Having 4 billion should invest what is a wise choice? Don’t ignore the TOP 4 HOT suggestions in this 2022 if you want to make a leisurely profit, with little risk! Find out in the article below.

What should I invest with 4 billion?

Invest in gold

Gold is an investment form that is no longer strange and is considered quite safe because its material and spiritual value has not changed much over time. Investing in gold will give you peace of mind because it always maintains a percentage of its value because the amount of this precious metal will not decrease but is finite. Although the price of gold sometimes fluctuates in the short term due to a number of factors; however its value is kept in the long term.

Besides, gold is also considered as the common currency of the whole world. Gold is valid on any territory in any country. When you own gold, you can rest assured that you are owning a “coin” that can be circulated anywhere. Can buy and sell in countries without having to depend on the value of any currency.

Gold investment - what should I invest with 4 billion?


In addition to being the currency circulating around the world, gold investment is not as volatile as other forms. There are 4 billion investments you can completely consider investing in gold bars; both safe and stable.


  • Although the gold market in Vietnam is not as volatile as the world market; But gold has one disadvantage that is the difference in gold price between the domestic and foreign markets. Currently, it is still at over 7-8 million VND/tael, which is also a relatively high difference. So if you want to invest in gold, you need to monitor the market regularly to catch the changes of gold.
  • In addition, gold as an investment channel will not help you generate additional passive income. Because it doesn’t generate you a return or dividend like a stock investment; or bonds or bank savings… But investors only get profits when they invest a lot of gold and need to monitor regularly to catch the price difference in buying and selling to make immediate profits.
  • In addition, if you are a retail investor, you should choose a reputable store; and requires you to have experience in assessing the quality of gold to avoid buying fake gold; Poor quality gold is rampant in the market.

Bank savings

Savings deposit is a safe form of financial investment chosen by many people. The form of savings deposit is the traditional form through a bank. Depending on the amount and liquidity period, you will earn a certain interest. Such interest will be received upon maturity.

Bank savings


The reason many people choose to deposit their savings in a bank is because it will have high security and safety. Since the bank is sponsored by a state agency, you can rest assured.


There are 4 billion so what investment can you consider because the level of protection when there is risk is not high; (about 70 million) no matter how much you save.

Besides, the current interest rate on bank savings is quite low in the market; due to the influence of external financial factors.

Stock investment

Securities investment is a form of investment by buying securities/listed shares of an organization or enterprise. From there, you will receive a profit from that business if you invest in the right place, in the right place.

stock investment 2022


Buying and selling stocks is quite easy, flexible and does not require large capital if you are just starting to learn. Therefore, the form of stock investment can be suitable for all subjects.

Investing in the stock market is often described as standing on the shoulders of giants. This form helps you to quickly profit quickly; with a short investment period if you have experience and solid skills.


The stock market can be profitable quickly, which means that the level of safety will be lower than in other forms. Because of its nature, providing a high return is equivalent to a commensurate risk. If you are a player with full knowledge and experience; ability to judge; especially with a little more luck, you will never miss this opportunity to get rich.

Real estate investment

Real estate investment is also a familiar form of investment; It can be said that for the wealthy, with capital, this is the number 1 priority form. Real estate investment has a finite and unique nature; No piece of land is exactly the same in nature and terrain as any other. If you have 4 billion to invest, you can completely aim for this form of investment!

real estate investment


Wise real estate investment helps money generate money; not only 2 but can be 3 4 5 times more than you spend. Because this is a profitable channel with extremely high profit margins.

This is also a form of investment that helps you to protect your assets in the midst of problems such as epidemics, wars, inflation, etc.


However, this form of investment requires you to have a relatively large amount of capital. (You can refer to the form of cooperation with businesses to invest in real estate).

Requires you to have skills, evaluate products on issues of location, planning, legal papers …

The liquidity of real estate investment is also quite low. If you want to be profitable, you have to wait at least 6 months – 1 year, or more. The advice for you is to use idle capital, divide your capital to invest flexibly and bring the best efficiency.


Above are suggestions about HOT profitable investment forms in 2022. If you are hesitant to have 4 billion to invest, don’t miss it! Wish you choose a suitable investment channel and soon succeed. Don’t forget to follow many new posts of GROUP29KHOINGHIEP.COM to update more new knowledge in investment offline!

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