If you own a Jaccs-branded credit card, you can advance cash from the card up to the limit granted. But you have never used this feature and don’t know Where can I withdraw money from Jaccs credit card?? How can I withdraw cash from Jaccs credit card. Let’s find out more details with Thongtinbank.com in the following article.

Can Jaccs credit card withdraw cash?

Jaccs credit card or any other credit card of any bank has the facility of lending first and repaying later. But very few customers know the convenience of withdrawing cash from credit cards. This is one of the features that helps cardholders to advance cash from their existing credit cards.

The private jaccs rut ​​money in the beginning

The withdrawal amount will fall within 80% of the credit limit granted. When withdrawing cash from a credit card, a fee and interest will be charged on the amount withdrawn. Therefore, there are many card providers who have given advice to customers. The cash out feature should not be used frequently except in urgent cases.

Where does Jaccs credit card withdraw money?

For cardholders who are using this feature for the first time, they probably won’t know Where can I withdraw money from Jaccs credit card?. But actually, this cash withdrawal is very simple, just like any other card.

To withdraw cash from Jaccs credit card, you just need to move to ATM systems with Visa and Mastercard symbols on the machine. Then proceed with the withdrawal as usual. Or you can also withdraw money through the POS machine at the bank counter.

But when using withdrawal, you should calculate carefully because the withdrawal fee schedule will be high, and the withdrawal amount will also be charged interest. Therefore, we should limit use if not in an emergency.

Instructions on how to withdraw cash from Jaccs credit card

As mentioned above, cardholders can withdraw money by going to ATM systems or at bank counters. The following are detailed instructions on these withdrawal steps.

Method 1: Withdraw money at ATMs with the words Visa/Mastercard

The private jaccs rut ​​money in the beginning

Step 1: To go to ATMs associated with Jaccs, note that you must have a Visa or Mastercard logo.

Step 2: Insert the card into the slot, select the display language and enter the Jaccs credit card PIN.

Step 3: Please select the “Withdrawal” feature corresponding to the key on the ATM.

Step 4: Select the withdrawal account as “Credit Card”.

Step 5: The ATM will display the given withdrawal limits, you can withdraw another amount by clicking the “Other number” key.

Step 6: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm, note that you must withdraw according to the limit.

Step 7: Print the invoice and receive the money then close the transaction.

Method 2: Withdraw money by POS machine at the bank

Another way is to go directly to the bank’s transaction office and withdraw cash at the counter through the POS machine. Tell the banker how much you want to withdraw and give them your credit card. At this point, you will proceed to swipe the card, you just need to enter the PIN and sign to confirm that you will receive the cash you want to withdraw immediately.

Jaccs credit card withdrawal fee should know

With any type of credit card, when withdrawing cash from the card, there will be a fee in accordance with regulations.

Withdrawal fees from JACCS credit cards are quite high. Specifically, the withdrawal fee is equal to 3% of the total withdrawal amount, the fee is at least 50,000 VND for 1 withdrawal.

Notes when withdrawing cash from Jaccs credit card

Please pay attention, because when withdrawing cash from Jaccs credit card, there will be many problems arising. If we do not know, we will incur unnecessarily high fees.

  • In addition to the withdrawal fee, you also have to pay interest on the withdrawn amount.
  • If you regularly use the cash withdrawal feature from your card, your credit score will decrease.
  • Withdrawal interest will be calculated right from the time of closing the transaction.
  • Due to the high interest rate, you need to repay it within the statement period.
  • Withdrawal must be according to the limit set by the bank.


Here is the introductory article Where can I withdraw money from Jaccs credit card?? If you need to withdraw money, you can go to any ATM system with Visa or Mastercard logos to transact or withdraw directly at the counter.

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