Telecommunications technology is developing day by day. Many utility services were born to make it more convenient for people to pay fees. VnTopup Agribank is a new service that has emerged recently but has supported a lot of users.

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What is VnTopup Agribank?

VnTopup Agribank is a service that allows customers to use money from Agribank’s bank account to top up prepaid, postpaid mobile subscribers or top up games, for example.

What is VnTopup Agribank?
What is VnTopup Agribank?

VnTopup Agribank can be done via SMS or Mobile Banking. This service is quite popular because of the convenience and speed it brings.

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Functions of VnTopup Agribank service

The following are extremely convenient utilities that VnTopup Agribank brings to customers:

  • Allow to top up mobile card to prepaid subscribers.
  • Help customers pay their monthly calling bill for postpaid subscribers.
  • Help to extract money from Agribank account without withdrawing cash.
  • VnTopup Agribank allows you to freely top up regardless of time and location. Thereby, you only need a phone and a computer, with pre-installed applications such as SMS banking, mobile banking, Internet banking, etc.
  • With this service, you can be assured of almost absolute safety. Because it will eliminate the risk of fraudsters losing the phone scratch card number like when using a normal paper scratch card.
  • VnTopup Agribank service is also a means to help you pay online when shopping at supermarkets, commercial centers …
  • In addition, with this service, you can also give card codes, serial numbers to relatives, friends or recharge phones on behalf of others at any time.

What are the advantages of using VnTopup Agribank service?

This service will bring you many advantages as follows:

  • Be proactive and save time: With just a phone with network connection and fully installed necessary applications, you can transfer money, buy card codes quickly without having to spend time going to the store.
  • Peace of mind about security: VnTopup Agribank service is completely reputable. Thereby, customers can feel secure about information security, minimizing the risk of transferring money to the wrong “address” or being “stealed” by crooks like the traditional way.
  • Services provide a variety of utilities: VnTopup Agribank allows you to freely buy card codes of many different carriers on the unlimited market.

Conditions for using VnTopup Agribank service

The following is information about the conditions of use as well as the subjects of application of this type of service.

Conditions of use

Because this is a service to extract money directly from Agribank account, to use it, you need a checking account or a deposit account at Agribank. At the same time, a certain amount of money is required in the account.

Finally, you must ensure successful registration and activation VnTopup Agribank to start trading.

Subjects of application

Who fits this category?
Who fits this category?

Who can use the service VnTopup Agribank consists of:

  • Those who register for prepaid subscribers of Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile, Gmobile…
  • Those who register for postpaid subscribers of Viettel and Mobifone.
  • Those who want to buy recharge card codes from Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone, Gatecard, OnCash, Vcoin, Vinagame or Zingcard networks. This service can be used to buy phone cards or top up game cards.

How to register for VnTopup Agribank service?

After ensuring that all necessary conditions are met, you continue to register to use the service in one of two ways:

  • Register at Agribank: You go to any Agribank branch and fill out the service registration form VnTopup Agribank. When the procedure is completed, you will receive an SMS notification from the 8049 switchboard.
  • If you have registered for Mobile Banking of Agribank, you just need to text VBA Dk 3 and send 8049 to join the service.

News of successful registration from VnTopup Agribank switchboard
News of successful registration from VnTopup Agribank switchboard

Instructions to activate and change the password of VnTopup Agribank

After completing the initial registration process, you will next activate and change your password to your account VnTopup Agribank effective.

How to activate VnTopup Agribank service?

After completing the registration procedure, the switchboard side will send an SMS to notify the service activation. You need to compose OK send 8049 to agree to activate.

How to change the password of VnTopup Agribank service

The next step after activation is to change the password to ensure the security of the account. To change your password, text: OK [mật khẩu mới] send 8149. Make sure the password you create meets the following conditions:

  • Number of characters from 8 to 30.
  • The password must include both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • The new password contains no spaces or special characters.

How to use Vntopup Agribank service?

