What should I invest with 4 billion? 2022 effective profit in 2022? There are 4 billion should do? 4 billion is a large amount of money that some people have to spend their whole life saving to be able to accumulate. Therefore, do not let that cash flow increasingly lose value because of inflation. You can use 4 billion to buy a car to help improve your quality of life or invest to “make money” to help you generate profits in the future.

This article will introduce you to 6 effective investment channels with 4 billion VND according to the advantages and disadvantages of each channel that you cannot ignore.

What car should I buy with 4 billion in 2022?

Depending on your needs as well as your own plans and intentions in the future, you can consider whether to buy a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler to support your work, personal life, and family. family. If you only need to travel with a normal 2-wheeler, you can consider choosing the following models: Air Blade, Winner, Vision, SH, SH Mode, Vespa, .. two-wheeled vehicles depending on the brand. with prices ranging from 30 million to more than 100 million.

What car should I buy with 4 billion? If you have a higher demand or want to invest in a 4-wheel vehicle to serve commuting, long-distance travel, car rental, .. then with 4 billion you can choose a lot of car models with segment suitable as:

  • Audi Q7 3.0L: priced at about 3.89 billion
  • BMW X5: priced from 4,099 billion VND
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class: priced at about VND 4,369 billion
  • Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription: priced at about 3.99 billion
  • Mercedes GLC 200: priced at about 1.8 billion
  • BMW 320i: priced from 1 billion 899 million
  • BMW 520i: priced from 1 billion 999 million VND
  • Mercedes-Benz A250: priced from 1 billion 699 million
  • Mercedes-Benz C300: priced from 1 billion 889 million
What car should I buy with 4 billion?
What car should I buy with 4 billion in 2022?

There are 4 billion should do? What should you invest with 4 billion in 2022?

1. Real estate investment

What should be invested with 4 billion in 2022 to make profit year by year easily? Real estate investment is a form of long-term investment that never loses because land is finite and increases in value over time. Therefore, real estate investment will bring a huge source of income for investors.

Having 4 billion should invest in real estate
What should I invest with 4 billion? Real estate investment real estate


  • Diversifying investment products: houses, apartments, apartments, ..
  • It is a form of investment that is increasingly profitable over time
  • Solution to beat inflation – the enemy of money
  • Is a form of profitable investment that can be doubled, tripled, or 5 times


  • Being forced by brokers and storks to virtual prices
  • Buying the wrong piece of land is not the right value for the money spent
  • Being tricked into buying unprofitable plots of land

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2. Cooperate with businesses

There are 4 billion should do? Cooperating with large enterprises to invest in large-scale and central real estate with appropriate capital, great development potential, and high efficiency for investors.


  • Profitable investment in large-scale projects in the center with a moderate capital source
  • High growth and profitability


  • Often deceived, appropriated if there is no clear black and white paper contract
  • Disagreement from the beginning leads to conflict
4 billion can co-invest with businesses
What should 4 billion invest? Join investment cooperation with enterprises

3. Stock investment


  • Can track stocks and place orders anywhere with internet
  • Easy and fast transaction
  • Highly profitable, efficient


  • It is a risky investment channel with many risks
  • Stocks can go up and down abnormally, difficult to predict
  • It is imperative that investors are knowledgeable and knowledgeable
With 4 billion, what should I do with high profit? Learn and participate in the stock market
With 4 billion, what should I do with high profit? Learn and participate in stock investment

4. Invest in gold – What should you invest in 2022 with 4 billion to be safe and profitable?


  • Safe investment form has been appreciated since time immemorial
  • Gold price is always public and updated publicly
  • Always retain long-term value over time
  • Unaffected


  • Market fluctuations, supply – demand can affect the price of gold at a time
  • Keeping gold at home is sometimes not safe and there can be unnecessary risks (theft) at any time.
  • It is necessary to regularly update the gold market situation to invest in buying gold at a time when the gold price is low and selling when the gold price is high.
If you have 4 billion, you should buy gold to invest in reserve
There are 4 billion should do? Buy gold to reserve and sell when gold is profitable

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5. Bank savings account


  • High level of safety, low risk
  • Can deposit small amount up to the specified limit
  • Diverse deposit methods and terms make it easy for you to choose


  • Profitability is very low below 6% depending on the cash flow you deposit
  • Affected by the problem of inflation
How much profit do you make in a bank savings account with 4 billion dong?
What should I invest with 4 billion VND? Should I save money in a bank?

6. Nhat Nam Investment

What should you invest with 4 billion in 2022? Channel Nhat Nam investment is known as a highly profitable and effective investment channel with outstanding advantages:


  • Get great interest rates:

When investing in Nhat Nam Real Estate, you will be supported with extremely high interest rates compared to banks. Profit will be distributed every day via ATM. Investors do not need to wait after 24 months to receive their principal and interest, but can receive them gradually right after signing the contract.

  • Safe investment cooperation

Investment cooperation contracts have clear and transparent terms and regulations to help ensure the interests of investors and are protected by legal organizations.

  • Received real estate, gold or other valuable gifts

If you invest with a high package, you will receive a corresponding voucher value. On the other hand, on special occasions, when you invest, you can also receive gold or other valuable gifts.

  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time

When the investor does not want to cooperate with the company anymore, the investor can get his money back and terminate the operation without any hindrance.

Nhat Nam Investment
What should you invest with 4 billion in 2022? Joining investment cooperation with Nhat Nam


  • Not known by many investors
  • Investment packages often require strong capital, but the return is also higher

What should 4 billion invest in 2022? Is it possible to invest in many fields with 4 billion?

With 4 billion VND, you can easily invest in many areas by allocating money to invest in different channels such as:

  • Use 1 billion to invest in gold
  • 2 billion to invest in real estate
  • Bank savings 1 billion

Diversifying investment channels will help you limit unnecessary risks. Folks often have a saying “Nobody puts all their eggs in one basket”, investing is the same, don’t put all you have and bet on one investment channel because the risk can make you from a billionaire to a billionaire. become an empty-handed person at any time.

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What should I invest with 4 billion? in 2022 to create a stable and profitable income source? In this article, Vninvestment has introduced to you the most popular profitable investment channels today and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Any form of investment has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should consult and consider it carefully to make a decision that suits your plan. Good luck!


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