Why save energy? Which energy saving measures are effective? This is a question that everyone has to ask themselves every day and every hour. Because if one day there is no electricity, all activities will be stopped, society and people will not be able to develop as it is now.

So those of you who do not know the importance of saving electricity? Effective ways to save electricity, please follow the following article.

What is electricity?

Electricity is the energy of electric current, electricity is the source of energy for the operation of machines, equipment…in life and production. We can see electricity anywhere in this life.

  • Power from the fan.
  • Electricity from refrigerators, washing machines.
  • Electricity from computers, laptops.
  • Electricity from light bulbs….

How important is electricity?

Imagine in the hot summer sun, sometimes up to 37-40 degrees, but you don’t have electricity to turn on the air conditioner, turn on the fan? Or if there is no electricity to operate the automatic production system, how much manpower and time do you need to produce the same quantity of products?


Without electricity for all daily activities, your production activities become much more inconvenient!!!!

So why save energy?

Nothing is infinite, electricity also needs to be produced, not naturally generated, so we also need to save electricity.

Save energy to improve quality of life

The increasing demand for electricity, if not saving electricity, will lead to overload and the power plant does not meet the requirements. Power outages will often occur, greatly affecting people’s daily life as well as production and business activities. To avoid wasting electricity, limit electrical appliances that consume too much power.

Save energy to improve quality of life
Save energy to improve quality of life

Save energy to reduce living costs and protect the environment

Using electricity sensibly, saving electricity will help your family reduce the amount of monthly payment. Saving electricity not only reduces monthly costs for many households, but also minimizes the greenhouse effect, helps prevent Earth warming, and protects the environment.

Save energy to reduce living costs and protect the environment
Save energy to reduce living costs and protect the environment

Save energy to increase production and business efficiency

For manufacturing plants, saving electricity will reduce production costs, but still ensure working productivity as well as on schedule. Thereby increasing competitiveness and increasing revenue and profit.

Save energy to increase the life of electrical appliances

When the transmission power is not enough because the number of devices using electricity is too much, it is easy to affect the life of electrical appliances and you have to spend some money to buy new equipment.

The essence of energy saving

Saving electricity simply means using less electricity but still ensuring efficiency and convenience for production and family activities. Energy can be saved in both active and passive ways.

  • Active energy saving: is a way to save electricity through measuring the efficiency of electricity use and then having an effective power saving plan.
  • Passive power saving: is a way to save electricity when temporarily shutting down some power-consuming devices when no longer needed.

What are the benefits of saving electricity for the family, society and the environment?

In the past few months, electricity prices have increased sharply in most provinces across the country. Some places even doubled compared to the previous month. This increases the awareness and importance of saving electricity.

As you all know, electricity is not an inexhaustible source of energy. But this energy source is limited and the duration depends on the needs of human use. So if you use it unscientifically and waste electricity, the power plants will not provide enough. That leads to a power outage.

Why save energy?
Energy saving

When the power goes out, you won’t be able to do anything. Human life will be severely affected. Manufacturing plants, hospitals, equipment and machinery, etc. will be frozen.

Not only that, when you waste electricity, it will consume our money. And when you use electricity a lot, that means you have to pay a large amount of electricity each month. These are the reasons why Why save energy?.

5 reasons we must save energy are summarized as follows:

  • Large power consumption while the ability to supply electricity does not meet the demand causes power outages that directly affect daily life and production.
  • When using electrical appliances with a larger capacity, the more power consumption will affect the life of the electrical appliances.
  • Saving energy means you choose to reduce costs for your home
  • Saving electricity helps save natural resources
  • Protecting the environment is a common thing, and saving electricity is protecting the lives of yourself and your family.

Reference: Instructions for looking up HCM electricity bills

10+ measures to help save energy most effectively

There are many measures that you can take to save electricity. These methods mainly come from your daily power usage habits. Therefore, you just need to practice the habit of saving electricity to help protect the power source better.

Regulations on electricity usage time at the Agency

Normally, working offices and companies need to use a lot of electricity. In which they use electricity to make machines work, and use electricity to provide light for the office. In addition, electricity also helps equipment such as water purifiers, air conditioners, etc. to operate.

