hard to bend and has a deep yellow color.
  • Having a high value, it is suitable for asset hoarding and investment purposes. Gold jewelry usually does not have many beautiful designs, so it is not popular with many people.

Western gold:

  • This is gold mixed with other metal mixtures such as iron, copper, tin, zinc, nickel, silver… Depending on the mixing ratio, people are divided into many different types of western gold, typically 18k gold. , 14k gold, 10k gold or 9k gold.
  • The outstanding characteristic of Western gold is that it is hard and very malleable, easy to shape, and has a brighter color than Ta gold.
  • Only suitable for jewelry making and has a much lower cost than pure gold

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Distinguish white gold and yellow gold

  • White gold is pure white gold with a shimmering metallic luster.
  • White gold has outstanding characteristics of being flexible, hard, reflective white, good elasticity and resistant to great friction. Therefore, this type of gold is less prone to wear, deformation, breakage and has the ability to hold firmly to hold precious stones or diamonds on jewelry.
  • There are 2 types of white gold that are most popular on the market today: 14k gold (58.3%), 18k (75%).

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Which type of gold and white gold is more expensive?

White gold is made by smelting certain metals with pure gold in the right proportions to give an alloy with a white color that should be called white gold. Therefore, the percentage of pure gold in white gold is much lower than in pure gold.

Which type of gold and white gold is more expensive?
Which type of gold and white gold is more expensive?

Thus, it can be concluded that white gold is worth less than our gold or in other words, our gold is much more expensive than white gold.

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Should we buy gold to invest and hoard?

Our gold has great value, is not oxidized or worn out, and especially people consider gold as a measure of monetary value, so this type of gold is very suitable for investment and hoarding. However, when investing in this type of gold, you should not buy gold jewelry, but choose to buy gold bars and gold bars because it will not cost you money, so when you sell it, it will be less depreciated.

Where should we buy the most prestigious gold?

Currently, there are many reputable gold trading units with good exchange rates that you can refer to and choose to buy gold as follows:

  • Bao Tin Minh Chau
  • DOJI
  • PNJ
  • SJC Gold and Silver
  • Phu Quy gold and silver
  • Huy Thanh Jewelry
  • Gold Silver Ngoc Anh
  • Golden Quy Tung
  • Gold, Silver, Gems, Tan Tien
  • Gold Silver Gems Emeralds

How to preserve our Gold?

How to preserve our Gold?
How to preserve our Gold?

In order for our gold to always be beautiful and durable with time, you need to pay attention to how to properly preserve our gold as follows:

  • Keep your gold in a box, in an inconspicuous area to avoid theft.
  • Do not wear gold jewelry when exercising vigorously to avoid strong impact, causing our gold to be deformed, distorted, and lose its aesthetics.
  • Avoid letting our gold come into contact with chemicals, although our gold has very little chemical reaction, but when exposed to strong chemicals, it is also capable of damaging gold or being worn out.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and high temperatures, which cause gold to lose its luster, shine, and change color.
  • Regularly clean gold and maintain gold to make it brighter and more durable.

Some questions about our Gold that customers often ask

Some questions about our Gold that customers often ask
Some questions about our Gold that customers often ask

To help you understand more about gold, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions as follows:

Is 9999 gold our gold?

9999 gold is our gold, also known as pure gold, pure gold or 24K gold. It is also the most valuable of all golds.

Is 24k gold our gold?

24k gold is also another name for our gold and is the gold with the highest purity up to 99.99%, so it is very suitable for investment and hoarding.

Is our gold tarnished?

Not only with our gold, but when wearing any type of gold, there is the possibility of tarnishing due to sweat, body oils secreted and clinging to jewelry. However, when our gold is tarnished, it can be lightened very simply, you can take it to a jewelry store and ask a jeweler to lighten it for you.


Above are the sharing on the topic of what gold is and the information related to this type of gold, hopefully helping you to gain useful knowledge to make a successful gold investment decision. In addition, on our official website, there are many good articles on financial topics that we hope you will often visit to read.

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