BIDV ATM withdrawal limit is the amount that you can withdraw the most when using an ATM card to make transactions. Each type of BIDV ATM card will have its own transaction limit. Therefore, cardholders need to remember clearly.

Each bank has its own withdrawal limit, the purpose is to manage the amount of money disbursed from the ATM. Customers are only allowed the correct amount according to the bank’s regulations, but cannot withdraw more. For those of you who are new to using it, you definitely need to know how much is the maximum withdrawal amount atm bidv. This knowledge helps people understand the features of the bank card they are using. Read the article below to find out more details!

Update BIDV ATM withdrawal limit

BIDV Bank issues many different types of ATM cards. Therefore, the withdrawal limit of each card is also different. Below, I will clearly state the maximum amount of money withdrawn by Atm BIDV at one time.

the atm bidv how much money i have
BIDV card withdrawal limit at ATMs of the same system

When withdrawing with BIDV system, the withdrawal amount will be higher. Specifically, how much money can be withdrawn by BIDV card at one time will be updated below. The minimum withdrawal amount for one withdrawal is 10,000 VND, if the withdrawal is below this limit, it cannot be traded.

Name cardLevel
Limit 1 time1 day limit
BIDV Harmony card5,000,000 VND70,000,000 VND
BIDV eTrans Card5,000,000 VND50,000,000 VND
BIDV Moving Card5,000,000 VND50,000,000 VND
BIDV Co.opmart co-branded card5,000,000 VND50,000,000 VND
Student Link Card5,000,000 VND30,000,000 VND
Visa, Master, JCB5,000,000 VNDAccording to the regulations of the issuing bank
Napas card, UnionPay, APN, LaoVietBank3,000,000 VNDAccording to the regulations of the issuing bank
Visa, Master, JCB5,000,000 VNDAccording to the regulations of the issuing bank
BIDV MasterCard Young Plus card5,000,000 VNDWithdrawal in Vietnam is 100,000,000 VND, abroad is 30,000,000 VND.
BIDV MasterCard Vietravel Debit card5,000,000 VND200,000,000 VND
BIDV MasterCard Ready5,000,000 VND200,000,000 VND
BIDV Mastercard Platinum Debit card5,000,000 VND400,000,000 VND
Transaction on POS or e-commerce5,000,000 VND30,000,000 VND.

the atm bidv how much money i have

General BIDV ATM card withdrawal limit from 3 to 400 million. This limit is considered to be temporarily acceptable compared to other banks. You can withdraw money at all BIDV’s transaction points. If you want to withdraw more money than prescribed, bring your ID card to BIDV bank. Here, the withdrawal limit will be higher than when withdrawing with an ATM card. And the transaction fee is also less.

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BIDV’s withdrawal limit is different from other banks

Withdrawing money other than BIDV ATM, the withdrawal limit will be much lower. Specifically, each day you can withdraw up to 10 times, each time 2 million VND equivalent to 10 million VND a day. Particularly for Agribank, each time BIDV card can withdraw 3 million VND.

How much is BIDV ATM card withdrawal fee?

Besides the information about how much money can be withdrawn by BIDV ATM card, you also need to pay attention to the withdrawal fee. When withdrawing money at an ATM, we will be charged a fee. But when you withdraw at ATM BIDV and other branches, the system will have to bear different fees.

  • Withdrawal fee at BIDV ATM: Free
  • Withdrawal by Visa card: Fee 20,000 VND
  • Withdraw money at other ATMs in the system: 3,300 VND/transaction
  • Check account balance: 1,650 VND
  • Print receipt: 1,650 VND

At which banks can BIDV’s ATM cards be withdrawn?

BIDV Bank is one of the largest banks today. The operating time is different, so a diversified banking system has been built. Currently the bank is linked with all other banks in Vietnam. You can move and withdraw money at BIDV ATMs and affiliated banks.

  • Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development: Agribank
  • Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam: Vietcombank
  • Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam: BIDV
  • Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank: SeAbank
  • Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank: ACB
  • Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Sacombank
  • Saigon Industrial and Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Saigonbank
  • An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank: ABbank
  • Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank: MB bank
  • Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Vietbank
  • Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Techcombank
  • National Bank: NCB
  • Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank: VPbank
  • Mekong Delta Housing Development Bank: MHB
  • Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank: KLP
  • Ho Chi Minh City Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank: HD bank
  • Global Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Bank: GP bank
  • Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank: NamA bank
  • Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank: MSB bank
  • VIB International Bank
  • Bao Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank
  • Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank: SCB bank
  • Viet Capital Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Viet Capital bank
  • Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Eximbank
  • Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade: Vietinbank
  • Vietnam Public Commercial Joint Stock Bank: PVcombank
  • Bac A Commercial Joint Stock Bank: BacA bank
  • Lienviet Post Bank: Lienvietpostbank
  • Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank: VRB
  • Dai A Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Dai A bank
  • Bao Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Bao Viet bank
  • Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank: Oceanbank
  • SHB Bank
  • Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank: TPbank
  • Shinhanvina Joint Venture Bank: SVB bank
  • Mekong Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank: MDB


BIDV ATM withdrawal limit was introduced above by Hopefully, this information has helped you better understand the transaction limit that the bank regulates.


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