What is white gold?? White gold is a popular type of gold used to make beautiful jewelry. Currently, there are many types of white gold on the market and are loved by many people. To better understand white gold, below we will learn what white gold is? How much is the price of white gold 1 only today.

What is white gold?

White gold Currently there are many types but the most popular are 14K white gold and 18k yellow gold. In 14k white gold there will be 58.3% pure gold metal and 18k white gold will have 75% pure gold. The rest are other mixed metals including Nickel, Paladium, Rhodium, Platinum, etc.

Mixing gold with other metals gives gold a bright white color and becomes much harder. If you compare white gold with platinum, platinum will be harder. However, white gold can still withstand a great deal of impact.

White gold has a fairly high value like other precious metals. Based on the purity of gold to decide on the value.

The reason white gold is white, not yellow like other types of gold, is because of the process of mixing and heating. Craftsmen need to mix the right proportions of metals to produce white. Basically, white gold is only different in color, but the purity remains the same and still has value.

White gold is a few CZK gold

Karat, also known as K, is a unit used to measure the purity of gold. We can easily see through names like 9k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 24k gold. Each type will have a different ratio of pure gold to rank.

What is white gold?
White gold is 14k and 18k . gold

Currently, there are two types of white gold, 14k gold and 18k gold. Currently in Vietnam we can easily find 18k gold than 14k gold. And this type is often used as jewelry instead of hoarding.

Which is more expensive in white gold and gold?

White gold is a type of gold with a pure gold ratio of 58.3% (14k) and 75% (18k). In fact, white gold is also gold, just different in purity. To calculate which type of gold is more expensive, we just need to rely on the K number to distinguish it.

For example, white gold is 14k & 18k, but compared to 24k gold, 9999 gold will certainly have a higher value. But if compared with 9k, 12k gold, white gold will be much more expensive.

Is white gold black?

During use, if you let white gold rub against the chemical environment or expose it to sweat. At this time, white gold can be discolored and turn to black, copper color. At that time, you need to go back to plating to regain the original bright white color.

Is white gold platinum?

Many people often confuse white gold with platinum. But actually these two metals are completely different. We can distinguish between white gold and platinum by the following information.

What is white gold?

CharacteristicWhite goldPlatinum
IngredientThere are 58.3% or 75% pure gold and other alloys incorporated.Contains pure Platinum.
Shopping colorivory whiteMetallic white
ReliabilityFast color fading to bronze, black after 4 months of use.No color fading over many years of use

You can refer to the article What is Platinum to better understand Platinum.

Pros and cons of white gold

To help you better understand what white gold is, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

  • The color is very nice and somewhat similar to the Silver Metallic.
  • Easy to use because many products are made except white gold.
  • Flexible and resilient, so when used, you don’t have to worry about being damaged.
  • The affordable price makes it easy to buy for wearing jewelry.
  • White gold will be plated with an additional layer of Rhodium, which reduces the durability of the gold.
  • Gold mixed with a variety of alloys makes the color prone to blackening.
  • Be careful not to expose yourself to chemicals or sweat.

How much is the price of white gold 1 just today

How much is the price of white gold 1 just usually interested by many people. The price of this gold will also change on a daily basis due to market impact. Therefore, you regularly update the gold price to know how much the white gold price is today. Below is the white gold price update on April 30, 2022

Sold outBuy into
24k white gold5,485,000 won5,405,000 won
18k . white gold4,129,000 won3,989,000 won
14k . white gold3,224,000 won3,084,000 won
10k white gold2,297,000 won2,157,000 won

Volume convention:

  • 1 is only equivalent to 3.75 grams.
  • 1 amount = 1 tree = 1 only.
  • 1 inch = 1/10 only = 0.375 grams.
  • 1 cup = 1/10 stool = 0.0375 grams.

1 white gold thread is equal to 0.27 grams

How much white gold 1 just depends on

White gold does not always hold the price, but can rise or fall according to the market due to the following factors.

  • Due to geographical location, the price of white gold will be different from other places. But the price difference is not high just a little more.
  • Each brand will have a different price depending on the product they sell.
  • The price of white gold also depends a lot on the situation of the world and domestic economic markets.
  • Influenced by the world gold price market.
  • Due to the mining output of the country has a mass reserve of gold.

Should I buy white gold or not?

What is white gold, you already understand the nature and structure of this gold. Accordingly, white gold is gold that is mixed with other metal compounds to form. White gold is often used in jewelry with many designs. You should only buy white gold if you want to use it as jewelry.

On the contrary, if you want to buy gold to accumulate, invest, do business, you should not. You should choose 24k gold with higher pure content. Because these types of gold have a high value, keep the price and are the easiest to sell.

Where is the most prestigious place to buy white gold?

Currently in Vietnam market white gold is often used as jewelry. And many shops and business brands use white gold to make products. You can go to the following reputable brands to buy.

  • Bao Tin Minh Chau.
  • PNJ gold and silver jewelry.
  • Shops of the brand Doji
  • Buy at chain stores SJC

Buy white gold and resell at a loss?

As for any precious metal like silver or diamond, the failure to sell will depend greatly on the time of sale. It also depends on the place of purchase.

For example, when you buy white gold when the price is high and you sell it at a low price, you will definitely lose. Pay special attention, now there are a number of small gold and silver shops. Taking advantage of the ignorance of the people, they sold the gold of poor quality or bought it at a very low price. So when buying and selling transactions, you should go to reputable stores to buy.

Jewelry made of white gold

White gold ring

The ring is made of white gold with a beautiful bright white color. When attached with stones, it will make the white gold ring much more prominent.

Men’s and women’s necklaces in white gold

Necklaces made of white gold are loved by both Men and Women. When the price is moderate but still exudes splendid beauty. Currently on the market there are many models that white silver chains such as microfiber chains, chain chains, etc.

White gold bracelet

What is white gold?

Bracelets crafted in white gold are more commonly used by women. While the gorgeous bright white color makes the wearer’s hands stand out. Embellishing a few flower motifs, butterflies, … with precious stones will make the bracelet more flexible and beautiful.

White gold earrings

Earrings made of white gold will shine, highlighting the wearer’s face. But note that when wearing earrings often, if you wear makeup, you will be in contact with makeup tools. Then white gold quickly changes color, so you often have to re-plating.

Here is the information about What is white gold?, what is the price of white gold. Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand white gold and helped you choose the right jewelry.

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