What is real estate surfing investment?? Should you surf real estate at this time? And what does surfing investment experience need? These must be the questions asked when investors want to invest in real estate but want to make quick profits. To answer the above questions, please read the details in the article below!

What is real estate surfing investment?

What is real estate surfing investment?
What is real estate surfing investment?

Surfing investment in land in particular or real estate in general is roughly understood as a form of profitable investment where investors only need to spend an amount of about 15% of the real value of that real estate to temporarily hold a place. After that, when the market starts to heat up, many people are interested in the real estate products that investors are holding. And buyers will have to accept to buy back at a higher price of several tens or even hundreds of millions.

Thus, within a short period of time, investors were able to receive a large profit. If measured with bank interest rates, surfing real estate investment is highly effective and many times faster.

Should you surf real estate in 2022?

To evaluate whether or not, investors need to look at the advantages and disadvantages that this type of investment is bringing. Detail:

Should you surf real estate in 2022?
Should you surf real estate in 2022?
  • The market is diverse and rich: The real estate market has many segments for you to choose from such as land plots, apartments, …
  • Rich source of references: Currently the reference related to investment surfing from concept to investment know-how. At the same time, this is also the place for you to update the real estate market situation quickly and effectively.
  • High profits: Historically, real estate has always been considered a “golden” investment channel when it comes to high profits. And even surfing is no exception.
  • Risk of losing money: Obviously, the purpose of investing is money. But a sudden market volatility or a little inaccurate analysis can also have a big impact on your profits. So be careful with your portfolio as well as when to buy and sell.
  • Do not have many time: Once you have entered the real estate market, you cannot just schedule and check after a period of time arranged by yourself. But it completely depends on each campaign, the fluctuations of the market. Therefore, surfing investment requires you to closely monitor each transaction.


Predicting the full picture in 2022 of the real estate market

Ho Chi Minh City real estate market

What is the real estate investment experience?

Choose a reliable investor

The first thing that you need to remember is information about the investor. You should find out if the investor has a solid financial capacity, a history of well-constructed projects. What is the status of the projects? This information you can search on google or from residents around the project.

Project construction time must be stable

What is the real estate investment experience?
What is the real estate investment experience?

In general, the construction time of the project will be proportional to the time of capital appropriation of the investor. Simply put, the shorter the construction period, the more likely the market will change. Thereby can lead to many risks such as low liquidity and unnoticed projects, ..

Therefore, you should prioritize choosing real estate projects with construction time ranging from 1.5 to 3 years depending on the type of apartment.

Use financial leverage

Financial leverage is a method that any professional investor should not ignore. Especially for real estate, the financial leverage that should be used here is to extend the loan period as long as possible or the interest rate in the first year is more favorable.

Top 3 free websites you can refer to in safe real estate brokerage transactions

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The above article has compiled information related to the topic of real estate surfing investment. Hopefully the above information will help investors in finding suitable investment goals for the real estate industry.


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