To use this service, you need to follow these instructions:

Top up using Vntopup Agribank service

Depending on each case, there are corresponding deposit syntax. Specifically:

  • To recharge yourself, you compose NAP Cash Value [mật khẩu].
  • To top up another phone number, you compose NAP Face value phone number [mật khẩu].
  • When you need to top up your account VnTopup Agribank your own, you compose NAP Code SP Password.
  • When you need to top up your account VnTopup Agribank by anyone, you compose NAP Code SP Phone Password Password.

Note: All the above recharge syntax is sent to the switchboard 8049. Besides that, SP code ie the face value of money to be converted. Please compare with the following table to choose the appropriate denomination:

SP codeDenominations
VN1010,000 won
VN2020,000 won
VN3030,000 won
VND5050,000 won
VN100100,000 won
VN200200,000 won
VND300300,000 won
VND500500,000 won

Buy prepaid mobile card code

To purchase a prepaid mobile card code from the service VnTopup Agribankyou apply the following syntax:

NAP [mã sp] [Số điện thoại] [Mật khẩu] then send to 8049

In this syntax:

  • NAP stands for the conventional notation of the service.
  • The product code corresponds to the amount on the card code you need to buy.
  • The phone number is the number you want to top up. If you recharge yourself (service registration number), then skip this section.
  • Password means the password set from the beginning after successfully activating the service VnTopup Agribank.

The following is a specific product code table:

STTcard typeProduct codeEquivalent face value (thousand VND)
firstMobifoneMB10, MB20, MB30, MB5010, 20, 30, 50
2VinaphoneVP10, VP20, VP30, VP5010, 20, 30, 50
3ViettelVT10, VT20, VT30, VT 5010, 20, 30, 50
4VcoinVC20, VC50, VC10020, 50, 100
5Vinagame/ZingcardVG20, VG60, VG12020, 60, 120
6GateCardGC20, GC50, GC90, GC20020, 50, 90, 200
7OncashOC20, OC60, OC100, OC20020, 60, 100, 200

Is there a fee to use Vntopup Agribank service?

The fee for this service will depend on the partner’s regulations. The specific fee schedule is as follows:

Fees from telecommunications units:

  • Vinaphone: Transactions are free of charge.
  • Viettel, Mobile Phone: Each SMS takes about 500 VND, collected by EVN.

Fees from the bank: The bank supports all customers with no-fee transactions.

Forgot password VNTopup Agribank what to do?

In the process of using the service, many customers will inevitably forget the transaction password. So, to be on the safe side, you can handle it in one of two ways:

  • You go directly to the nearest Agribank branch for the support staff to get the code back.
  • You call directly to the switchboard No 1900555577 to present the need to retrieve the password.

What should I pay attention to when using VnTopup Agribank service?

Using this type of service is quite simple. However, you still need to be aware of the regulated fee. Specifically, every month you will have to pay a service maintenance fee VnTopup Agribank and this fee is deducted directly into your bank account.

Specifically, normal carriers will charge 8,800 VND/month. Particularly with Viettel or Mobifone, you will have to pay an additional 500 VND/month for transactions via SMS.

In addition, before entering the deposit syntax, you also need to pay close attention to the product codes of the same equivalent denomination that have been convention.

Some common errors when using VNTopup Agribank service

Here are some common errors. You can refer to it to know how to deal with unexpected situations during service use VnTopup Agribank.

Error loading wrong product code

If you are confused about the conventional product code and enter it incorrectly, the system will report back with the following message:

“The transaction was not performed due to the wrong entry in the database. Please contact DT 1900555577 for assistance.”

This means, when you enter codes that are not in the convention, the system will report an error. From here, you can double-check and type in the correct syntax.

Account error not enough balance

If you want to trade VnTopup Agribank However, the amount in the account is not enough to perform, the system will report an error as follows:

“The transaction was not performed due to the fact that the transaction was not carried out in a single transaction. Please feel free to collect more money in the future. Contact number 1900555577”

Transaction error over limit

You can only trade with a maximum limit of 2 million in a day. If your total amount you want to transact exceeds the limit, the system will refuse to accept and return the following error message:

“The transaction was done because you have already made the payment through the internal regulation. Please stay tuned later. Compare DT 1900555577.”


Through the above article, helped you understand all the basics related to VnTopup Agribank. In addition, you can also refer to some other terms in the financial field at our homepage.


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