There are 600 million in hand, if you just deposit “sleeping” in a bank account; with an interest rate of only about 6%/year and the inflation rate, sometimes you even lose the value of money. In contrast, those who know how to generate multiple sources of income from smart profitable investment deals are often very effective. So, What should I do with 600 million? What business with effective capital of 600 million? Let’s find out with right in the following article.

Business experience for beginners

When starting to practice investing, business always encounters many difficulties. Let’s refer to the following experiences to shorten the road to success!

Choose the right field of your forte

Choose the right field of your forte

If you choose the wrong field of forte to do business, you will not be able to compete in the market with other “big guys”, even quickly fail. Let’s start with your forte and experience; Analyze and evaluate the market situation and you can give the best direction for you.

In this stage, you need to be decisive in important decisions such as: Business cooperation with associates or going independently; determining business products, distribution markets or business models, etc. When you have these things, there are 600 million you should do something reasonable, you can partly imagine.

Develop your own capital

With the initial capital, you have to calculate carefully so that the financial situation is always at a safe level; which means the lowest is at breakeven. When the business gradually stabilizes, you should gradually think of reinvestment options; or expand the market to multiply the “profitability” factor for the company.

There are many ways to expand and grow existing capital sources such as: investing in adding value for existing products and services; new product development; market expansion, investment, shares with activities in related industries and fields, ….

Start with caution

Many people ask what should be done with 600 million; and draw up the prospect of starting a business that will quickly recover capital; and even get huge bargains. But wait! In comparison, nurturing and growing a business is like taking care of a tree. Must be difficult to care for sprouting plants; closely monitor to see if the plants are adapted to the soil and air environment.. Same goes for a business. Success is not in a hurry!

So, slowly but surely, don’t be ambitious, grandiose from the start; do it from a young age, while doing it, accumulate capital and experience; Doing so will minimize the risk.

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With 600 million, what should be done effectively? – Come up with creative ideas for business

With 600 million, what should be done effectively? - Come up with creative ideas for business

When entering the market, if possible, prepare yourself with the most unique and rarest product and service ideas on the market. Many people think that this is too risky when they have nothing in hand. But, success is made of challenge, creativity and perseverance. Business is the playground of creativity; and the winner owns the most unique, workable ideas.

So how to invest with the most creative 600 million? Persevere in observing and researching the market; assessment based on customer needs. An effective product is one that perfectly solves the needs of society. From there, maybe you will find great ideas for your business.

Always stay motivated and believe in yourself

Once in business, you must determine that there will be countless difficulties, challenges and failures ahead. You need to learn from people who are in the same field and have been successful; They will give you useful advice. But those are only part of the business. You and your business will have success, trust and support from customers.

What should 600 million do to bring the highest profit?

Trading in regional specialties

These are the typical delicacies of each region. When tourism started to develop like it is today, this business plan became a super-profitable “fishing rod” when asking the question of what business should be done with 600 million.

Trading in regional specialties

We read an interesting survey that; Most tourists, even though they have researched in advance, still find it difficult to determine what specialty they should buy at that time. So they choose to buy a little of each. As a result, after returning, they try it and just start to feel “craving” for the things they missed; only bought each meager and want to eat again. Understanding this need, the idea of ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ to help “diners” can travel food at home.

This business is also quite easy. You need to collect a lot of delicious dishes from famous places for guests to choose from; such as Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Hue, the Northwest provinces, etc. Thus, the richness and uniqueness – it is to enjoy the typical flavors of the regions to satisfy… “craving”.

In order for this “regional specialty project” to achieve the desired effect; You also need to have an understanding of the market, customer segments and product characteristics that you are trading.

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What should 600 million do? – Trading in handicrafts

What should 600 million do? - Trading in handicrafts

The more modern the society, the higher the tendency to return to what is natural, pure and handmade. The demand for handicraft items is exploding. Typical handicraft production activities are strongly promoted; It is clear that a series of start-up companies and projects appear more and more. Investors, business bet property, their belief in handmade products; an era in which we gradually “overpopulate” with stereotypical and one-color industrial products.

Therefore, this form promises to be a great investment business idea for those who are looking for start-up business ideas.

Trading in dried fruit

Dried fruit is also a product with its own potential market. This is really an online and offline business idea worth considering; and moreover, not even used up 600 million. Especially when you have the advantage of deploying right at the fruit and fruit granaries with available materials.

Dried fruit is both a light snack and a dish that can be used when losing weight and maintaining health. The customer base for this market is huge; from students, office workers, pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, children, etc. That’s a lucrative market. Prepare yourself a source of authentic ingredients, with your own taste; same way of conveying to specific customers. Who knows, maybe in the future you will become agricultural tycoons?

What should 600 million do? – Dairy agent business

What should 600 million do? - Dairy agent business

Unlike before, the dairy market is now very large; extend the age of use to adults to ensure nutrition, not just for children. Therefore, this is a quite fertile market if you hold 600 million.

Currently, on the market, there are many different types of milk such as Abbott, Friso Gold, Enfa A+, etc. However, Vinamilk or TH True Milk are still the names that own the broader market. These are 2 brands with diverse products and categories; help you expand suitable sales for all audiences.

Note that you should not sell other items at your store. When becoming an agent of Vinamilk or TH True Milk; With a separate agent policy, you will be able to import goods at a low price. In addition, the company also has many promotions, bonus points, product display fees, etc. regularly supports partners.

Riskier than you can do real estate business

If you have knowledge and experience in the field of real estate; you can completely invest 600 million in this channel. Compared to opening a traditional direct business store quite hard; This investment model is also difficult when you will depend on the market a lot. Ability to fluctuate by day, hour by hour; so you have to be quick to update the necessary information. The profit earned is very high, so there is also a risk you have to anticipate.

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What should 600 million do? The above suggestions are quite effective profitable tools that you should refer to. In fact, given the ability and economy you have, you have a lot more than these options. However, regardless of the choice of industry or business field; You should also learn in-depth and make a detailed plan to shorten the path to more success. Don’t “stand on this mountain looking at that mountain” or just “ride a horse and see the flowers”; Business in addition to capital, also needs to come from your own passion. Good luck on your chosen path.

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