What to invest with 800 million VND to have the opportunity to get rich and make a huge profit? What should 800 million do? What business should there be 800 million? Besides profitable business forms, the trend in 2022 is to invest in financial channels to create an effective passive income source without losing energy like other business forms. Before diving into the financial investment channels to help get rich effectively, let’s Vninvestment immediately discover potential forms of business investment with 800 million in 2022.

What to invest with 800 million? Refer to the form of business investment

1. Bicycle rental coffee business model

After the period of social distancing due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation in 2021, the community was relaxed more and slowly began to return to daily life. By the beginning of 2022, everyone’s life has almost stabilized, cafes and food services are allowed to operate normally again and this is also a milestone marking the bicycle rental coffee model. enjoyed tremendous growth.

Bicycle rental cafe began to boom when many people chose “cycling” as a sport to promote health after a long-term isolation break at home. According to information collected from bicycle cafes: “Weekends are the time when people often choose to go to the shop to rent bicycles the most, so it seems that bicycles in the mornings from 5 Hours to 8 o’clock and afternoons from 4 o’clock to 7 o’clock were full. So, if you want to cycle on weekends, you have to schedule at least half a month.”

That proves that the HOT level of bicycle rental coffee business in Vietnam market has been well received and is on the rise. Therefore, with 800 million, what is the most effective potential business in 2022? It is impossible to ignore the 2-in-1 bicycle rental coffee business model that helps you both sell coffee and sell bicycle rental services easily and effectively.

What business should there be 800 million? Try your hand at a bicycle rental cafe
What business should there be 800 million? Try your hand at a bicycle rental cafe

2. Open a shoe cleaning shop when you don’t know if you have 800 million, so what is an effective business?

With the development of human life, people’s material needs are increasing day by day. Young people living in the modern era are increasingly passionate about using branded shoes because of their beautiful design, standard form, good materials, easy to coordinate, .. On average, 1 pair of brand shoes belongs to Adidas, Nike brands. , Vans, Converse, .. with prices ranging from 1 and a half million to less than 10 million is the average segment. The higher segments will cost over 10 million or even over 100 million with limited edition shoes from famous brands.

Psychologically, when users have spent a large amount of money to buy a pair of branded shoes, they often appreciate and preserve it more than other cheap shoes. Therefore, the cleaning service of brand shoes will help users no longer worry about dirty shoes but do not know how to wash them to keep their long form as well as not to peel the skin, affecting product quality. .

What to invest with 800 million VND? What business has the potential to be effective with 800 million? Immediately open a shoe cleaning business to provide customers with quality shoe washing and cleaning services to help collect capital quickly.

Open a shoe cleaning shop
What should I do with 800 million, what business is effective? Open a shoe cleaning shop

What investment has 800 million high returns? Get rich with financial investment models

1. Get rich with stock investment

The stock market in 2022 is considered one of the most attractive investment channels for traders thanks to its outstanding profitability with high growth. In addition to holding corporate shares, investors can also buy, sell and exchange corporate shares at any appropriate time to make a profit from the difference between the buying and selling prices.

However, investing in securities is also considered a form of risky investment with a high level of risk and requires investors to have knowledge and understanding of this field to make the most appropriate decisions in this field. case by case when the stock falls or rises in price. What to invest with 800 million VND quick and effective profit? Try now with the form of investing in stocks, shares, ..

What to invest with 800 million? Join the stock market
800 million investment what? Participating in stock market investment

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3. Long-term profitable investment in gold reserves

The gold market currently has a relatively high buying price of nearly 70 million/a gold tree and there are many unpredictable fluctuations due to the difference between the world gold price and the domestic gold price. However, if you determine that investing in gold is a long-term profitable investment and you will store gold for a long time, you can invest now.

In the future from 2 to 5 years from now, gold will definitely be able to hit the buy-in milestone of VND 100 million/tree and generate a great profit if you know the right time to invest. What should 800 million do? Join to invest in gold reserves to make rich profits!

4. Refer to P2P Lending – a form of peer-to-peer lending

P2P Lending is known as a peer-to-peer lending model on a digital technology platform where borrowers and lenders will be directly linked. Here they will conduct money lending transactions, without having to go through any credit institutions or state banks.

When you invest in peer-to-peer lending, you will have more opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio and manage risk more effectively. In addition, you will be provided with a variety of consulting services, the service provider will act as a bridge as an authorized unit to collect debt for the investor in some cases.

Invest in peer-to-peer lending
What to invest with 800 million? Find out about the form of P2P Lending investment now

5. Participating in real estate investment cooperation – An effective opportunity to get rich 2022

What should 800 million do? Participating in real estate investment cooperation is to use your idle money and cooperate with reputable businesses. They will use the money you put in to invest in real estate models, in this form you will not be the one to directly invest but still generate idle money daily, monthly, and yearly. easily and effectively. This is a form of investment that creates a passive income that you don’t need to spend time and effort on, but still makes a steady, sustainable and safe profit.

Candlestick What to invest with 800 million to have the opportunity to get rich and make a profit? Joining real estate investment cooperation with Nhat Nam to catch up with the most potential enrichment trend in 2022 because:

Nhat Nam real estate investment channel is a reputable unit in the market that helps give investors the opportunity to get rich in a variety of investment packages from several tens of millions, hundreds of millions to billions of dong. In addition, Nhat Nam also has a team of experts with thorough knowledge of the real estate field to help investors monitor the market and bring the best return for your capital.

  • Company charter capital up to 1000 billion VND
  • Fixed profit, receive money every day via ATM
  • Receive attractive incentives at Nhat Nam service chain including: restaurant, karaoke, hotel, coffee.
  • Withdraw any capital if it is no longer suitable
Join Nhat Nam real estate investment model
What to invest with 800 million? Join Nhat Nam real estate investment model


What to invest with 800 million VND To make a profit – make an effective profit? Hopefully through this article, Vninvestment has brought you useful knowledge about effective profitable investment channels in 2022 and at the same time made investment decisions that are right for you to get the most abundant profit!


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