Silver is not just made into jewelry or other materials. Silver is also cast into pieces and ingots for investment purposes. If you know how to invest, silver can bring extremely high returns. If you are looking for where to buy silver coins and how to invest in silver bars and ingots? Let’s find out with in the following article content.

What is silver bar?

Silver bar is a form of silver that is precisely shaped into rectangular pieces or into bars. This type of silver has a pure silver content of up to 99%. Usually silver bars are cast for the purpose of hoarding and investment, not for making jewelry.

Silver bars have many different sizes, depending on the size will have a different weight. But silver bars and ingots are usually cast with a weight of 1000g (1kg).

Where to buy silver bars?

Should buy silver bars, silver bars?

As you know, silver is a precious metal that is used a lot to make jewelry as well as industrial materials. Silver has a high value but is many times lower than gold. So we rarely see people hoarding silver for investment.

However, silver remains a highly valuable metal. And there are still people who accumulate silver for long-term investment with the aim of generating profits. However, to invest in silver, it is necessary to hoard in large quantities in the form of pieces and bars to bring economic benefits to investors.

So why should you invest in silver?

Currently, the price of gold is increasing to the highest level in recent years. Therefore, if investing in gold requires huge capital and it is also very likely that you will encounter risks when investing.

Securities: The stock market is currently up and down erratically, even some stocks have fallen deeply. Therefore, investing in the stock market is not a safe way at this time.

Bank savings, with this form of investment will be safer but the profit received is relatively low.

Real estate: Currently the market is blowing very high prices, if you invest in real estate at this time, there will be a relatively high risk of losing capital.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of silver bars?

Buying silver bars for investment will also bring many advantages, but there are also limitations you need to keep in mind.

  • The price of silver is many times cheaper than gold, so you can easily raise capital to invest.
  • Silver is a real asset that can be owned and held. So you can rest assured to invest without worrying about losing everything.
  • Profit is high, now silver price is tending to increase many times. So the arbitrage investment opportunity is huge.
  • No wear and tear, damage after a long time of preservation and maintenance.
  • Liquidity: The silver market’s demand will vary from time to time. And buyers are also less than gold buyers.
  • Insecure storage: With a large amount of silver in storage, you need to find a safe, secure, and well-kept location.

Should buy silver bars now silver bars are better

Silver bars have a lower weight than silver bars. These two types of silver differ only in size but also in the same pure content. Therefore, depending on the economic conditions and the purpose of use of each person, you can flexibly choose silver bars or silver bars.

Where is the best place to buy pure silver pieces?

If you don’t know yet where to buy silver coins reputation for high pure silver content. Here are some places where you can buy reputable silver bars and bars.

Where to buy silver bars?


SJC with full name is Saigon Jewelry Company. This company belongs to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, established in 1988 and operating until now.

SJC brand has had many years of development, currently this brand has more than 4000 stores nationwide. From there, serving the needs of all people to buy and sell gold, silver jewelry, and precious stones.

SJC has been operating for many years and is still under the management of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, this is a reputable brand with high trust. You can rest assured and buy silver bars, silver bars here without worrying about product quality.


PNJ is the leading brand of gold, silver, and gemstone trading today. PNJ’s name is no less than that of SJC. At PNJ, it develops mainly in the retail sector. But the products of this brand have a full range of different segments from high-end to affordable.

It is not too difficult for you to see PNJ’s stores anywhere. With more than 300 stores nationwide, you can choose to buy silver bars that suit your needs. In addition, PNJ also has many different types of jewelry with good products.

Silver Street

If you live in Hanoi, surely no one does not know about Hang Bac Street in Hoan Kiem. This street began to be formed in the 15th century in the Le Dynasty. And now the silver street is still standing there.

During the Nguyen Dynasty, this street began to form and sprouted jewelry trading households. And until now, this street is still active and maintains traditional goods.

At Hang Silver Street, the products are very diverse with extremely high quality workmanship. Especially, this street is famous in the field of silver casting, jewelry, money exchange.

Silver Moon Joint Stock Company

Moon Silver Store is a famous address in Ho Chi Minh City. This brand has standard silver quality. When you come here, you can buy silver products, silver bars, silver coins, silver jewelry, …

The products at Moon Silver are meticulously crafted and then undergo careful checks to ensure quality. If you are living in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can buy silver here.

Bao Tin Minh Chau

Bao Tin Minh Chau is also a well-known and long-standing brand in the gold, silver and gem industry. The BTMC brand is more well known in the Northern region.

At BTMC, there are also a variety of gold and silver jewelry and gemstone products. You can also buy silver bars, silver bars here at reasonable prices.

Experience investing in silver pieces with high profits

Knowing where to buy silver bars, but you also need to know other silver investment experiences. Here is a point you need to keep in mind.

How to choose Silver

If you want to buy silver for investment, you need to choose silver bars, silver bars. In particular, silver must have a pure content of 99%. Absolutely do not buy silver with low pure content. Because later when selling, it will lose a lot of value compared to the time of buying.

Choose a reputable buying address

You should choose reputable and famous silver brands that are trusted by many people. Do not buy at new retail stores. Because we can’t know what kind of silver they sell and what quality it is.

Choose the right time to buy

The time to buy silver is also worth noting. You should do market research before you buy. Do not buy according to the tastes of the majority, because it is likely that at the time you are planning to buy, silver price will drop dramatically. Buy silver when it’s low and sell it when it’s high.

Here is an article to share experiences so where to buy silver coins the best. And how to invest silver bars, silver bullion effectively. If you know of other reputable places to buy silver pieces, please share them below.

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