The problem you are facing is Can’t withdraw money but still deducted money in the account? That is, you withdraw money but have not received money while the system still says that money has been deducted. In this case, how to get a refund? In order not to lose money, please refer to the article below to know how to fix it.

If the ATM screen shows that money has been deducted but not yet released. At this point we need to wait 5 minutes and pull the card out of the tree. If the tree still has no message, follow the instructions below.

Why can’t my ATM card withdraw money but my account is still deducted?

There are many different reasons that lead to the withdrawal of money but still being deducted. This happens at all ATMs, not just a single tree. The following reasons lead to Can’t withdraw money but still deducted.

the ATM can't withdraw money, but it's not worth the money

Because the system in the ATM is failing. The customer made the transaction and the money was deducted but the money was not taken out of the ATM.

The ATM system is slow to process because many customers withdraw money at the same time. Therefore, the tree will pay later than usual, you should wait about 2 minutes to see if the tree releases money. If after you leave, the ATM releases money but no one receives it after 30 seconds, the system withdraws money.

There is another case due to an error in the banking system leading to not receiving money but still reporting a message that the account has been deducted.

the ATM can't withdraw money, but it's not worth the money

In addition, there are a number of other reasons leading to the situation Can’t withdraw but still deducted.

Fix for withdrawing money but still being deducted from the account

Here I will share 2 ways to fix it In case the atm card cannot withdraw money but it is still deducted from the account. Make sure you fix and handle the situation with 100% success.

the ATM can't withdraw money, but it's not worth the money

#1 Withdraw money at ATMs with the same banking system

If you withdraw money at an ATM along with the banking system. If the ATM is near a bank transaction office, then come to perform the procedure and check for errors. In case you are not near any branch, you need to call the switchboard number of the bank you are using.

Staff will guide you to the engraving immediately. Then move to the bank you are using to complete the withdrawal procedures. The staff will give the declaration form and instructions on how to fill it out.

#2 Withdraw money at ATMs that do not have the same card system

There are 2 ways in this case

+ Method 1:

Go to the branch of the bank you are using to report the problem. The bank staff will contact your bank to make the withdrawal and check for errors. They will then verify the transaction if all the information you provided is correct then they will refund the customer.

+ Method 2:

If you know the branch that is managing the ATM that you make withdrawals. Then go straight to the branch to report this issue. At this time, the staff will guide you to fill out the form according to the form.

They will then proceed to verify the information provided is correct or not. This verification will take from 12 to 15 days. Once your transaction has been verified and the money has not been received, the bank will refund you.

Experience to avoid the case that the ATM does not release money

To avoid trouble during use. The atm withdrawal is not received, but it is still quite complicated to be deducted from the account. We may not even get our money back. The following are notes to avoid withdrawal errors but still be deducted.

  • If you make a withdrawal at an ATM but have not received the money, you will not see a deduction. To make sure the transaction has not been made, you need to query the account again.
  • Please make a withdrawal at an ATM with the same system you are using. This both means you have less fees and higher withdrawal limits. If something goes wrong, it’s easy to fix quickly.
  • When I made a withdrawal, I didn’t see the ATM release money, but the message was deducted. Stay at the tree for 5 minutes to check if the plant is slow to release.
  • Register for internet banking or sms banking utility service to know account balance and fluctuations immediately.

This article is some information to help you fix the problem Can’t withdraw money but still deducted account. In general, this is completely due to the bank’s system error. And it will add back the money to the customer after a few minutes of processing, but you do not lose money.

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