You have 20 million idle but don’t know where to invest to make a profit? You have consulted and learned a lot of investment options such as trading, buying gold, savings, securities, etc. However, you are still very confused about which field you are suitable for. Please refer to the following article so you know what to do What to invest with 20 million Please.

Criteria for choosing investment business fields

Business is the first field that anyone thinks of when they first start investing. And one thing is for sure, you will receive a lot of advice on choosing areas where you have the most advantage in terms of skills and experience.

Criteria for choosing investment business fields
Criteria for choosing investment business fields

However, in reality, such advice will not help you avoid confusion and not knowing what to do to find the field that suits you best.

Here are some criteria for you to choose the right business field:

  • Your target market is in demand.
  • Ensure that the goals set by the business are achieved.
  • Can mobilize resources of business and society.
  • Limit the risks that may affect the business.

Besides, before coming to a decision on choosing a business field, you can base it on the following evaluation bases:

Analyze and understand the business market

You should determine what market needs are and how well the product can satisfy the market. Besides, you should also learn the relevant policies and laws to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan.

Analysis of the current condition of the business

Your human resources and management level greatly influence the development of the business. Therefore, you should find excellent employees, have professional capacity as well as learn more yourself to ensure long-term development of the business.

Besides, the financial capacity of the business is also important to consider. Calculate and list out the amount of capital to invest, the source and ability to raise capital, payback period, profit and possible risks.

Analysis of existing technical and technological conditions to meet long-term operational requirements.

Analyze the ability of the business to meet the demand from the market.

In fact, today’s life has countless ways to profit from your 20 million dong. In the next section, Lamchutaichinh will suggest you the most effective and least risky investment ways.

What to invest with 20 million? 10+ most effective profitable investment suggestions

Investment is the option chosen by many people whether they like business or not. Because of the profitability and stability of this option. Here, Lamchutaichinh would like to share the top 10+ most effective investment suggestions today.

Deposit to the bank to earn interest

The simplest way to invest 20 million profit is to save at a bank. Thereby, the amount you get will be based on the savings interest rate and term.

Deposit to the bank to earn interest
Deposit to the bank to earn interest

Currently, the current deposit terms of banks are quite diverse. You can choose short term terms under 12 months or long term terms over 12 months. Besides, some banks also have savings products with terms of 90 days, 120 days and 180 days.

After you have chosen a bank you like, try to calculate how much you will receive after saving 20 million dong through the following formula:

Amount of interest = (Deposit * Savings rate * Number of days of deposit) / 360.

To understand better, you can refer to the following example:

  • If you deposit 20 million VND with a term of 9 months and an interest rate of 6%/year. That amount will be received at the end of the period, the interest you will receive is: (20,000,000 * 6% * 270) / 360 = 900,000 VND.

Invest in certificates of deposit

Certificate of deposit is a type of paper issued by a bank for the purpose of mobilizing investment capital from organizations and individuals. Therefore, they are worth the equivalent of a passbook from the bank.

Thereby, certificates of deposit are considered as a fairly safe form of investment because the capital is very flexible and can meet your needs and future plans.

Usually, this form of investment has a higher interest rate than savings from banks of the same term. Besides, you are also guaranteed a legitimate interest by the bank if you buy these certificates of deposit from them. Therefore, this is also a good option that you can consider to invest.

Invest to buy fund certificates

To make it easy to understand, investing in fund certificates is depositing money into a public fund. The fund is owned by a group of investment professionals, so the money here will be invested in securities to earn profits.

This form is very suitable if you do not have much financial investment knowledge. When you join, you will entrust this money to seasoned investors, at their discretion, to invest in assets or stocks that they feel are highly profitable. Therefore, you will not lose time to invest in the market and still make a profit. However, this form is also a “double-edged sword” and will depend a lot on the reputation of the fund management company.

Another reason it will make you attractive is that by investing in mutual funds, you will avoid short-term fluctuations or unusual risks from the market. Besides, the liquidity of these funds is very high, you can withdraw part or all of the capital at any time. Therefore, fund certificates are an option that will both bring in income and ensure your investment benefits.

Investing in gold is profitable

In another option, if you are wondering what to invest 20 million in to make a profit, buying gold is also a good idea. Currently, gold is considered a popular and safe investment channel in a volatile economy. Due to its very high liquidity, easy buying and selling, buying gold is also considered a way to combat rising inflation.

Investing in gold is profitable
Investing in gold is profitable

However, investing in gold to make a profit is not an easy task. You need to calculate to buy gold at low price and sell at high price. So gold is a long-term investment that will easily pay off, or you can view it as a savings for later. In case if you are worried that the Vietnamese currency will depreciate and inflation will rise, investing in gold is the best choice.

Trading in some products

Currently, selling online has been a business form that helps you save a lot of money. Because online products are very diverse, you can choose your favorite products to conduct business in accordance with the initial capital of 20 million VND. Here are some small suggestions:

  • Phone accessories.
  • Clothes.
  • Sportswear.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Footwear.
  • Interior.
  • Service.

However, to be able to have a successful online business, in addition to knowledge and skills, you also need to invest more capital and time to ensure business continuity and maintain certain profitability.

In addition to doing business online, you can also do business directly with a capital of only 20 million VND. Activities such as selling iced tea on the sidewalk, snacks, water bars, etc. are one of the ways that many people apply.

Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is the best way to get an “unbelievable” return in the future. Instead of focusing on trying to make a profit in the short term, you can choose to take the necessary skills and knowledge courses that are right for you and build a plan for future work development.

Invest in yourself
Invest in yourself

Most of the successful people in the world started with an investment in themselves. Thereby, you can decide for yourself the future as well as the amount of profit you will earn and do not need to depend on volatile and depreciating assets. Therefore, instead of investing in “instant” profitable projects, improving your capacity is also a profitable investment in the long term.

Notes when investing with a capital of only 20 million VND

Even with only 20 million, the desire to get rich or simply make that capital profitable is a matter of concern to anyone. For some, this is an “enticing” challenge, and for others it is a great learning opportunity.

No matter which type of person you are, Lamchutaichinh will share with you some notes when investing:

Prioritize investing in areas that you are knowledgeable about

Most investors often have the mentality of following the majority of “they do what they do” because it is rumored that the field is very profitable. However, not long after that, they will lose their money. Therefore, participating in the field of your forte will help you make accurate and safe decisions.

Have a specific plan and understand the portfolios that need to be invested

According to common sense, when you first start investing, you will often hope to get a return as soon as possible. However, not every investment segment will be profitable from the beginning. Therefore, what you need to do when you are just starting out is to make a specific and clear plan of investment portfolios. Planning is a solid starting point, the foundation for your future growth.

Minimize and strictly manage the risks you will encounter

This is inevitable in your investment process. One thing you will easily notice is that high returns come with high risks and vice versa. However, you should also not try to invest in a high-risk field because not everyone who participates in it will succeed. Therefore, if the investment plan you choose has too great a risk, you should have a very specific step-by-step plan to disperse or minimize the risks you will encounter.


After reading the above article, you have found the answer to “What to invest with 20 million?” already. Currently, cash is facing many risks of devaluation due to inflation or fluctuations from the market. So, instead of leaving that money “in storage”, you can invest to increase your income and be more active in life.

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