Walking is not only good for health. With the strong development of 4.0 technology, today, you can walk and earn money at the same time Toss app. It doesn’t sound right, but don’t be afraid to take a few minutes to learn about this app.

So what is App Toss? Is it really possible to make money walking? Toss scam is it right? This article will answer your questions about App Toss, stay tuned!

What is App Toss?

Toss is a Korean application that allows users to walk and still earn money online every day. This is an application you can both improve your health and help you earn extra income.

Toss Earning Walking App
Toss Earning Walking App

Currently, the Toss app is available on Android & IOS operating systems in Vietnam and has been responded by many people. The number of downloads has reached more than 1 million people. Along with new and exciting features, this is an application that not only benefits developers but also benefits users in terms of health and economy.

Advantages of the Toss . application

When using the Toss app, you will receive a bonus of 1,000 VND for completing 10,000 steps per day. Although the amount is not much, but if you accumulate and walk every day, you can get a decent amount of money to transfer to your bank.

Can form a habit of walking every day. If you just treat walking as impromptu, temporary, it won’t last long. But if we have a tool to both walk and earn money, we can be more diligent, perform the act of walking many times, gradually forming a habit of walking every day.

Get bonus by counting walking steps

The highlight of the application is counting people’s steps when walking and accumulating reward points. In particular, those bonus points can be converted into cash to top up a phone card or can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Top up phone card with bonus

When you walk every day and accumulate a lot of bonus points, you can top up your phone card. Besides, your account has been linked with CIMB bank, you can withdraw the accumulated amount in the Toss application to your account quickly and still be assured of security.

Invite friends to walk with you to receive commissions

You introduce your friend to use the Toss app. If you refer your friend to register, both will receive 7,000 VND.

How does App Toss earn money by walking?

When you start using the Toss app, you will have to complete 10,000 steps, equivalent to 1,000 VND. Although the amount is not too large, the more accumulated, the larger the amount converted.

How does App Toss pay?

When you have accumulated a good amount of bonus you can pay by creating a CIMB Vietnam bank account and then linking with Toss, you can withdraw cash quickly.

Earn money easily from Toss . app
Earn money easily from Toss . app

You can also take the money accumulated in your Toss account to top up your phone. You just need to enter your phone number for the provider to be able to top up your phone.

In addition, you can use the points, accumulated money in the application to exchange for discount codes of CGV, Circle K, Shoppe, …

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Instructions for installing Toss . application

Currently, the Toss app is available on Android and iOS operating systems. You just need to go to CH Play for Android operating system and App Store for iOS operating system, continue to search, type Toss and download the application. Open the application, enter the information that Toss requires, so you can use the application.

The most detailed guide on how to make money from the Toss walking App

  • Step 1 : Download the application at CH Play (Android) and App Store (IOS). When the download is complete, turn on the application.
  • Step 2 : Enter your phone number and wait for the provider to send you the OTP code to be able to verify the registration information and continue to enter your Email to be able to connect to the app.
  • Step 3 : Select OK so that the application can connect to the movement, fitness activities so that it can track and count your steps.
  • Step 4 : Then click on the gift box icon to be able to receive a reward equivalent to your number of steps.
  • Step 5: Click on the use item select the bonus amount equivalent to the number of points you accumulate.

Invite your friends to join

In addition to the above utilities, the Toss app also allows you to receive rewards from inviting more friends to use the application. You do it quite simply and quickly, you just need to invite your friends to join and install successfully, you will receive a high amount of bonus from the application.

Count walking steps to earn money on App Toss

You will earn 1 VND for 20 steps, and if you walk 2000 steps you will get 200 VND. Every day, Toss will limit you to 10,000 steps, when completing 10,000 steps you will receive the corresponding amount. It may be difficult to complete 10,000 steps, but if you put in the effort, you will achieve it. You have just received a sum of money and good health.

Join a walking group

To be able to receive more incentives people can join Toss walking groups. To be able to join the group, you need to log into Facebook on the Toss app and join the available groups, or you create a group yourself and invite more new members to your group.

Joining in groups like this will bring many incentives as well as bonuses without losing any of your costs. Most importantly, you can rank and compete with everyone calculated by the number of steps.

How to count steps without walking

Now, the Tos application has been upgraded, not only counting your steps. App Toss already has a motorbike travel section, for this method you need to enable geolocation on your phone and every kilometer you will receive a certain amount of money like walking. The application has improved to be suitable for Vietnamese people a lot.

How to link CIMB bank account with Toss . app

To be able to link your CIMB bank account with the Toss app, you must first open a CIMB account. You need to prepare ID/CCCD. After registering, you will wait about 1-2 days, CIMB bank staff will contact you to confirm your account information and will open an account for you.

You can then link your CIMB bank account with the Toss app to be able to transfer money from the app to your bank account.

Amount earned from App Toss
Amount earned from App Toss

How to withdraw money from Toss . app

To be able to withdraw money in the app to your account, you need to open a Toss account | CIMB is free. If you have already opened an account, you don’t need it anymore, if you haven’t opened an account yet, just follow the steps below. You open Toss then choose to open a free account, after following the instructions you will wait for approval for about 2 to 3 days.

Withdrawal methods from App Toss
Withdrawal methods from App Toss

After you have an account, please proceed to the following countries to be able to withdraw money to your bank account:

  • Step 1 : Click on the item to use and choose to deposit money into your account.
  • Step 2 : Select the payment item and then continue to click check card number.
  • Step 3 : Enter your account PIN, you will see your own card information and select the money transfer item.
  • Step 4 : Fill in the account holder’s name, account number, beneficiary bank and enter the amount to withdraw and then click continue. Check again.
  • Step 5: Enter an additional PIN sent to your phone number. At this point, we have successfully withdrawn money from Toss to our bank account.

Information Toss scam is true ?

Currently, the Toss app is popular with many people, since then it has been caught up in rumors about fraud and multi-level because it calls for many people to register. But this is an application that has been and continues to be developed with a user count of up to 20 million people. The application is also cooperating with Cimbbank whose branch is located in Vietnam.

Walking to earn money from Toss is absolutely true
Walking to earn money from Toss is absolutely true

In addition, the payments to customers are taken from advertising money, sometimes you will see advertising messages appear. And it is also the advertising pages that appear on Toss that are the source of income for the app vs. a part of the payment will be deducted for app users.

From the information provided above, it can be determined that the Toss app is not a scam or multi-level app.

Should you make money on the Toss app?

In our opinion, it is advisable to make money on the Toss app, although it does not earn much, but if you combine walking and exercising and making money, it is also another interesting thing. So everyone should download to be able to walk and get some money.


Above is the useful information that we want to give you about what the Toss application is and the truth about the problem. Toss scam is right or wrong. Hope the article has provided you with useful information and can help you earn extra income from this application!

The article was edited by: Lamchutaichinh.vn


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