Therefore, the way to save electricity for the office environment is to regulate the time of using electrical equipment.

Why save energy?
Why save energy?
  • Cut off electricity at working rooms when there are no people.
  • The desk lamp on the desk should only turn on when there are people.
  • Air conditioners should be used exclusively for summer. Winter should only be turned on from 6am to 6am.
  • The computer is only used when working
  • Do not cook with electricity at work

Prioritize the use of energy-saving devices

Currently, many types of energy-saving devices such as lights are produced. Therefore, to save electricity, it is best to choose these products. Thus, monthly electricity usage will definitely decrease sharply. Some examples of ways to save electricity when using equipment include:

  • Replace old light bulbs with new ones that consume less power but still ensure enough brightness.
  • Prioritize the use of household appliances that consume less energy such as energy-saving air conditioners, energy-saving washing machines, etc.

Make a habit of turning off electrical equipment when you no longer need it

This is the most effective way to save electricity. Because this way will help reduce the amount of electricity consumed by electrical appliances. From there it helps to reduce the overall amount of electricity used. Thereby saving electricity use.

Energy saving solution
Energy saving solution

Remove unused electrical equipment

Electrical appliances that are not in use but are still plugged into electrical outlets will also consume electricity. Therefore, removing electrical equipment when not in use will help save electricity effectively. Some electrical appliances in the home should be used to save energy, such as:

  • Electric cooker
  • Fridge
  • Electric fan
  • Heaters
  • Air conditional
  • television
  • Microwave oven
  • Light bulb
  • Washing machine
  • Heater
  • Pump

Use natural light

Instead of using electricity, open all the doors to brighten the room with natural light. This will save you a huge amount of energy. Moreover, natural light also helps to brighten the atmosphere, giving you a spirit of alertness and optimism.

Use a microwave instead of an oven

You should use the microwave instead of the oven to cook daily meals (if possible). Ovens use direct heat to cook food, so food takes longer to cook. Meanwhile, the microwave oven cooks food using microwaves, so it only takes a few minutes to cook food.

Normally, the time using electricity to process dishes of the oven is about 10-45 minutes and the microwave oven is only about 3-10 minutes. Therefore, compared to ovens, microwave ovens have high efficiency and save more electricity.

Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer to suit

Properly adjusting the temperature in the refrigerator not only helps preserve food effectively, but also saves energy. The freezer compartment of the refrigerator should be set to about -18 degrees Celsius, the suitable temperature for the cooler is about 2-4 degrees Celsius. In addition, you should also pay attention not to open and close the refrigerator door continuously to make the room cold. drain, consuming power.

Switch to machine wash with cold water 3 times/week

To save electricity, you should use washing liquid with normal/cold temperature. Hot water mode is only used when absolutely necessary. In addition, you should only wash clothes by machine when the washing tub has enough clothes according to the standards for one wash.

Check the life of electrical appliances in the house

Unusual electrical appliances are the cause of energy consumption in your home. Therefore, you need to make sure all electrical appliances work stably. Any electrical appliances showing signs of flickering or damage should be repaired and replaced promptly.

Clean dust and dirt on electrical equipment

According to experts, cleaning electrical equipment will help them operate efficiently, prolong their life and save 5-15% of electricity. However, cleaning electrical equipment also needs to be done properly to avoid damaging the equipment.

For example, fans, you only need to clean the dust on the fan blades and protect the cage to make the machine run smoothly and consume less electricity. With refrigerators, especially snow freezers, if you do not defrost, the fan current must work continuously with large capacity, which consumes more power.

Use compact lights

Understanding Why save energy? will help you have a better life and think of more measures to protect your money. One of the measures to help you both save electricity, save money on buying things but also get many benefits is to use Compact lights.

Compact lamp is a type of light bulb with low power consumption but still ensures light for everyone. Not only that, this type of light bulb also has a longer life than large-capacity bulbs. Therefore, using Compact lamps will bring many benefits to you and especially help you save a lot of electricity.

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Why save energy? Which energy saving measures are effective? Hopefully, through the above article, you know what you need to do to use electricity most efficiently. At the same time, you don’t have to wonder What are the benefits of saving electricity for the family, society and the environment?

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