Vision and mission are two concepts that are no longer strange to each Company and Enterprise. Through the statement of vision and mission, businesses will summarize their goals and operational purposes to inform customers, partners…

So what is vision? What is the mission? What is the role? What is the difference between Vision and Mission?

All will be answered by Banktop in the content of this article.

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What is the vision?

Vision translated into English as Vision is the long-term operation goal of the Enterprise according to the timeline of 5 years, 10 years or longer. Vision is expressed through a statement with content describing the position the business wants to achieve in the future.

What is the vision?
What is the vision?

Vision is not only applicable to an entire Enterprise, but also can be applied to individual departments such as business, production, etc. Vision is a statement that replaces the question “where do we want to go” in the section. operating objectives of the Enterprise.

To create a vision statement that can speak to the business’s goals and boost employee morale, there are a few points to keep in mind:

The vision statement needs to be inspirational: express the ambition and inspire each individual in the enterprise.

– Not how toVision: a vision only states an operational goal, but does not need to explain or direct how to accomplish that goal.

Ask yourself questions to create a vision statement: can ask yourself a few questions when creating a vision statement, such as:

  • What makes your brand unique?
  • How can customers most easily describe your brand?
  • Your goal is where the business will be in the next 5 years, 10 years?

What is the mission?

Mission translated into English as Mission, is a summary of the values ​​of an enterprise or organization at the present time. Through the mission statement, the organization affirms who it serves, what it is served, and how it can serve its customers.

What is the mission?
What is the mission?

If the vision is the goal of the enterprise in the future, the mission will reflect many aspects of the enterprise in detail, including: employees, partners, products/services, customers, technology, quality …

To create the best mission statement, there are a few points to keep in mind:

– Simplicity: the mission statement should be simple, easy to understand, and clear.

– Motivation: the mission needs to ensure to motivate employees and customers to use products and services.

– PurposeMission: The mission should clearly state the overall purpose of the Enterprise.

To build a mission statement, ask yourself some questions like:

  • What needs can the business address outside of the market?
  • What needs to be done to address those needs?
  • Why do customers use products and services of their business instead of competitors?


Below is a table comparing the Vision and Mission:

What is that?Mission is HOW you get where you want. Define purpose and key objectives related to customer needs and the value of the business as a whole.Vision plans WHERE you want to go. It is the intersection between the values ​​and purpose of the business.
AnswerIt answers the question “What do we do?, what makes us different?”It answers the question “Where are we targeting?”
TimeMission talks about the present towards the future.Vision is about the future.
FunctionMission: Make a list of broad goals from which to shape the business. Its main function is introspection; to define measures of corporate success and a written mission statement for leaders, employees, and shareholders.Vision: Make a list of where you can see you in the years to come. It motivates you to work your hardest. It helps you understand why you are working here.
ChangeMission can change, but must always stay close to the core values ​​of the business, customer needs and vision.As your business grows, you may have a desire to change your vision. However, the vision or mission is set out to explain the foundation of the business. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the change of vision.
PurposeWhat are we doing now? Who do we work for? What are the benefits? In other words, Why do we do, What, For whom and Why?Where are we headed? When do you want to reach that destination? How do we want to do it?
Characteristic and effectPurpose and values ​​of the business: Who are the main customers of the business (beneficiaries)? What is the responsibility of the business to the customer?Clarify the ambiguity. Describe a bright future (hopefully); express engagement and memory; realistic, achievable desires; associated with corporate values ​​and culture.


We have clearly understood the definition, how to make a Vision and mission statement, and compared the differences between these two concepts. So what is the role of vision and mission?

The role of vision and mission
The role of vision and mission

In fact, Vision and Mission have a very important role in the operation of Enterprises and organizations, specifically as follows:

  • Vision and mission statements help businesses define their business goals, help customers better understand products and services, and inspire work for all employees.
  • Vision and Mission are like a Compass, it helps businesses and employees operate in the right direction to reach the ultimate goal. This has been verified by many large enterprises.
  • Following closely the strategies outlined in the vision and mission helps Enterprises arrange resources more effectively, creating sustainable success.
  • The mission statement provides clear guidance to help businesses operate effectively towards their goals. Besides, the vision statement ensures that every decision in the business’s operation is oriented towards the set goal.
  • Vision and mission statements create cohesion among employees and departments. Ensure that every individual in the Enterprise is working for a common goal.

