Are you looking to transfer money to a distant acquaintance, send money to your children to study in the city or simply to pay for an item you just bought online? What do you usually do? Do you have to go to the bank to transfer money, transfer at an ATM or transfer via Internet Banking? Please register for the service SMS Banking Save money and time as much as possible!

So what is SMS Banking? What are the benefits of using and how to register? Please refer to the article below with to update useful knowledge!

What is SMS Banking?

SMS Banking is a service to notify banking transactions through text messages of the phone. With this method, customers can capture personal account information for a period of time, counting from the time of querying the current account balance or earlier and transaction information such as withdrawals, transfers, etc. account or change card password via SMS on mobile phone,..

What is SMS Banking?
What is SMS Banking?

The features and efficiency that SMS Banking service brings are always highly appreciated by customers. In particular, customers can use SMS Banking 24/24 at their will through the switchboard without worrying about the domination of space and time.

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What are the benefits of registering to use SMS Banking service?

SMS Banking is a widely used service because of its convenience, speed and is considered the simplest, easiest and safest form of banking transactions and card changes. Here are some great benefits that SMS Banking brings to customers:

  • Quickly update the change in your bank account by sending a notification message to your mobile phone.
  • Save time and travel costs when you have to go to the bank or ATM to make transactions.
  • Access banking information: savings interest rates, card openings, loans, ..
  • Provide information about the banking system across the country such as currency exchange rate, gold price, ..
  • Statements and full printing of recent transaction history without going to the bank.
  • Support function to search for transaction points and ATMs
  • There is SMS Banking software to support user’s message composing.
  • Ensure absolute security and safety for your account.

According to the bank’s statistics, the percentage of bank account users registering to use SMS Banking service is very high. That proves, each customer has a perception of convenience as well as effective value in the process of using the service.

With the current development of digital technology, ATM cards have gradually replaced cash in the process of making daily transactions. Just register a bank account and activate your ATM card, you can make online transactions immediately.

Distinguish between SMS banking and Mobile Banking

SMS Banking

Is an account management service provided by the bank through mobile phone messaging. By texting according to the syntax already prescribed by the bank, sent to the registered switchboard number, you have made a successful transaction.

SMS Banking
SMS Banking

Basically, SMS Banking does not help you pay bills such as paying electricity and water bills online, top up your phone via banks, etc., but only use it to access your balance and be notified of the main transaction.

Mobile Banking

Service Mobile Banking is considered an upgraded service of SMS Banking with more features. In addition to the features like in SMS Banking, in Mobile Banking you can update various information, make transfers, make payments, pay fees for services…

Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking

However, this service requires an Internet to access and a smartphone to download the application. Simply put, SMS Banking is only done via text messages, Mobile Banking is used through the application installed on the phone.

It can be said that these are two services that support each other and are extremely necessary for anyone who already owns an ATM card.

Instructions to register for SMS Banking service quickly and simply

Instructions for registering for SMS Banking service
Instructions for registering for SMS Banking service

Register for SMS Banking without a bank card

According to regulations, to register for SMS Banking service, customers are required to have a bank card account. Please bring your ID/CCCD to the appropriate bank branch to open a card account. At the same time, register to use SMS Banking service at that branch.

Register for SMS Banking when you have a bank card

For customers who already have a bank card account, you will have 4 ways to sign up for SMS Banking service. You can register online, register directly at the counter or even register at the nearest ATM.

Register for SMS Banking directly at the bank counters

To register for SMS Banking directly at the bank, you need to bring some identification documents such as ID card/CCCD and Bank Card to the nearest bank branch.

  • Step 1: Bring your ID/CCCD and Bank Card to the nearest transaction office.
  • Step 2: Make a request to register for SMS Banking service
  • Step 3: Fill in the necessary information completely and accurately according to the form provided by the bank staff.
  • Step 4: Transaction staff activate SMS Banking.

