You are passionate about business and want to start a business with a small capital but make big profits. What should I do with 200 million?? If you don’t use them to invest in the future, they will easily lose value in a short time. You can choose between an online business or opening a store to sell products and provide services. Here are a few business ideas with high profit 200 million capital, quick payback.

What business should 200 million capital do? There are 200 million idle should do?

What should I do with 200 million?

Fashion clothing shop business

No one can deny that the fashion business is the perfect choice to start a business if you don’t know what to do with 200 million. Combining online and in-store sales will help you earn high income and continuously expand your business. Because the demand for buying and using clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. is always very high.

The capital of 200 million is not too much, so when opening a shop, you should only focus on a specific customer segment. As children’s fashion; middle age fashion; women’s fashion; Men’s fashion…

In addition to having a high aesthetic taste, to be successful with this business idea you also need to know how. As analysis of target customers; find premises; make a list of goods; sourcing goods; Planning to import…

What to do with 200 million: Small grocery store business

If you are wondering what to do with 200 million; then starting a grocery store business is a great suggestion for you. Perhaps you will not trust this investment field, afraid that 200 million capital is not enough. Ideally, you should have a business premises available; because if you have to rent a place, this cost will be relatively high.

Design a neat storefront with a focus on consumer products. Such as confectionery, instant noodles, soft drinks, dry goods and can flexibly sell vegetables, fruits, etc.

Another option for you is to sell imported consumer products from Thailand, Korea, Japan, etc. With this direction, you can also sell online on social networking sites and e-commerce platforms. death again.

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What business is 200 million: Fresh flower shop?

If you love fresh flowers and want to start getting rich in the field of flower art business. Then a small, lovely flower shop with a beautiful design will be an effective business idea with a capital of 200 million.

You need to know how to combine flowers as well as have skillful hands to create the most unique works; help create added value for the product. Just like selling food or even clothes; You can still sell fresh flowers online through social networking sites.

For those of you who focus on selling online mainly; You should invest in your own youtube channel. There, you post videos of choosing flowers, arranging flowers or sharing tips to keep flowers fresh for a long time, etc. for customers to refer to. This will help attract more customers to the store.

Have 200 million investment? Effective investment channels with 200 million?

What should I do with 200 million?

Having 200 million should do: Invest in gold

Gold is a traditional accumulation investment channel chosen by many people. Gold is highly liquid, stable in times of inflation, capable of being stored over time without worrying about devaluation. However, investing in gold will not bring great returns; and you need secure solutions to store them.

Gold investment will be a safe choice to accumulate your 200 million dong, with low profit. If you are not too adventurous, then gold is the investment channel you should refer to.

What to do with 200 million: Invest in stocks

Currently, the trend of investing in stocks increases sharply during the epidemic period; bring many opportunities to get rich for people with idle cash flow who want to invest. A relatively large capital like 200 million will open up opportunities for high profit. However, the risk that comes from this form of investment is also a matter for you to consider. Due to ups and downs or wrong perception of the market.

The profit earned from the stock will be the difference between the selling price and the dividend that the business distributes to investors. If you choose to buy a suitable stock code, there is a possibility of stable growth; then you will have the opportunity to make a profit faster.

Invest in rental real estate

It has been a long time since real estate became an effective investment channel to make money. With 200 million VND is not too big, you can start with investment in rental real estate. This investment solution is suitable in big cities; or where tourism development has a high demand for housing and accommodation.

Use the amount of 200 million to sublease a house, repair and rent it out. With the current high demand for housing, investing in rental real estate will help you quickly recover capital and be profitable. In general, real estate investment will take a lot of time; requires the ability to analyze the market, plan effectively. Of course, you can also face market risks, competition from competitors, etc.

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Things to know when using 200 million to invest in business

What should I do with 200 million?

Invest in your savings to help you generate passive income. Knowing what to do with 200 million, then you must consider how to use them effectively. The following points should be noted for good business investment results.

  • Understand your own capabilities: You must determine which areas you stand out in (online business, financial investment, real estate, …) Add relationships, platforms to make investing more convenient .
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate the market: Choosing business investment needs to meet the right trends and needs of consumers. Must analyze whether the business opportunity is sustainable and long-term? Market demand whether there is a bubble, risk and risk each sector.
  • What should 200 million do? You must first make a specific financial plan: Find out about product prices, go to the source to buy at the original price, capital, cash, advertising costs, etc. Having a specific plan helps to reduce costs. incurred costs, inflation.
  • Prepare mentally strong: Business investment has the opportunity to profit, but there is also the risk of loss from many impacts. You need to be consistent, because the first time will be difficult; but also be flexible to change; and pursue the plan to reach breakeven and profit.

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