Buying gold to hoard is a habit of many people. Buying gold will guarantee the value of the property. But choosing the right time to buy gold is also very important. And not everyone knows What day of the month should I buy gold? or What time of year should I buy gold? to get the most benefit.

To help you learn the experience of buying gold, here are: will help you learn about the best time to buy gold.

Should you buy gold at this time?

As you all know, the price of gold will change and fluctuate every day according to the economic, political, and world war situation. Any factor can directly affect the price of gold. Therefore, choosing to buy gold at the right time is very important. It directly affects the value of your property.

What day of the month should I buy Gold?

According to the advice of experts, people should not speculate, especially borrowing money to invest in gold during this period.

The reason is because the current gold price situation fluctuates erratically. Gold prices in the country and in the world are completely opposite, so the difference when converting at the bank exchange rate will also narrow. Currently, an amount of SJC gold has a price higher than the world gold price of 16.7 million dong.

Especially on March 8, the price of SJC gold bar was listed at the highest price ever at 72 million VND/tael (selling price), buying price was 20.2 million VND/tael.

Therefore, we remind investors to consider carefully before making a decision. Do not follow the crowd, leading to losses or encountering risks.

Especially do not borrow hot money to buy gold at this time.

What day of the month should I buy gold?

Choosing what day of the month to buy gold is very important, but few people pay attention. And in the opinion of many people should buy gold on the 1st of every month.

The reason for this is because gold represents the wealth and affluence of an entire family. And gold is also a valuable hedge. Therefore, according to many people, buying gold at the beginning of the month will help make a profit and the family business will be more convenient.

However, there are also opposing opinions that should not buy gold on the 1st. Because according to the concept, when buying gold at the beginning of the month, the money will be delivered to others. It means that the money at the beginning of the month has been lost, leading to bad luck for the whole month.

But according to the opinion of feng shui experts, you should buy gold on the first day of the month. Because gold is a representative of wealth and wealth, only when we have abundant conditions will we buy gold.

What time of year should I buy gold?

What day of the month should I buy Gold?
Should buy gold on the day of the god of wealth

Every year, there will be a day called the god of wealth day. And according to the concept of our forefathers so far, January 10th is the day of the God of Wealth. If anyone buys gold on this day, they will have a lot of luck and sell expensive goods.

Therefore, this is also the time when gold shops are always crowded. Because of the concept that January 10 is the best day to buy gold of the year.

Refer: Should I sell gold on the day of the god of fortune?


However, it is very important to choose which day of the month to buy gold. However, when going to buy gold, you also need to choose the right time for the gold price. It is not necessary to follow this concept and miss the opportunity to buy gold at a good price.

You should only buy gold when the price is falling and sell when the price of gold increases to get a lot of profit. You should not just buy on a good day because you bought it at a high price, then you will have to bear the blame.

Abstain from buying gold on which day?

There is no such thing as a bad day to buy gold. When buying gold, we only need to pay attention to the high or low price of gold.

However, according to many people, the 1st of every month is the beginning of a new month. On this day, it is necessary to limit trading or exchanging things related to money. Because of their concept that if on the 1st, bring money to others. That whole month they will lose their fortune and do not do well.

If you also think like that, when buying gold, you can abstain from the 1st of every month. And all days of the month can buy or sell gold.

Here is the experience What day of the month should I buy gold?. These are just some of the experiences for your reference. You can believe and follow or not.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below to be answered immediately.

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