Register for SMS Banking online

To save costs and travel time, some banks will support you to register for SMS Banking online right on the official website of that bank.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the bank you want to register for SMS Banking.
  • Step 2: Select Utilities
  • Step 3: Fill in registration information. Then click “Confirm” to receive the OTP code.
  • Step 4: Enter the OTP sent to the phone number and complete the registration process.

Sign up for SMS Banking via text message

More simply, you can also register for SMS Banking service via text message, you need to compose the registration syntax prescribed by the bank and send it to the bank’s service number.

Eg: To register for Agribank’s SMS Banking service, compose a message with the syntax “SET VBA” or “VAB SMS”. [Số TK] then send to 8149.

Register for SMS Banking at the ATM

You can proceed with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the bank ATM where you have an account
  • Step 2: Insert your ATM card into the machine in the correct direction if you don’t want your card to be swallowed.
  • Step 3: Enter the PIN to log in.
  • Step 4: Click select Register Service”
  • Step 5: Continue to click to select the service SMS Banking And follow the instructions.

Also when registering for the service SMS Banking, customers only need to register once to be able to use it for a long time. If there is a change in phone number, you need to bring your ID card/CCCD to the nearest transaction office to delete the old number and register to use the new number.

Fee schedule for using SMS Banking service

Depending on each bank, you have to pay different fees when using SMS Banking service.

The usage fee is the amount that users have to pay monthly to maintain the use of SMS Banking service. This fee is paid by direct deduction from the amount in the account. In different banks, the fee for using SMS Banking is also different.

You can refer to the following fee table with before deciding to register to use the service!

Monthly feeApplicable bank
12,000 VNDMBBank
11,000 VNDSHB, Sacombank, VIB, TPBank, Vietcombank
10,000 VNDMaritime Bank, Eximbank, VPbank, ACB
9,900 VNDDong A, HDBank, NamA Bank, Techcombank
9,500 VNDAgribank
8,800 VNDBaoVietBank, BIDV, LienVietPostbank, Seabank
8,000 VNDVietinbank
7,000 VNDViet Capital Bank, SCB

In general, the service fee at banks is not too high, averaging at 8,000 VND – 10,000 VND/month.

Is money transfer by SMS Banking fast?

SMS Banking service is one of the electronic banking services that allows customers to transfer money via text messages quickly and simply. Just compose the money transfer syntax according to the form of the bank you use the service and click transfer to save customers time and effort.

Transferring money by SMS Banking only takes 10 to 15 minutes to transfer money to a beneficiary at another bank’s account, but it can take up to 3 days for the money to return to the account.

However, there are also many cases of transferring money to other banks by SMS Banking, it takes 2-3 days for the other party to receive the money, the reason is that the transfer is on holidays, the banks are not working. Or suppose on the holidays, the number of transactions is very high, it may come a little later than usual. For example, if you send on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it may also arrive a few days later than usual.

What should I pay attention to when using SMS Banking?

SMS Banking service brings customers countless great benefits, but to avoid unnecessary risks, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • Secure content of SMS Banking messages: The security of content in service messages helps you avoid being taken advantage of by bad guys through collecting banking information and OTP codes. If possible, you should record all transactions and delete SMS Banking messages after a period of time to ensure safety.
  • When looking up information to enter correctly: If you enter the wrong syntax when looking up, the bank’s switchboard will not respond to your message and it will take more time for you to make the transaction.
  • Restriction of service use after 10pm: Time frame 22:00 – 4:00, is the time frame for data conversion of the banking system. If you use the current calendar, you may not get a quick response when sending a lookup message or an unfavorable transaction.
  • How to cancel the service: If you no longer use the service, to avoid losing the maintenance fee of SMS Banking, you should cancel the service, you can send a message or go to the transaction counter to ask the staff to cancel the service.


The above article has revealed to you useful information about SMS Banking as well as its benefits and usage. Hope you can apply it well in your work!

Stay tuned Stay tuned for more interesting updates. Good luck!


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