In the era of technology development, all transactions are done online through the application. Even money transfers. With just a few simple steps, you can transfer a large amount of money to the beneficiary. It is also because of its simplicity that many people are subjective leading to transferring the wrong account number. So What should I do if I transfer money to the wrong account number?? Of course every problem has a solution. Just stay calm and follow the instructions below.

What is the definition of transfer?

Bank transfer is a service provided by banks. Customers who have a bank account can deduct money from the account to transfer to the beneficiary. This operation is called a transfer.

Usually, people often transfer money via mobile banking, internet banking. Others go to the atm to transfer money. In case you want to transfer large amounts of money, you should go to the bank to do the transaction under the guidance of the staff. All banks in Vietnam and around the world provide wire transfer services.

When transferring money you need to enter the beneficiary account number. If you enter the wrong amount, the transfer will not reach the destination. If you accidentally coincide with someone else’s account. Then the money will be transferred to that person’s account. Now how to solve to get the money back?

Lots of cases Transfer wrong account number being too subjective. Leads to the transaction being unsuccessful and unable to be performed. When this happens, what should you do?

What should I do if I transfer money to the wrong account number??

When you find out you just money transfer wrong account number. You need to call the switchboard of the bank opening your account to report the incident. Please be detailed, provide the information that the employee requires. They will then guide you in detail with the next steps.

If you don’t know yet What should I do if I transfer to the wrong account number?o then please refer to the following 2 ways to fix it

What's wrong with drilling and drilling?

Usually there will be 2 cases:

  • In case the account number is not real: In case you transfer the wrong account number that doesn’t exist. The bank will check and verify. Then refund you immediately.
  • In case of transferring to someone else’s account number: In accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law. Clause 4, Article 36 of Circular 23/2010/TT-NHNN The content clearly shows that the wrong transferor has the right to get his money back. So try to negotiate with the recipient to have them transfer the money back to you. If the amount is large, and the recipient intentionally does not refund the money. Then at this time you have the right to ask for the intervention of the police and the authorities to initiate a lawsuit for the crime of intentionally appropriating property.

Can I get it back when I transfer to the wrong account number?

What should I do if I transfer money to the wrong account number?? Is it possible to get it back? This is a question asked by many customers when transferring the wrong account number. At this point, there will be two cases as follows.

  1. Send to a bogus account number: If you send to a bogus account number. Now that money will be kept on the system, you just need to go to the bank and report the transaction error. That amount will be sent back to the customer’s account.
  2. Wrongly deposited into a real account: In this case, the probability of getting it back is low. Because we will have to do a lot of procedures to get it back. You need to go to the bank for more specific instructions.

Basic errors that prevent money from reaching the beneficiary’s account

You made a wrong transfer for the following reasons. Please watch and pay attention to the experience when conducting the transfer.

What's wrong with drilling and drilling?

1. Enter the wrong recipient account number

Each person’s bank account number is unique and does not match anyone else’s. So, even if you enter the wrong number of the account number, it will prevent the money from reaching the correct recipient’s account. The account number is the most important in the whole trading process. Even the smallest error is not allowed.

2. Incorrectly entered the recipient’s bank branch

When transferring money at a bank, you must enter information about the branch that opens the account for the recipient. If you enter it incorrectly, it may cause the money to not arrive. However, it’s not too serious. Because the bank will review and then refund you. This process may take some time.

3. Wrong recipient’s name

If you transfer via online banking applications, you do not need to enter the recipient’s name. The system will automatically look up and display it for you to check. But if you transfer money via bank, you must enter the recipient’s name. Therefore, there are also some cases where the recipient’s name is incorrect. In this case, the employee will compare with the name of the beneficiary account number. If there is no match, they will report back to you for you to check and re-enter the information correctly.


So when you transfer money but enter the wrong account number, what you need to do is report back to the bank for settlement and refund as soon as possible. It’s better to double check before completing the transaction to avoid wasting time troubleshooting. Above, Bankcuatoi has guided readers What should I do if I transfer to the wrong account number?. Hope this article has been helpful to you.



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