Nowadays, money is becoming more and more depreciated. It can be seen that material prices are getting more and more expensive, while wages have not increased much. If you only go to work for a salary without an investment plan; then your coins will gradually erode. Therefore, many people, when they have an idle amount of 50 million, will find ways to invest profitably. So I have 50 million, where should I invest? for the best profit. Let’s find out through the following article!

Why have idle money to invest?

Billionaire Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t make money while you sleep, you’ll have to work your whole life.” This is why we need to invest and definitely invest as soon as possible.

Why have idle money to invest?

Investing early will help you create a 2nd, 3rd source of income,.. solve all financial-related problems affecting your life. Giving you the comfort of being financially stable in the future.

Besides, the inflation rate is happening faster and faster. If you keep your idle money with you forever, it will soon lose its value. Investing gives you a good shield against escalating inflation. Because as the price increases, the total value of your financial assets also increases.

Therefore, from now on, learn about investment and find yourself a suitable investment channel.

Where should I invest 50 million effectively?

Investing in gold – a traditional but not outdated investment channel

What investment 50 million? Investing in gold has been chosen by many Vietnamese people from the past until now when they have idle money. This is a traditional investment channel that is easy to make and so far has never been outdated.

There are many outstanding advantages that make gold the first choice when it comes to investment. That is, gold is easy to buy, as long as you have idle money you can quickly buy gold at stores across the country. You also do not need a lot of knowledge about investment or finance, anyone from office workers, housewives, farmers, … can buy.

Investing in gold - a traditional but not outdated investment channel

Besides, according to many people’s belief, gold will become an effective shield against inflation when the economy is unstable. The evidence is conspicuous that it was only 2 years when the epidemic broke out. The price of gold has increased rapidly from 35 million dong/tael to 72 million dong/tael at the moment.

However, investing in gold also contains many risks. First, storing a lot of gold at home also poses many risks of theft and danger for your whole family. In addition, you can only invest a small amount, gold will become a burden on storage if you use a very large amount (several hundred billion) to invest. Where should I invest 50 million? At the moment, gold price has skyrocketed, buying gold at this time will be at risk of capital loss in the near future.

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Stock investment is flourishing in Vietnam

Vietnam’s stock market has flourished in recent years. Every day, thousands of new accounts are opened. This shows that investing in stocks is a channel that many people care about and choose.

Where should I invest 50 million? You can invest in stocks with many advantages like,

– Flexibility – investors can trade from anywhere by phone or computer quickly, just need an internet connection.

– Quick liquidity: easy to buy, sell and exchange on the stock exchange. After the transaction, only 2 days the money was in the account.

– It also does not require large capital, just a few million dong you can enter the market already.

Especially, the profit is very large. The market fluctuates greatly, so the profit margin is very high, attracting many people to flock in.

However, investing in stocks on the stock market also contains many risks. Due to the volatility of the market, the possibility of losing capital for newcomers is quite high. If the stock price goes up by a few dozen percent every day, it can also fall. If you hit financial leverage, the possibility of burning your account is even faster. Be careful.

Where should I invest 50 million? Investing in bank bonds is good?

Where should I invest 50 million, is the bank bond channel an effective channel? It can be seen that the bank bond channel is one of the safe investment channel most today. Because this is a bank’s capital mobilization channel. And when you own a bond, you become a creditor to the bank. Priority will be given to timely payment of interest periods. Of course, it is very unlikely that the bank will go bankrupt and cannot repay you.

Where should I invest 50 million? Investing in bank bonds is good?

The trade-off with safety is profitability or interest rates will not be too high. Specifically, bank bonds have interest rates equivalent to savings or slightly higher than 0.5%. Therefore, if you have a relatively large capital of 5 billion VND or more and want to keep your money safe, you can choose the bank bond channel. As for the investment of VND 50 million in bank bonds, it is not really effective. There are many investment channels that can bring interest rates from 20% to 30%/year.

Where should I invest 50 million? Profitable investment from investment funds

Investment funds have been very popular in developed countries for many years. However, it is still quite new in the Vietnamese market and is not known by many people. This is an investment channel that shows high efficiency and safety. Especially, for those who do not have much free time such as office workers, retirees, ..

An investment fund is considered a safe channel because it is managed by investment professionals with many years of experience. Here, they will use capital from small investors to invest in bonds, stocks, … making this money profitable over time. From there, the money you invest in will generate profits safely and stably.

Besides, the investment fund gives you many options to choose from such as: a risky investment package – high profit or a safe investment package – stable profit. With a capital of 50 million, what should I invest? You can consider the appropriate investment plan based on your capital and expectations.

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Investment fin or whether it is as effective as advertised?

Finhay is a fairly popular investment application today in Vietnam and introduced by many KOLs, which will bring good investment efficiency. Moreover, just spend from 50,000 VND, you can create an account and invest with Finhay. So, is Finhay investment as good as advertised?

Investment fin or whether it is as effective as advertised?

For those who do not have a lot of financial investment knowledge and experience, this is a pretty effective solution. Finhay offers a wide range of investment products from safe to high returns for you to choose from.

  • Hoan Kiem Turtle Package: safe investment, stable profit, only invest in bonds.
  • White Stork Package: safe investment, higher profit because of investing in bonds and part of stocks.
  • Elephant Forest: good return investment package, evenly distributed between bonds and stocks.
  • Sao La: a profitable investment package, investing in stocks and a part of bonds.
  • Water Buffalo: High-return, high-risk investment package. Most will invest in stocks.

What to invest when you have 50 million? Is foreign currency investment enough?

Is it possible to invest in foreign currency with 50 million VND? The answer is yes. Investing in foreign currencies is when you are holding the fiat currencies of other countries. By holding the currencies of developing countries. Having a lower inflation rate than Vietnam is also one of the ways to avoid devaluation and profit. However, most investors choose to speculate in foreign currencies. That is, buying when the exchange rate is low and selling when the exchange rate is high.

This is also a good return on investment. If you are someone who has a lot of time to learn and monitor the good economic situation. There will be many events that cause the price of some foreign currencies to fluctuate. Then it’s a good time to trade short term and making a difference of 10% – 15% is not too difficult. Currently, many people invest in foreign currencies through online applications and platforms. Also known as Forex trading. Learn more about the Forex investment channel by yourself.

Conclusion: Where should I invest 50 million?

Here are some effective and easy-to-apply investment plans. Hope that helped you to solve the problem: Where should I invest 50 million? If you find the plan that’s right for you, start finding out right away. And don’t forget to follow Stay up-to-date with the latest investment market news. Wish you early success!

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