When it comes to choosing an international money transfer method, Western Union is always the preferred method fairy top of most people. So What is Western Union? How does Western Union Vietnam transfer and receive money?

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What is Western Union?

Western Union is an international fast money transfer service with a coverage of more than 200 countries and territories, with headquarters located in the US. Western Union is able to cover such a large area for one of the most important reasons, it is completely free to receive money.

For example, you have a family living in the US, sending you an amount of $1,000 to Vietnam. It only takes from 5 minutes to 1 hour, you can go to any bank branch to receive money, only with ID card and deposit bill information. Especially completely free.

Western Union

Even for remittance services through Internet Banking There is no charge between domestic banks, but international money transfer with Western Union service does not cost a penny. It’s a surprise, isn’t it?

What are the advantages of transferring money by Western Union service?

The biggest advantage is that it’s completely free, so what are the other advantages of paying? What is Western Union? again?

  • Present in most countries and territories, Western Union money transfer and receipt is easier than ever.
  • You do not need to have a bank account to transfer money, the procedure is quick and simple.
  • Get money super fast, on average it only takes 5 minutes for you to receive money.
  • Extremely high security, don’t think that there will be many holes.
  • Currency when transferring money via Western Union is diverse.

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Methods of money transfer by Western Union

Up to now, Western Union has 5 methods of money transfer. However, in Vietnam only one form can be used.

  • Send money through Western Union agents, usually Banks or large gold shops. This is the only form of money transfer and receipt of Western Union money in Vietnam up to this point.
  • Send money online (This method cannot be used in many countries, including Vietnam)
  • Via Western Union’s application on iOS and Android called Western Union Money Transfer
  • By phone (Can’t use this form in Vietnam yet)
  • Send money to the recipient’s account at the Bank. However, this method is different from other forms of money transfer other than normal banks. Because it is mandatory to fill in all information such as swift code, bank name in English, etc.

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Where can I get a Western Union deposit?

As mentioned above, in Vietnam, the only way to receive money is through Western Union agents, which are banks or gold shops. And not all banks are agents of Western Union. List of places receive money from Western Union in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and the following provinces:

  • Bank Agribank
  • Sacombank Bank
  • Vietcombank bank
  • CitiBank
  • Vietinbank
  • And the agent system is a gold shop with a Western Union sign
Western union money pick up location
There are a lot of places to receive money and transfer money from western union in Vietnam

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The fastest way to transfer money by Western Union

The advantage of Western Union service is that transferring and receiving money is very simple and fast. Recipients can go directly to a Western Union agent and wait for relatives, friends, and money transfer partners, then notify and withdraw money.

Transfer money via Western Union Offline

To make a Western Union deposit, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Western Union agents, fill out the deposit slip. Submit the amount you want to send and the information sheet to the employee. Remember to double check the recipient information, the correct deposit amount.
  • Step 2: The staff will perform the transaction and provide the customer with a receipt, and a 10-digit money transfer code.
  • Step 3: You provide complete information filled in the slip and money transfer code to the recipient.
  • Step 4: Recipient goes to any nearest Western Union agent to receive money sent

However, with offline money transfer, you have to go directly to the bank to make the transaction and sometimes you have difficulty because of the language barrier, so you can refer to how to transfer money via Western Union in the online way below. this.

Transfer money via Western Union Online

  • Step 1: Visit and homepage of Western Union
  • Step 2: Click on the send money item displayed at the top of the page
  • Step 3: Fill in the information fields requested by the service
  • Step 4: Click “Transfer” and complete the deposit process.

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Simple way to receive Western Union money

To receive Western Union money, customers simply need to bring their ID card and money transfer code provided by the sender to the Western Union agent shown in the deposit information slip. When you come here, you provide your ID card and fill in the required information to receive money including:

  • MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is the code to receive money received from the sender
  • Name information of depositor
  • Depositors from which countries: USA, Australia…
  • Amount sent to you
  • In some cases where test questions are used, you can fill in the correct answer.

In addition, you can also refer to some methods of receiving money sent via Western Union as follows:

  • Receive money via bank account
  • Receive online via banks that support online Western Union money receiving service such as Techcombank, VPBank..

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Look up money transfer fees via Western Union

If you want to know the transaction fee when sending money via Western Union before sending, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the link to look up the fee schedule here
  • Step 2: Select the Country to send money to in the Send to section
  • Step 3: Select the amount you want to send in the Send Amount . field
  • Step 4: Select In Store if you want to receive money at the agent
Western Union money transfer fee schedule
Western Union money transfer fee schedule

The results of service fees and foreign currency conversion will be shown in the Summary . column

How long does it take to transfer money via Western Union?

Among the current forms of international money transfer, Western Union is the form with the fastest time to transfer and receive money. Factors affecting the form of money transfer via Western Union are working hours in each country, time zone difference, regulations of each bank and country.

However, the maximum waiting time is within 24 hours from the time the remitter executes the transfer order. In many cases, it only takes a few minutes for the money to be credited to the recipient’s account.

Western Union transfer fee

Currently, Western Union is stipulating the transfer fee as follows:

From abroad to Vietnam

Fee for transferring money from abroad to Vietnam
Fee for transferring money from abroad to Vietnam

International money transfer

International money transfer
International money transfer

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With Western Union you can easily send and receive money internationally. The article helped you answer the question What is Western Union? As well as instructions on how to send and receive money with Western Union. Good luck.

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