In order to best serve customers in the process of using, Vietcombank always offers great incentives. At the same time, when using, you also need to understand the regulations when using the card. There is a question asked by many people Vietcombank ATM withdrawal limit. Although many people ask, but there is no definite answer for readers.

So let’s go together Find out how much is the maximum withdrawal limit of Vietcombank ATM card.

What is Vietcombank ATM withdrawal limit?

Withdrawal limit is the maximum amount you can withdraw when using Vietcombank ATM card. This limit is specified for 1 time and 1 day. If customers use Vietcombank ATM card to withdraw money, they can only withdraw money within this limit.

Each type of Vietcombank ATM card will have a different transaction limit. Therefore, when using the card, the cardholder needs to understand so that during the transaction process, there will be no errors.

Withdrawal limits of Vietcombank ATM cards

How much can Vietcombank ATM card withdraw? will be divided into many different types of cards. Below, I have clearly divided them into 3 categories. Each card type will have a different limit and withdrawal amount. You can compare it with the card you are using to know the limit.

#1 Standard Vietcombank ATM card

  • Maximum withdrawal amount 1 time: 5 million VND
  • Maximum withdrawal amount 1 day: VND 50 million
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 20 thousand VND.

#2 Vietcombank Gold Class ATM Card

  • Maximum withdrawal limit 1 time: 5 million VND
  • Maximum withdrawal limit 1 day: 75 million VND
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: 20 thousand VND

#3 Vietcombank ATM card special class

  • One-time withdrawal amount: 5 million VND
  • Maximum withdrawal amount 1 day: 100 million VND
  • Minimum amount: 20 thousand VND

The amount of withdrawal 1 day Vietcombank ATM card can be up to 100 million VND. A rather high limit compared to current banks. And the maximum withdrawal in 1 transaction is 5 million VND.

If you have a lot of withdrawal requests but do so many times, it will take time and withdrawal fees. So below, I will guide you how to withdraw money at the bank counters quickly and can withdraw over the limit.

Instructions on how to withdraw money at ATMs with Vietcombank card

When you want to use Vietcombank ATM card to withdraw money, you can go to Vietcombank ATM systems or affiliated banks to withdraw. Note that trees that are not linked to Vietcombank will not be able to be traded.

  • Step 1: Bring your Vietcombank card to ATMs near where you live.
  • Step 2: Insert the ATM card into the machine and select the language and enter the card’s PIN.
  • Step 3: At the main interface screen of the ATM, click Withdraw money.
  • Step 4: Select the amount you want to withdraw according to the given limit or you can click Other number.
  • Step 5: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select confirm.
  • Step 6: Print the invoice and wait for the ATM to pay at the tray and press finish to receive the card back.

How to withdraw money beyond the prescribed limit at Vietcombank

Step 1: Bring your ID card to Vietcombank transaction office branch.

Step 2: At the counter, please notify the staff to request a sample of the withdrawal form from the account.

Step 3: They will issue a piece of paper and ask to fill in the necessary personal information.

  • Bank branch name
  • First and last name
  • ID number
  • Bank account number
  • Phone number
  • Transaction content
  • Amount you want to withdraw
  • Signature

Step 4: Once completed, please send it back to the staff with your ID card.

Step 5: The staff confirms the requested information and compares, if it matches, the money will be issued.

Step 6: Receive funds and pay withdrawal fees.

Note that when making a withdrawal in this Vietcombank, we will incur a fee. But it only takes a single fee and the amount is not much compared to the method of withdrawing money through an ATM. Please act quickly if you want to withdraw large amounts.

Vietcombank ATM card withdrawal fee schedule

Vietcombank domestic debit card withdrawal fee

  • In Vietcombank system: 1,000 VND/transaction
  • Other systems: 3,000 VND/transaction.

Vietcombank international debit card withdrawal fee

  • In the system: Free Vietcombank Visa Platinum card, Connect 24 Visa/ Mastercard/ Cashback Plus cards charge 1,000 VND/transaction.
  • Withdrawal fee outside the system: Within Vietnam, 9,900 VND/transaction, 3.64% of the withdrawal amount outside.

Here is the updated post Vietcombank withdrawal limit Latest. When trading, you should keep this limit in mind so that you don’t encounter errors while withdrawing.

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