Do you have a passion for business but don’t know it? What to invest with 100 million co-benefits? Follow the article below to find great ideas to make money fast!

What to invest with 100 million for effective profit? Business purpose

Every business or any company at the beginning of its operation has set up a business purpose to try to achieve a specific achievement in a certain period of time.

What to invest with 100 million for effective profit?
What to invest with 100 million for effective profit?

Business goals need to be planned in detail, clearly in small stages for easy implementation and it does not exist a specific standard but it is an effort depending on the goal of each person. People.

Before you want to start a business in any field, determine your strengths and goals to choose the most suitable direction. So you can imagine the answer to the question “What to invest with 100 million to make an effective profit? What business with an initial capital of 100 million?

Let “money make money” profits increase rapidly with the business ideas that has summarized below that will help you make a choice that is compatible with yourself.

Rules that must be understood when doing business with 100 million VND

“What to invest with 100 million?” That is a question that confuses many people when owning a large amount of money in hand. The best solution for you is to think of “getting rich” with the capital that you have accumulated by converting that savings into essential investments. In addition, you need a strategy to manage spending and use this money appropriately.

According to the bloody experience that today’s successful investment experts have drawn: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This rule is aimed at avoiding unfortunate risks and you must diversify your investment portfolios (at least 2 investments).

In particular, there are two things you are sure to invest in and never lose: investment in health and investment in knowledge. After 10-20 years the return on these investments will be a result that will surprise you.

There are many different ways as well as different rules depending on financial conditions, habits and preferences of individuals, that one can choose the direction of proportional investment capital contribution such as: securities, real estate, buying gold… would like to introduce to you a rule of personal financial management that is quite popular and applied by many people. To answer the question “What to invest with 100 million to “make money”? You should apply the 50/30/20 rule of financial management.

You can apply this relatively simple method to allocate finance when you have 100 million, what should you do to maximize profit as follows:

  • 50% of the amount used for fixed expenses (space rental, cost of capital)
  • 30% of the amount is used for variable costs (delivery costs, fuel costs, etc.)
  • 20% of money used for savings (for emergencies and rotating capital when needed)

In addition, you can apply other financial management methods, as long as you know how to control the most reasonable monthly cash flow. If you have 100 million in hand but don’t know what to do to make a profit, then immediately refer to the 10 ideas below!

10+ profitable business ideas with a capital of 100 million VND

Open a fresh flower shop with extremely high profit

Fresh flowers are a timeless item especially for holidays or even weekdays, many people also use it as a way to express their feelings. If you still wonder what to invest with 100 million profit, you can try to open a fresh flower shop.

Open a fresh flower shop with extremely high profit
Open a fresh flower shop with extremely high profit

A small tip when running a flower shop with this capital of 100 million is that during the holidays, the demand for flowers from customers is high, at this time you should import flowers in large quantities to provide enough for customers. Fresh flowers imported in wholesale at the garden are quite cheap, the cost only focuses on the cost of renting space and hiring staff in the store.

On the contrary, with weekdays, you need to know the average number of visitors per day to consider entering the number of flowers just enough to sell for the day because flowers are a perishable product that cannot be stored through the day.

100 million to open a clothing store

The increasing demand for beauty has become an opportunity to enrich many people, especially young people. Grasping this mentality, open a clothing shop with a capital of 100 million.

However, the most important thing is that you need to identify the source to get the goods. With a limited financial capacity, it will also be more difficult to import goods when only a few goods are allowed to be imported, not to mention the allocation of capital to expenses such as: rental costs, receiving costs. goods, design costs, staff costs, etc.

100 million is not too large a capital, but it is not small, it is still enough for you to import a quantity of goods at a low price. Currently, we all import Chinese goods to sell, because this is a source of goods with mid-range prices but quality products.

Open spa business, nail salon

Are you wondering what to invest with 100 million? How should I invest 100 million to “make money” in this 2022? Opening a nail salon, spa business can help you get rich!

Open spa business, nail salon
Open spa business, nail salon

With a capital of 100 million, you can invest in supplies and equipment to open a nail salon. The money received in addition to the capital spent is the money to beautify the customer. Of course, what you need is to be skilled to be able to use this business model.

