What should I invest with 20 billion? help “money to make money” rich? Having 20 billion in hand is a huge amount of money that you can receive from family inheritance, insurance money, money saved after nearly ten years of hard work, accumulation, .. What to invest with 20 billion is effective and brings great profit in 2022? Let’s find out together!

1. Having 20 billion should invest wisely? Invest in gold reserves

Gold is also a finite precious metal with high value, so since ancient times, people often consider buying gold as a globally recognized form of investment accumulation and asset storage. Investing in gold in the olden days was more traditional, meaning that when the gold price increased (with profit), the buyer would sell it and receive a profit that was different from the buying and selling price.

However, we are living in an increasingly developed and advanced era, gold investors have more diversified forms of trading, creating more effective profits. What should I do with 20 billion, safe investment? Buying gold reserves is a profitable long-term investment method that is both effective and guaranteed to limit risks and bring high returns.

Invest in gold reserves if you don't know what to do with 20 billion
Invest in gold reserves if you don’t know what to do with 20 billion

2. Invest in all types of real estate

Real estate investing is a long-term profitable investment that is guaranteed to grow in value over time. Real estate is a large and diverse array of extremely potential investment types and abundant with effective profit potential. Popular types of real estate investment in the market today are: land, townhouse frontage, apartment investment, townhouse villa, private house, apartment, project land, resort villa , condotel, officetel, factory. cemetery garden, shophouse,…

But first of all, in order to successfully invest in real estate, in addition to the fact that the investor must have a huge amount of money, it also requires the buyer to update their knowledge of the housing market, master the mandatory elements in the real estate market. Real estate transactions such as real estate records, red books, clear contracts and papers of all parties, .. to avoid profiteering and appropriation of property by fraudulent land sellers.

What to invest with 20 billion? Real estate investment helps "money produces effective money"
What to invest with 20 billion? Real estate investment helps “money to make money effectively”

Having 20 billion to invest in what effectively helps “money to make money” rich? Invest immediately in the real estate market, real estate projects to immediately grasp the most potential and effective enrichment opportunities in 2022.

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3. Bank savings if you don’t know 20 What should billions invest?

Having 20 billion in hand, what should I do? Saving in a bank is the most popular safe and effective form of investment today. Because the interest rate is quite low, only 6-8% depending on the bank, with 20 billion, you can combine savings with 10 billion for a term of 6 months or 1 year for cash flow to proliferate, the remaining 10 billion for you. You can refer to other forms of investment such as investing in gold, investing in securities, or opening shops dealing in services and products that you consider to be potential for better cash flow.

This way of investing is called portfolio diversification as well as cash flow allocation to create the best profit, limit risk most effectively without missing out on other investment channels.

Deposit at the bank to receive monthly interest
What should 20 billion do? Deposit at the bank to receive monthly interest

4. Invest in potential startups

What should I invest with 20 billion? Investing in start-up companies is one of the most profitable forms of investment, if anyone often watches the program Shark Tank, it is no stranger to the form of calling for investment capital from companies. startup. This form of investment is quite similar, you play the role of sharks and go find yourself startups that you consider to be potential, thrive in the future and pour investment capital to help this business. capital can be used for better development.

The difference is that you do not have as much experience as the Sharks to support and develop the business, so you will not receive a % share like in the Shark Tank program, but instead you will receive a % of the profit. profit from the time the capital is poured into the investment or in some other form depending on the requirements of the contract of each company.

What to invest with 20 billion? Invest in potential startups
What to invest with 20 billion? Invest in potential startups

5. Invest in opening a self-owned business

Having 20 billion in hand, what should I do to make a profit? Starting a business and being self-employed is one of the most popular forms of business investment today. With 20 billion, you can easily set up a startup or a large, modern, monumental business store on a large scale.

Mandarin It is important that when determining to establish a company, you need to have a passion for doing business with the field you are pursuing, besides that you must ensure that you are responsible to the state through paying personal income tax, full business,..

To be a boss with a heart, a vision, and to be respected by employees, you must have a lot of knowledge, orient what you do and what you will do in the future to develop the company and business. Starting a company on your own and being self-employed is very difficult, so to be successful requires you to be really passionate and believe in yourself, the experience you have.

Set up a self-employed business
What should I invest with 20 billion? Set up a self-employed business

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6. Investment cooperation with Nhat Nam

Having 20 billion to invest wisely to create an extremely effective passive income source without losing effort? Investment cooperation in Nhat Nam will help bring you huge profits when the money you contribute will be invested by real estate experts in Nhat Nam on your behalf. What you have is to receive the amount of interest on the ATM every month.

Nhat Nam investment cooperation

If you are still worried, you can join the small investment packages first, but with 20 billion dong, you can officially become a shareholder of Nhat Nam and effectively receive “billion-dollar” profits in your pocket. . You can feel secure when investing in Nhat Nam because:

  • Company charter capital up to 1000 billion VND
  • Nhat Nam owns a land fund, a service chain, and an office system that is constantly expanding throughout the 3 regions of the North, Central and South
  • Investors will receive profit on ATM every day
  • Have a team of experienced real estate experts to help you use your money in the most effective way
  • With the package of 20 billion, you can receive the corresponding real estate, gold or other valuable gifts on special occasions.
  • Investment cooperation is clear, safe and transparent
  • You can withdraw capital anytime you want when participating in cooperation with Nhat Nam

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What should I invest with 20 billion? Wisely helping to make a profit on your pocket? The above are effective forms of investment in line with current investment trends in the modern period 2022. Surely with 20 billion you must be very hesitant to find a most suitable decision. The advice of Vninvestment for you is to review your own needs with 20 billion and select the appropriate investment form. Are you the type of person who invests safely or can take risks and risks due to market fluctuations to make big profits?

Regardless of the form you choose, you should learn, supplement your knowledge daily, find out thoroughly, fully equipped with skills to draw for yourself a lot of experience from those who have gone before. Don’t make the same old mistakes. With 20 billion in hand, you can go to the consultants to have the most effective way to success! Good luck to you on the road ahead!


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