The article is a summary of basic information about Platinum metal. If readers have questions What is platinum?? What are the characteristics or values ​​of platinum, let’s follow the article to better understand this rare metal.

What is Platinum?

Nice Platinum Platinum is the common name for a chemical element, with the chemical symbol Pt. The name platinum comes from the Spanish word “platina del pinto”, which means silver of the Pinto river. This is a malleable metal with an eye-catching gray-white color. Platinum is a rare transition metal and one of the rarest elements on earth with a density of about 5 parts per billion. mass in the Earth’s crust.

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What is Platinum?
What is Platinum?

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Characteristics of Platinum

  • Atomic number (number of protons in the nucleus): 78
  • Atomic symbol in the periodic table of chemical elements: Pt
  • Atomic mass (average mass of an atom): 195.1
  • Density: 21.45 g/cm3
  • Platinum’s state of matter: solid
  • Melting point of platinum: 3215.1o F (1768.4o C)
  • Boiling Point: 6917 F (3825 C)
  • Number of natural isotopes (atoms with the same element and different number of neutrons): 6. There are also 37 more artificial isotopes created in the laboratory.
  • The most common isotope today: Pt-195 (33.83% of the natural amount), Pt-194 (32.97% of the natural amount), Pt-196 (25.24% of the natural amount), Pt-196 (25.24% of the natural amount), Pt-198 (7.16% of the natural amount), PT 192 (0.78% of the natural amount), Pt-190 (0.01% of the natural amount)
Pure platinum block
Pure platinum block

Platinum does not oxidize in any thermal environment, is insoluble in acids (inertness), conducts electricity and is less susceptible to corrosion. Platinum is only soluble in some solutions of Halogen Cyanide or aqua regia.

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Applications of Platinum in life

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Currently, platinum is being applied in many fields, specifically:

  • An ingredient in some anti-cancer drugs because the likelihood of a reaction is extremely low. For example, cisplatin, a platinum-based drug, is used to treat cancer in animals. Currently, more than 50% of cancer patients are taking platinum-containing drugs.
  • Manufacturing some medical devices such as pacemakers, dentures. Because it is an inert metal that does not react with fluids, platinum is also used to make assistive devices in the human body.
  • Platinum is used as a catalyst and a few devices in laboratories and dental clinics such as thermometers, resistors, dental equipment, etc.
  • A catalyst to increase productivity for petroleum, fertilizer, plastic, etc.
  • Platinum is resistant to high temperatures, has little chemical reaction, so it is used in catalytic converters of some cars to reduce emissions into the environment.
  • Platinum is a component of permanent magnets. Magnets are used in medicine, watches, machines, etc.

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How much is the price of Platinum?

In fact, Platinum is also used in high-end jewelry. Since ancient times, rings, necklaces or bracelets made from platinum are one of the most luxurious jewelry. Because making jewelry from platinum takes much more effort and money than making jewelry from gold and silver.

So how much does platinum cost 1 gram? 1 will only be equivalent to 3.75 grams; 1 gram of platinum is equivalent to 0.27 thread. The current price of platinum is 36.54 million/tael => 1 gram of platinum will be equivalent to 263,000 dong.

Platinum wedding ring
Platinum wedding ring


Compare Platinum and Silver

  • Platinum has a glossy and brighter appearance than silver, while silver is opaque and darker.
  • Platinum is a lot more expensive than silver. It is because of this that silver jewelry is made very much in line with fashion trends, which platinum does not.
  • Silver products in jewelry stores are usually marked with the number 925 or S925.
  • Silver reacts easily in the presence of toxic gases, causing tarnishing. Meanwhile, platinum is inert and retains its luster.

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How do Platinum, Gold, and White Gold compare?

  • White gold jewelry is often engraved with the WG (White Gold) mark to distinguish it from silver and platinum
  • After a period of use, white gold is prone to yellowing due to being mixed with many different metals and the outer coating of color is gradually worn over time.
Comparison itemYellowWhite goldPlatinum
Current price1.6791,202.29874.9
Features and Featuressoft, malleable, malleable, yellow and shiningis pure gold that is mixed (with a ratio of 70-75% Gold) with some other metals to create an ivory white color and is covered with a layer of Rhodium metal after processing.High luster, very hard to be worn out and very malleable
Number of mining in 20193,300 tons180 tons
FewnessGold is a precious metal that exists in many forms in nature such as ore deposits, sediments, minerals even found in sea water. Currently, gold mining mainly focuses on ore and sediment mines. .Because it is mainly made of Gold, the rarity of White Gold is similar to pure GoldPlatinum is very rare in nature and exists mainly only in Nickel and Copper ore deposits located in South Africa (accounting for 80% of production) followed by Russia and Zimbabwe.
Main effect50% in jewelry, 40% for investment and 10% in many fields such as industry, chemistry, medicine, electronics….Mainly used in jewelry field.In addition to being an investment asset, Platinum also accounts for a large proportion in the automotive and jewelry industries. In addition, it is also an indispensable component in the automation industry, medical equipment and tools.
Acceptability of investorsPlays an important role as a form of currency to convert the common value of the world and is also a type of tangible asset that attracts investors who have the need to store their assets safely in a short period of time. inflation/crisisWhite gold is often stored by investors in the form of jewelry and can be converted into a value that is partially equivalent to the value of pure gold (depending on the content of pure gold and its additive alloys).Pure Platinum plays the same role as Gold, being both a tangible asset and a commodity that is traded around the world.
CreditialVery highMediumTall
How to invest
  • Investment Funds (ETFs)
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Futures contract
  • Share


Traditional Transactions with jewelry suppliers
  • Investment Funds (ETFs)
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Futures contract
  • Share

Meaning of Platinum Wedding Rings

Besides gold and diamonds, Platinum is also popularly used to make wedding rings. So why is Platinum used to make wedding rings?

Platinum wedding rings represent pure love

Not mixed with other metals, Platinum wedding rings are always bright and durable over the years, so Platinum jewelry is always mentioned with pure beauty and admirable sophistication.

Platinum wedding ring symbolizes eternal happiness

Because of its hard-to-corrosion properties, platinum jewelry always retains its shimmer for a long time. With this element, the Platinum wedding ring also symbolizes the long-term happiness of the couples.

Platinum wedding rings are the presence of a rare love

In terms of rarity, Platinum is many times rarer than White Gold. For the above reason, Platinum wedding rings are a bit more dominant. When the budget is abundant, the couple will definitely want to choose for themselves a more unique and valuable wedding ring.


The above article has provided some basic information about Platinum metal. Hope readers have answered the question: What is Platinum?? Besides, with some useful information on the sidelines, readers can understand more about Platinum – a rare metal. Besides providing useful financial information, also supports super-fast loan solutions for individual customers with the best interest rates.

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