If you are a Vietcombank customer and regularly make wire transfers, then Vietcombank money transfer limit is a factor that should be taken into account. From 15/6/0219, Vietcombank has made some changes to the transfer limit on Internet Banking through two authentication methods Smart OTP and SMS OTP.

In this article, banktop.vn will update the latest money transfer limit at Vietcombank and guide how to increase the simple Vietcombank money transfer limit.

Vietcombank money transfer methods

Before going into Vietcombank’s money transfer limit, let’s take a look at some popular money transfer methods:

  • Direct money transfer at the counter, usually applied when the transfer amount is too large or there is not enough money in your account. However, you must grasp Vietcombank working hours at each branch to actively transact.
  • Transferring money via ATM card, however, is very time consuming and inconvenient.
  • Transfer money through Vietcombank’s internet banking or mobile banking service through the application VCB Digibankthis is the most commonly used form of money transfer.
Vietcombank money transfer limit

What is the limit for transferring money from Vietcombank via internet banking and mobile banking?


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Latest updated Vietcombank money transfer limit

For customers using VCB – [email protected] service to transfer money, the money transfer limit will be different between the two authentication methods: Smart OTP and SMS OTP.

Vietcombank transfer limit with Smart OTP authentication method

Transaction typeLevel
Science and technology usuallyScience and Technology Priority
Internal transfer to the same accountUnlimited
Internal transfer to another account holder1 billion VND/day2 billion VND/day
Quick money transfer 24/7 via card number300 million VND/transaction

1 billion VND/day

300 million VND/transaction

2 billion VND/day

Quick money transfer 24/7 via account number
Regular interbank transfer1 billion VND/transaction

1 billion VND/day

2 billion VND/transaction

2 billion VND/day

Cash on counter/charity money transfer
Bill payment transactions, financial services1 billion VND/day2 billion VND/day
Transactions in the group of deposits, payment of credit card statements, payment to the state budget, payment of customs feesUnlimited

Vietcombank money transfer limit with SMS OTP authentication method

Transaction typeLevel
Internal transfer transactions within the VCB system and with the same account holderUnlimited
Internal transfer in VCB . system other account holder100 million VND/transaction

100 million VND/day

Quick money transfer 24/7 via card number50 million VND/transaction

100 million VND/day

Quick money transfer 24/7 via account number
Regular interbank transfer100 million VND/transaction

100 million VND/day

Transfer money to cash receivers at the counter/Charity money transfer
Transactions Bill payment, Financial services, State budget payment100 million VND/day
Transactions in the group Deposit, Credit card statement paymentUnlimited

Transfer limit by domestic debit card

TransactionStandard RankGold rankSpecial Class
TransferMaximum transfer amount in 1 day100 million VND100 million VND100 million VND
Maximum transfer limit/transactionUnder 100 million VNDUnder 100 million VNDUnder 100 million VND
Interbank money transfer via card
ATM channelMaximum transfer limit 01 time50,000,000 VND
Maximum transfer limit 01 day100,000,000 VND
Channel [email protected]Maximum transfer limit 01 time30,000,000 VND
Maximum transfer limit 01 day60,000,000 VND
VCB-Mobile channel [email protected]Maximum transfer limit 01 timeVND 20,000,000
Maximum transfer limit 01 day50,000,000 VND


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Vietcombank Mobile Banking money transfer limit

  • Customers transfer money on VCB-Mobile [email protected] with a limit of up to VND 50,000,000/day, unlimited number of payments.
  • The maximum limit for a transaction is VND 10,000,000 and the minimum limit for a transaction is VND 50,000.

How to increase Vietcombank money transfer limit to 1 billion, 3 billion?

Based on the above information about Vietcombank money transfer limit, we can see that the transfer limit depends on two factors that are the customer and the authentication method (Smart OTP or SMS OTP).

Then, to increase the money transfer limit we have two ways as follows.

Upgrade Vietcombank transfer level by upgrading customer class to Priority

The first way: upgrade customer class from regular customer to Priority. The question is what conditions are needed to upgrade to a Priority customer:

  • Average foreign currency and total deposit balance of 2 billion or more in the latest year.
  • Customers who belong to the debt classification group 1 and have a total outstanding balance of over 3 billion VND
  • Customers are credit card holders Each year spending from the card is over 150 million.

Just meet one of the three conditions above, you can upgrade the customer class.

Increase Vietcombank transfer limit by changing authentication method via Smart OTP

The second way is simpler: just go to the transaction counter to register to change the authentication method from SMS OTP to Smart OTP, you will be able to increase Vietcombank money transfer limit

The third way, customers can access Vietcombank Internet Banking page to increase money transfer limit according to the following steps.

Step 1: Access Vietcombank Online here

Step 2: In the menu on the right, select “Setting transfer limit”

How to increase VCB money transfer limit?

Step 3: Select your desired remittance limit in the “transfer limit” box, then enter the verification code, and click confirm. An OTP is sent to your phone number. Enter the OTP code to finish the process of increasing Vietcombank money transfer limit.

Setting up Vietcombank money transfer limit
Setting up Vietcombank money transfer limit

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Set Vietcombank money transfer limit to 1 billion, 3 billion VND

On the Digibank application, you can set the maximum transfer rates as follows:

  • 20 million
  • 50 millions
  • 300 million won
  • 500 million won
  • 1 billion
  • 3 billion
  • 10 billion won

Step 1: Log in to Vietcombank application, select Settings. Then, select Next Set money transfer limit.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2: Click on the box below Current limit, select a limit of 1,000,000,000 VND (1 billion VND) or 3,000,000,000 VND (3 billion VND)

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Click Continue.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 4: At this point, the system will ask you to authenticate. Click and select Select the authentication method.

  • If you choose SMS OTP method, Vietcombank will send an OTP code to the registered phone number message. Enter the code and click Confirm.
  • If you choose the VCB-Smart OTP method (already registered for this service), the application will automatically enter the OTP code for you. You just need to enter the OTP password.
Step 4
Step 4

Step 5: Press Confirm.

Step 5
Step 5


Is it too easy to check and increase Vietcombank money transfer limit? If you have any other questions or need Vietcombank unsecured loan You can contact us for a free consultation.


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