Is there an app to walk healthily and earn money at the same time? Toss will meet that need. Today’s article Nganhangnongthon will introduce you to the Toss application and how to hack coins to earn money walking on the Toss app. Let’s read quickly to find out What is Toss? Please!

What is App Toss?

App Toss is an application that encourages users to walk and improve fitness developed by Korea. The developer of this application wants to encourage players to participate in walking exercise to receive bonuses.

Toss is a useful application for the community through earning coins to receive real money that has encouraged players. Toss is charged by the number of steps, so you can play whenever, just move to get instant coins.

Currently, Toss has been upgraded to support users who can receive money when traveling by motorbike or car. Besides, it also integrates many more attractive features, “flattering” user interface.

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The application is very popular in Vietnam because it both helps the body stay healthy and earns pocket money. Currently, Toss has been developed with both iOS and Android operating systems. Users can download the application at any time.

Advantages of Toss earning app

With more than 20 million downloads and daily use, the Toss app has proven the great benefits it brings to users. Let’s go through the following Toss advantages:

  • Toss is a useful application with the community that encourages people to walk hard and exercise more.
  • There is a step count feature from which to give a goal of the number of steps to complete in the day to create a habit for players.
  • Maintain the habit of walking every day, improve player health.
  • Simple form of making money, improving health.
  • Have a decent income every month.
  • There are many ways to receive money, you can change coins to phone scratch cards, withdraw money to your account, e-wallets, etc.
  • Simple to use, easy to receive money.

Ways to make money from Toss . application

Toss application has many forms of making money. Some of the popular ways to make money that you may be interested in include:

Get bonus by counting walking steps

Toss’ popular form of money is still helping players receive bonuses by counting the number of steps. You just need to have a phone connected to the network and bring your phone with you, and the system will automatically count the number of steps.

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This way of making money is really suitable for those who often travel and move a lot. You just need to do the job as usual to be able to change the number of steps into money. How to convert the number of steps into money is as follows:

  • 200 steps: 10 dong.
  • 1km by bicycle, car, motorbike: 10 VND.

Although this may be quite a small number, if you work hard to travel, you will collect a good amount of money. This application was developed with the purpose of encouraging users to improve their health, so this number is still reasonable.

Get bonus by linking CIMB bank account

You can also get bonus by linking CIMB bank account with Momo wallet on Toss app. To receive the money you need to register the application and link to the CIMB bank account. After the link is successful, the user will immediately receive 10,000 VND into the Toss wallet.

Get bonus by inviting friends to walk

In addition to walking alone, the application also allows players to receive additional bonuses by inviting friends to walk together. Players can link e-wallets, bank accounts, etc. to receive bonuses by inviting friends to play with them.

Besides, the application also has the feature of referring more players to receive copper flowers. You will receive 3,000 VND/time when you invite more friends to register successfully. If you invite more friends, the bigger the reward, from 100k or more or more is possible.

Instructions for inviting friends to join the Toss app to receive additional bonuses are as follows:

  • Step 1: Install the application > Sign up for a Toss account.
  • Step 2: At the main interface of the app select “Invite friends, receive money”.
  • Step 3: Copy referral link > Invite friends to join via facebook, zalo, other social networks, etc.
  • Step 4: After your friends have successfully downloaded and registered Toss > Get 3,000 VND in your wallet.

Get bonus by joining walking group

Join the walking group you also have the opportunity to receive bonuses. This is one of the other ways to make money from Toss app. You just need to join the walking group on the app and reach the required number of steps that the goal in the group gives to be able to receive the gift. Normally, members who complete the group goal will receive a maximum of 50 gift boxes per day. In addition, when you join the group, you will have more motivation to strive for more.

Get bonus by counting steps without walking

This is an unorthodox way of playing, but if your need is not to improve health but just to make money, you can hack the number of steps on the app without walking. Specific instructions nganhangnongthon will update below.

How to use Toss app?

Instructions for installing Toss . app

How to install Toss earning app? You can refer to instructions on how to download and install Toss as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play or App Store on your phone to search “Toss Walk” to download.
  • Step 2: Wait for the application to download to your device > Open the application.
  • Step 3: Choose “Allow access to get bonus points while walking” > press “Next” and select a gmail account to complete the registration to use the application.
  • Step 4: Press “Allow” to give Toss permission to access your gender, date of birth, distance and speed data in Google Fit, and use Google Fid to view and save your physical activity data.
  • Step 5: Enter phone number > Verify account with OTP code.
  • Step 6: Log in to your account by entering your phone number, confirmation code > press “Agree” to continue using the Toss app.

Instructions for using the Toss app

As mentioned above, there are many ways for you to make money through the Toss walking app. After the installation is complete, people can do one of the following ways to make money:

  • Earn money by walking.
  • Earn money by referring friends.
  • Earn money by opening CIMB bank card.

How to hack coins to earn walking money on Toss . app

Although the Toss app is specialized for pedestrians, there are still some people who want to hack the app to get more coins to earn a little more income. Because it is not a specialized tool for making money, Toss has the ability to make money very slowly, while players want to make big money from the app.

Tips to hack coins to make money walking on the Toss app are shared by many people online, you can refer to them like: You access the Toss Walk application, turn on GPS to allow the application to access the location on the phone and move your bike, bus, or even shake your phone to create motion, fake GPS.

However, you should also be careful when using this method because now the administrator has discovered that loophole, so he has improved and enhanced the hacking feature. If unfortunately Toss discovers that you are playing dishonestly, it will proceed to lock your account, then all your efforts in the past days will be considered lost.

Questions related to the Toss . app

Is Toss money making app a scam or not?

Toss is an application developed and managed by a Fintech company in Korea. The company has a partnership with Citibank. Annually, as noted in the report, this application has more than 20 million daily users. In Vietnam, the Toss app has more than 42,000 members and many brands place ads.

Moreover, before playing the application, still clearly notify the terms and regulations of the app to users. You can read and choose to agree or not if you want. Currently, Toss has not had any complaints or reports that the application is fraudulent or transformed into a multi-level model.

The application has a clear origin and trusted by many players, so you can use it with peace of mind. If in the process of using you feel uncomfortable, or suspect that there is a strange sign, you should still actively delete the app and delete all the data of the app on your phone.

However, reading the reviews of previous players, people are still complaining that although the walk for money is real, the amount is less than they imagined. Or the withdrawal time is quite long, the app is buggy, etc.

How to withdraw money from Toss app?

After participating in the Toss application for a while, you have accumulated a good amount of money and want to withdraw it? The application supports players to withdraw money in one of the following ways:

  • Converting coins into phone scratch cards, Toss fully supports all carriers.
  • Convert coins into money into CIMB bank accounts, e-wallets, etc.
  • Redeem reward coins for discount codes of Shopee, CGV, Circle K, etc.

How much money does a player make from Toss?

The walking app to earn money is quite famous among the player community in Vietnam. Since the main purpose of the app is to practice walking habits for everyone, the amount of money earned will not be too high. The money from walking is completely real.

Everyone can calculate, 200 steps is equal to 10 VND, then 1 day up to 20,000 steps you will get 1,000 VND. If love within a month you maintain walking 20,000 steps per day will earn 30,000 VND. In case you invite more people to join, that number may be slightly higher.

So, the above article nganhangnongthon has answered you about the Toss application? What is Toss? Hopefully with this information has helped you understand more about this interesting application. Good luck to everyone reaching their daily walking goals.

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