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For startups, setting a new plan, a new program to plan their services, develop a vision first, as it will guide the mission and the rest of the strategic plan accordingly.

With established businesses already having a mission, often the mission guides the vision and the rest of the strategic plan for the future.


The implementation of the vision first or the mission first depends on whether the old or new enterprise has been in operation or not? If the enterprise is newly established, it is necessary to build a vision first, which will form the operating mission of the enterprise, leading the plans to help accomplish the goals set out by the vision.

If the Enterprise has operated without a vision, then the Mission will come first. At this time, the Mission will lead, help provide a vision from which to implement future plans to accomplish the goal.


Vision and Mission of Viettel

Vision and Mission of Viettel
Vision and Mission of Viettel

Vision: Become a global business technology corporation; continues to maintain its leading position in Vietnam’s No. 1 in Telecommunications & High-Tech Industry; participating in the Top 150 largest enterprises in the world by 2030.

MissionWith the mission of Creation for People, Viettel always considers each customer as a person – a separate individual who needs to be respected, cared for and listened to, understood and served separately.

The foundation for a thriving business is social. Viettel is also committed to reinvesting in society through linking production and business activities with social activities, especially programs for health care, education and support for the poor.


FPT’s vision and mission

FPT's vision and mission
FPT’s vision and mission


FPT aspires to become a new type of organization, rich and strong, with labor efforts and creativity in science, engineering and technology, satisfying customers, contributing to national prosperity, bringing each member to the world. their employees have the best conditions to develop their talents and a life full of material and spiritual abundance.


As a pioneer in FPT’s globalization, FSOFT wishes to grow up fast and strong so that in the near future on the World Intelligence map with the name of Vietnam, the name of FPT.

Vision and mission of Thien Long

Vision: Bring Thien Long products to all parts of the country and around the world.

Mission: Thien Long is committed to bringing the best quality products, stationery and services for learning, working, and creativity, contributing to conquering the peak of human knowledge.

Thien Long put a short and concise Vision sentence and the Mission part is very clear. If you go to Thien Long’s website, you will see clearly in the first page that there are 3 sections Vision, Mission and Core Values. This is my favorite professional expression.

Techcombank’s Vision and Mission

Vision: Become the best bank and leading enterprise in Vietnam


  • To be your customers’ most trusted and chosen financial partner by providing a full range of financial products and services on a customer-centric basis.
  • Create the best working environment for employees with many opportunities to develop their capacity, contribute value and create successful careers.
  • Bringing shareholders attractive, long-term benefits through the implementation of a strong rapid business development strategy in parallel with the application of strict corporate governance and risk management practices according to standards international.

Techcombank has an extremely clear vision and aims to become the number 1 bank in Vietnam. The Mission section also spells out issues, but it’s too long and too many headings.

Google’s Vision and Mission

Vision: Provides access to world information at the touch of a button

Mission: Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it useful and accessible to all.

Google makes it clear in its mission that information organization and accessibility is what they deliver. Their vision statement is about improving accessibility in the future, in just one click.

Vision and Mission of Samsung

Vision: Inspire the world. Future creation.

Mission: Inspiring the world with our innovative technologies, products and designs, enriching people’s lives and contributing to social prosperity by creating a new future.

Samsung mixes up its Vision and Mission again. Their vision is in the Mission when they articulate both the sentences “Inspire the world” and “Creat the future”.

Facebook’s Vision and Mission

Vision: People use Facebook to connect with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Mission: Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Facebook’s mission is centered around the community that promises their platform. Their vision is about why community matters, interwoven with how they will bring the world closer together.


Vision and Mission are two very important concepts in the operation of the Enterprise. Through this article, we have gained a better understanding of roles, how to create a vision and mission statement. Hope the article has brought you useful information.

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