Open grocery store, mini supermarket

Open grocery store, mini supermarket
Open grocery store, mini supermarket

Grocery or mini supermarket will be a great business idea when you don’t know what to invest with 100 million. A grocery store, mini supermarket does not take up much space, if your business location is located right where there is convenient traffic and the products you sell are plentiful and affordable, it will be very easy to attract customers. goods to buy.

When investing, you need to calculate in detail, carefully, to avoid making silly mistakes that adversely affect the results of trading activities later.

Open a shop selling phone accessories

If you do not have a passion for trading in the above items, you can think of a potential item that is phone accessories. In the 4.0 technology era, you just need to step out onto the street to see a person using a phone, ipad, computer, etc., of all sizes and shapes. Therefore, the demand for refurbishing the phone has never decreased over time.

Open a shop selling phone accessories
Open a shop selling phone accessories

The retail price of popular phone accessories such as phone cases, tempered glass, etc. is quite low, while some other accessories such as headphones and phone chargers are priced a bit higher.

The required starting capital is estimated to be close to 100 million including the rent of the store space. Since it is an accessory business, it will not require too much space, so it can save a part of the cost of doing business.

Selling snacks with capital of 100 million VND

Why don’t you try the snack business when you have 100 million dong in hand? Let’s start your snack business career by sourcing reputable, diverse and affordable snacks at wholesale prices. In particular, you should give priority to choosing attractive, delicious and cheap snack products that are popular with young people today.

Remember that junk food has a short shelf life, so before importing, you need to pay attention to enter the right quantity and you should not import too much, there will be an inventory situation that cannot be sold to consumers. lead to capital loss.

10+ investment ideas with effective profit of 100 million

Invest to buy gold and foreign currency

In Vietnam, when asked “What to invest with 100 million?” most people would answer buy gold. Today, with 100 million, you will own about 2 gold trees.

The advantage of investing in gold is that it doesn’t need much experience, calculation, and low risk, so if there is ample money, many people will choose to invest in gold. The profitability of gold will depend heavily on time and some risk fluctuations of the world gold price or some decisions of the government.

Similar to gold, foreign currency is an effective investment choice to wait for opportunities. Foreign exchange rates are always volatile, so it is necessary to grasp the “golden” time to invest appropriately. You should only choose to invest in one of the two, so determine the opportunity accordingly!

Real estate investment with 100 million VND

Real estate investment with 100 million VND
Real estate investment with 100 million VND

Real estate is a “hot” field in the investment world in recent years. There are many successful people on the road to real estate investing. But this is an investment channel that requires a lot of capital, what do you intend to invest your 100 million in?

However, real estate investment requires a very high amount of capital, so you need to consider jyx before investing!

Investing in the stock market

Stock investment is considered a “golden egg” investment channel with 1 capital and 4 profits. If you know the right investment method, then with only 100 million dong you can also make a profit with an average annual profit of 20% – 30%, this interest rate is many times higher than deposit bank savings.

In addition, investing in stocks helps you familiarize yourself with the stock market and gain experience. Besides, this will also create a foundation for larger investment strategies in the future. This is considered a super attractive investment channel that you should not miss.

Become a shareholder with an investment capital of 100 million VND

If the trading business is too complicated, try investing in stocks and become a common shareholder. Common shareholders have the right to vote in the enterprise, receive annual dividends and can receive profits from the sale and purchase of shares.

When you become a shareholder, if your business grows, you just sit at home and receive dividends every month. However, investing in stocks also has certain risks. The profit you get depends on the business of the company. If the company is damaged, you will still have to pay the same amount as the shares you have.

Deposit profitable savings with 100 million

If you are a person who is afraid to take risks, challenges and likes to feel safe, a bank savings account is the best choice for you. This is a form of investment that is often preferred by many people because it is less risky than other forms of investment.

Deposit profitable savings with 100 million
Deposit profitable savings with 100 million

100 million is not a big investment, so depositing savings in the bank to earn interest is a safe investment tip. You deposit 100 million into the bank and deposit into the passbook account. You will receive interest within 3 months after investing 100 million. When withdrawing money, you can rest assured to receive 100% of the principal interest.

However, it should be noted that when you deposit money in the bank, be prepared that you will not earn much interest. The maximum deposit interest rate at banks is 6-7%/year. Although the return on this investment channel may not be much, it can help you save and preserve the money you have.


The above article has shared investment and business ideas when you don’t know What to invest with 100 million “money makes money” interest increased rapidly. Hopefully the above information can help you get rich with only 100 million VND. Good luck!

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